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BIGFOOT - Bigfoot (2017)

BIGFOOT - Bigfoot (2017) full

Over the last two years or so we've have been following the development of UK rockers BIGFOOT (you can check their EP's here both exceptional for an indie band and with the potential for some breakthrough greatness.
And here comes the big leagues, with a brand new self-titled long player of original music (that's to say they didn't rerun their EPs) for the Frontiers Music label.

There's no mystery about the Bigfoot sound: this is classic melodic hard rock, with some edge for heaviness, definitely with some latent bluesy foundation and groovy rhythms. On this album, as with previous material, I was captivated by several things.
One, is the strength of Antony Ellis' voice and vocal style. He sings clean and melodic, with a harmonic and passionate timbre. His voice is then embraced and embellished by fine background vocal arrangements.

Next up is the twin guitar harmony in riffage, followed by excelling guitar solos. These things are then complimented and supported by a rhythm section that delivers deliberate, albeit heavy, rock groove. All that's left to do is wrap these things in tasty melodies, catchy refrains, and wonderful choruses.
It all works, and works really well.
With these things in mind, some killer melodic hard rock tunes come with 'Tell Me A Lie', 'Eat Your Words', 'Uninvited', and the amazing and catchy opener 'Karma', easily my favorite song.

In the second half of the album, I found that the songs got a bit more heavy. 'Freak Show', 'I Dare You', and 'The Devil In Me' were a little thicker in the riffs, deeper in the bottom end, but without sacrificing melody and harmony.

BIGFOOT - Bigfoot (2017) inside

Within the slow grooving 'Prisoner Of War' you might hear some of that subtle bluesy groove. Yet I found it more self-evident within the semi-ballad 'Forever Alone', that kind of awesome midtempo songs that few still write and craft these days.
Later the album finishes with the large and long anthem 'Yours', another slow burning riff thick number which soars with terrific guitar lines and a pulsating atmosphere.

Bigfoot already surprised us with their self-released material. Now with the debut long-player on major label Frontiers, Bigfoot proves that they aren't some mere and occasional EP band.
Everything has been augmented here, from a more bombastic production to a punchy mix, what has not changed at all are Bigfoot's abilities to write some awesome songs and choruses.
Welcome to the big leagues Bigfoot.
HIGHLY Recommended

01. Karma
02. The Fear
03. Tell Me A Lie
04. Forever Alone
05. Eat Your Words
06. Prisoner Of War
07. Freak Show
08. I Dare You
09. The Devil In Me
10. Uninvited
11. Yours

Antony Ellis - Lead Vocals
Sam Millar – Guitar
Mick McCullagh – Guitar
Matt Avery – Bass
Tom Aspinall - Drums



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