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We at 0dayrox work hard to bring to you the best music news. We're not just another site posting releases in a row, we take the time to select the best, 'trimming the fat' to get the 'cream of the crop'.
Additionally, we have our exclusive features mostly coming from personal purchases.

That is a big time-consuming job, alongside of writing a proper review and prepare all the material.
Now, we also decided to disable advertising for the moment, for a better browsing experience by your side.

So, to maintain the site's quality we are asking you to help us with a donation or contribution.

Benefits to contributors: READ HERE

If you have donated in the past, thanks a ton for your support. However consider a fresh contribution, because if this post appears at the front page, the 'Email Contributor List' will be updated soon including only the new contributors.

Be kind to keep 0dayrox running, click on the button below (it works like 'service purchase' now), and help the site.
Thank You.

or here, with your Paypal Account one-touch send:
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Anonymous ,  Sunday, June 05, 2016  

Hello there all ODAYROX readers... Please give, I did! Keep this site alive

Anonymous ,  Monday, June 06, 2016  

I donated.Thank You for all the great music!!Can I ask that you please re-up this:
ROBIN ZANDER - Every Dog & She Can't Turn Back Now (2012)
Thank You

0dayrox Tuesday, June 07, 2016  

Thank You very much!
Robin Zander 'Every dog..' updated for you:


Rob ,  Tuesday, July 05, 2016  

I have also recently donated, again.
I enjoy your reviews.
Even if ultimately I don't like the album.
But, you give me access to albums that I was not even aware of.
Please keep the great work going.

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