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FORTNOX - Fortnox [Rock Candy remaster +4] (2018)

FORTNOX - Fortnox [Rock Candy remaster +4] (2018) full

Rock Candy Records have just unearthed this obscure album, the one and only by Georgia, USA, '80s hard rock band FORTNOX. This, their self-titled lp "Fortnox" has been fully digitally remastered, including 4 previously unreleased tracks.

The early Eighties were a boom time for hard rock. It seemed like albums were being released by the truckload, many from eager young hopefuls keen to grab a slice of the limelight and advance up the slippery ladder of success.
Fortnox were one of the many hopefuls charging out of the starting blocks full of hope and ambition, looking to stamp their mark on a scene that was eager and receptive to new talent.

Based in the Southern state of Georgia, Fortnox could be described a storming power trio, led by guitarist / vocalist Rick Fowler, who were signed to industry heavyweight Epic records.
In an enterprising move the label hooked them up with up with hot shot British producer Chris Tsangarides (Y & T, Ozzy Osbourne, Thin Lizzy) who took control of recording the band’s sole album, in Atlanta.
The results were quite impressive, leaving those who heard the recordings to predict big things for the band.

FORTNOX - Fortnox [Rock Candy remaster +4] (2018) disc

Released in 1982, the album received positive reviews but despite extensive touring, playing with the likes of Aerosmith, Cheap Trick and April Wine, support from the label began to dwindle, leaving the band vulnerable to forces beyond their control.
A shame, because the band had potential.

Opener, ‘On The Prowl’ is perhaps the most commercial tune of offer, some kind of a mix between early '80s US AOR and UK rock&pop. Second track (a minor hit single) ‘Storm Inside My Head’ sports amoving rhythm and a catchy melody akin Balance or BlackJack (Bruce Kulick /Michael Bolton band).
Many other tracks here have energy and ambition, like 'The Beast in Me' (recalling April Wine), 'Rock and Roll City' (early Helix), and 'Rockin' in America' (similar to the band Trooper).

FORTNOX - Fortnox [Rock Candy remaster +4] (2018) back

This Rock Candy remastered reissue includes 4 bonus tracks recorded later for the second Fortnox album that never was, showcasing a more mature songwriting and indeed the potential the band had.
Just check the ambitious, full bodied ‘Stand To Blame’, the twin guitar attack of 'This Ain't Love This is War', the darker ‘Deep Inside’, and 'Danger Rules the Night' (with some Night Ranger on it).
Fortnox keep things simple - all songs around the 3 minute mark - rocking tunes to have a good time with a cold beer at hand.

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - On the Prowl
02 - Storm Inside My Head
03 - Running from Yourself
04 - The Beast in Me
05 - Rock and Roll City
06 - What About Me
07 - Lucifer's Eyes
08 - Rockin' in America
09 - Another Lady
10 - Don't Scratch the Surface
11 - Hyperock
12 - Deep Inside
13 - Stand to Blame
14 - This Ain't Love This is War
15 - Danger Rules the Night

Rick Fowler - vocals, guitar
Joel Shipp - bass, backing vocals
Nathan DeFoor - drums, percussion



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