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MIDNIGHT SIN - One Last Ride (2017)

BLACK ACES - Shot In The Dark [European CD version +3] (2016) full

Italian melodic hard rockers MIDNIGHT SIN are about to release their new full length album "One Last Ride" tomorrow Oct. 13 via SPV Records. The group deliver a very well crafted brand of Americanized late '80s stuff with the right attitude.

'Loaded Gun' is a rousing opener, vocalist Albert Fish and guitarist LeStar working well together with solid backing from four stringer Acey Guns and his drumming partner-in-rhythm Dany Rake. The chorus could indeed have been found on an album from the hard rock genre circa 19875, and the performance carries enough conviction to bring the listener along for the ride.
Next 'Land of the Freak' add more bounce to its rhythm, and 'Game Over Fame' robust riffs but always with melody in mind.

Then with midtempo 'Send Me a Light' appears a bluesy side of Midnight Sin, pretty much in Great White / Tesla vein, and I like it. A lot.
The catchy, pulasting melodic hard rocker 'Never Say Never' is one of the album's highlight with certain Ratt feel on it, but Albert Fish's vocals bring to mind Jeff Keith's of Tesla.
There's more adrenaline in the muscular "The Maze", definitely one of the heaviest songs here, with some kind of Skid Row aggresion. I hear some Guns N' Roses on the slightly sleazy 'Plan B'.

MIDNIGHT SIN - One Last Ride (2017) inside

They seem to have left one of the best tunes for the end: the anthemic closer 'Born This Way'. There's punchy melodic verses and stadium-ready chorus, the guitar solo is epic, big, multi-tracked, and the vocal harmonies very well arranged.
Midnight Sin is a crew of very good musicians. LeStar contributes some nice solos throughout and Guns’ basswork is pleasingly upfront, while Fish's vocals are varied, very pleasant for this style.
"One Last Ride" is very solid album firmly planted in the '80s Melodic Hard Rock sound, and is strongly recommended.

01. Day Zero
02. Loaded Gun
03. Land of the Freak
04. Game Over Fame
05. Send Me a Light
06. Never Say Never
07. The Maze
08. Plan B
09. Not Today
10. Born This Way

Albert Fish - Vocals
LeStar - Guitar
Acey Guns - Bass
Dany Rake - Drums



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