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MOONLIGHT DESIRES - Frankie Goes To Hamilton [remastered re-issue] (2017)

MOONLIGHT DESIRES - Frankie Goes To Hamilton [remastered re-issue] (2017) full

Accompanying the awesome new MOONLIGHT DESIRES album also featured on the blog, here's the band first album from three years ago "Frankie Goes To Hamilton", also re-released 2017 in a remastered form.
Of course, here's also all about '80s covers fun. On "Frankie Goes To Hamilton" MOONLIGHT DESIRES delivered a rollicking arrangement of classic love songs from the Eighties.

It's really fun - and refreshing - to listen to JOHN WAITE's "Missing You" done in a cracking riff-driven version something in a current LOVERBOY sound. Or STEVE PERRY's "Oh Sherrie" driven by pumping bass lines and a stadium-anthem delivery.
The band cover here the GOWAN song from where they took their name, "Moonlight Desires", and you'll be surprised to listen to an uptempo take on BELINDA CARLISLE's hit "Circle in the Sand".

Oh wait.. is there FOREIGNER's "I Wanna Know What Love Is"? Really? It's done here with a speed-up tempo, sharp riffs and a massive chorus. Sacrilege? Not at all, love it!
And the band keep surprising with DAN HARTMAN's "I Can Dream About You". I can't imagine a more poppy song like this, but in the hands of MOONLIGHT DESIRES it's morphed into a killer melodic rocker.

Same with the sweet CROWDED HOUSE 'Don't Dream It's Over'... turned into a hard hitting rocker.
Or THOMPSON TWINS "Hold Me Now", originally a sparse, slow poppy tune here re-energized with stinging guitars and a melodic rock chorus.
Taking classic '80s hits and covering / updating them sonically with a rocking edge is always a risk, but let me tell you that MOONLIGHT DESIRES nails it.

MOONLIGHT DESIRES - Frankie Goes To Hamilton [remastered re-issue] (2017) back

Eighties suckers charge the batteries and put your walkman / discman earbuds on... MOONLIGHT DESIRES are here to bring back the golden era with a lot of fun.
On "Frankie Goes To Hamilton" the band deliver these songs with more than a 'cover approach': they add their own rocking vision to these classics. Songs with a bit of thought put into them and a lot of fun to record I am sure, as they are great fun to listen to and crank up loud.
'80s fans, this is for you. Party on!

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - Moonlight Desires
02 - Circle in the Sand
03 - I Wanna Know What Love Is
04 - I Can Dream About You
05 - Head Over Heels
06 - Everytime You Go Away
07 - Oh Sherrie
08 - Missing You
09 - Don't Dream It's Over
10 - Always Something There to Remind Me
11 - Hold Me Now

Trevor Ziebarth - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Marco Bressette - Lead Guitar
Nicholas K. Daleo - Bass, Drums
Mitch Bowden - Guitar
Dave Dunham - Drums



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