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STEELHEART - Rock 'N Milan (2018)

STEELHEART - Rock 'N Milan (2018) full

To be released tomorrow, “Rock ’N Milan” display STEELHEART’s live performance at Frontiers Rock Festival IV in Milan last year.
The band stormed the stage ahead of the forthcoming release of their comeback album, 'Through Worlds of Stardust', which is represented with the inclusion of “My Dirty Girl”, while the rest of the setlist includes Steelheart classics.

With tracks culled from the self-titled debut album and from the “Rockstar” movie soundtrack, singer Miljenko Matijevic was in fine form and delivered an amazing performance to the wowed crowd.

The show is also a fitting tribute to the loving memory of Steelheart guitarist Kenny Kanowski, who passed away just a couple of months after this last performance with the band.

Honestly, I was expecting a show highlighting only the ballads that Steelheart / Miljenko Matijevic are known for. Boy was I wrong!
Steelheart opened the show rocking to “Blood Pollution”. The band sounds tight, and the riff-driven work of the late Kenny Kanowski will keep the guitar nerd within us happy.

Everyone knows that Miljenko can write beautiful love songs. What Steelheart isn’t known for to the major public is that they can rock as well, and rock hard.
This CD illustrates the rocking side of Miljenko / Steelheart which is refreshing and really welcomed.

Another thing I noticed is the mixing and production sound are excellent. That’s something that lacks on other Live CD’s Frontiers puts out from their festival. Miljenko had his own sound / mixing people handling that; you can hear a major difference.
“Rock ’N Milan” isn't just another 'live recording' of hits, but a powerhouse show plenty of energy, great riffs and scorching vocals that highlight the intensity and showmanship of a SteelHeart concert.
Highly Recommended

01 - Blood Pollution (Live)
02 - Livin' the Life (Live)
03 - Gimme Gimme (Live)
04 - Like Never Before (Live)
05 - My Dirty Girl (Live)
06 - She's Gone (Live)
07 - Cabernet (Live)
08 - Drum Solo (Live)
09 - Everybody Loves Eileen (Live)
10 - Rock 'n' Roll (I Just Wanna) (Live)
11 - I'll Never Let You Go (Live)
12 - We All Die Young (Live)

Miljenko Matijevic: Vocals, guitar
Kenneth Kanowski: Lead guitar & vocals
Mike Humbert: Drums
James “REV” Jones: Bass & vocals



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