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CHINAWHITE - Different (2018)

CHINAWHITE - Different (2018) full

Founded back in 1987, since then Dutch band CHINAWHITE has released three albums and gained a strong fan base in their homeland, Germany and around. With two original members still on board, the band decided it was time for a change, hence the title of their upcoming fourth album "Different" to be released tomorrow.
Originally a classic hard rock act with melodic metal elements, they wanted a more accessible sound and a fresh vocalist without accent - in short, an Anglo-born singer with experience.

For "Different", Chinawhite asked American vocalist Phil Vincent (D’Ercole, Tragik, Cranston) to take the singer's slot, and indeed with a more melodic hard rock songwriting approach now their music is catchier and dynamic.
Vincent and founder members guitarist Peter Cox / Sander Stappers (bass) already worked together in a progressive oriented project called Forest Field, but Chinawhite's "Different" is indeed a different beast.

Most of the songs here are guitar-driven, punchy hard rock with melody all over, worked harmony vocals and cool choruses. There's a strong rhythm section, sharp guitar riffs and fine solos.
Having Vincent as vocalist - who is getting better and better - some of the songs recall his former bands, and of course, Dokken, Vincent's major influence.

But on songs like 'Kiss of Fire', 'Money', 'Mystery' or 'It Means Nothing', in fact, almost the entire record, the sound & style brings to my ears what Paul Sabu has been doing during the last decade.
We find more heavier numbers on 'Different? Eat It Raw' and the edgy 'Or the Same!, while 'Light-Years to Heaven' add a progressive hard rock touch.

CHINAWHITE - Different (2018) inside

For variation, there's an interesting tune in 'Hello to the World', an acoustically based tune with atmospheres, then 'It Means Nothing' put modern synths in the background for good effect.

Third long-time member Rolf Vossen still contributes additional piano, organ and keyboards to some tracks on "Different", basically a hard rock record with melody inspired by the '80s but with a modern sound production, well done and mixed.
Solid stuff from Chinawhite, a quite unknown act outside the Netherlands which aims for bigger exposure with this rockin' & melodius new output.

01 - Kiss of Fire
02 - Where I Stand
03 - Hello to the World
04 - Money
05 - Different? Eat It Raw
06 - Wings of the Wind
07 - Mystery
08 - Light-Years to Heaven
09 - Or the Same!
10 - It Means Nothing
11 - Thank You and Goodnight

Phil Vincent – Lead Vocals (D’Ercole, Tragik, Cranston)
Peter Cox – Guitar, Keyboards (Forest Field)
Sander Stappers – Bass (Tributor, Souls Of Deaf)
Hans in ‘t Zandt – Drums (Cooper Inc, Praying Mantis)
Rolf Vossen - guest Keyboards



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