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DIEMONDS - Diemonds (2018)

DIEMONDS - Diemonds (2018) full

We are presenting in exclusive world premiere the new DIEMONDS album (self-titled) released today August 10th. The Canadian band return with their third album, and this one finds them back on their own after parting ways with Napalm Records.
"Diemonds" 2018 mix aggressive hard rock riffs with catchy commercial choruses, a trademark of the band fronted by the sexy Priya Panda. Think female-fronted Skid Row.

‘Breathe’ wastes no time with Priya’s vocals being immediately identifiable and a chorus that is designed for immediate maximum impact. As a straight ahead hard rocker, this is a great opener as it slaps the listener upside the head. This is designed to get you moving and the volume turned up louder.
Follow up ‘Our Song’ would make a catchy single for the radio with its chunky riff and melodic chorus. The snotty attitude vocal sections by Panda are also extremely well done.

‘Shoulda Listened To Ya’ slows things down to a midtempo with another sticky as molasses chorus that again shows Panda’s development as a vocalist.
With every album, she is demonstrating new strengths in her vocals. I love the guitar riffs by C.C. Diemond and Daniel Dekay through this one as they get to stand out in the mix.
Tyrone Buccione (bass) and Aiden Tranquada (drums) propel ‘Waiting for Something’ forward with the rhythm creating compulsory movement.

At this point, the early diversity of the record starts to shine too as every song has its own clear identity but is clearly the Diemonds.
‘Burn it Down’ brings 'Side 1' to a close with another hard-rocking bookend to opener ‘Breathe.’ The guitar pops in the mix, and this should appeal to fans of modern rock, even with its roots in the arena metal of the late '80s. The backing vocals here are outstanding and sound so much better than they did on the past album. This feels natural, with some grit but still right on point.

‘I Miss’ opens the second half of the record on a quieter note. Panda sings over the low-key bass and drums with subtle guitar touches. When the chorus kicks in, the guitars really come forward but then fade out again after the chorus. This has become one of my favorites from the record, with lyrics that should connect to most people.
Diemonds provide the ultimate counter with ‘How Long’ exploding out of the speakers with a hard-rocking attitude infused song that finds Tranquada pounding the hell out of the drums. The guitar solo is on fire, and the chorus is much subtler which has made this a nice grower over repeated plays.

The assault continues with ‘I See Red’ with Panda carrying the vocals and choruses largely all by herself to great effect. While Diemonds sing background vocals like many bands wish they could, it is awesome to have a song where she provides the hooks on her own.
There is no let up as ‘Made It Through’ continues the hard-rocking momentum of the past couple songs. The guitars here have some added crunch in the mix with this one being another of my favorites from the album.

DIEMONDS - Diemonds (2018) inside

Diemonds have done a great job of crafting a sleek record with no filler as further evidenced by hard rocking closer ‘Warrior.’ With a title like ‘Warrior,’ the lyrics could have easily been cheesy, but I am too busy banging my head and singing along to care.
I love how Diemonds sequenced this record with the four straight hard rockers at the end, which all have their own unique stamps.

Diemonds do not recreate the wheel, but I don’t think every band needs to do that. "Diemonds" the album provide an escape from the real world where we can bang our heads, let loose with our best air guitar solos, and sing along with every chorus.
There's a venom in the production and mix that benefits these really well arranged and performed songs.
Diemonds have left me with a big smile after first play.
Play this album too, and play it loud!!! It Rocks.
Highly Recommended

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - Breathe
02 - Our Song
03 - Shoulda Listened to Ya
04 - Waiting for Something
05 - Burn It Down
06 - I Miss
07 - How Long
08 - I See Red
09 - Made It Through
10 - Warrior

Priya Panda - vocals
C.C. Diemond, Daniel Dekay - guitars
Tyrone Buccione - bass & vocals
Aiden Tranquada - drums



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