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ELEVENTH HOUR - Memory Of A Lifetime Journey (2016)

ELEVENTH HOUR - Memory Of A Lifetime Journey (2016) full

Talented Alessandro Del Vecchio is like chameleon. Mainly keyboard player, he learned to play almost all instruments and lately has become one of the most requested producers and is part of Frontiers Records staff as arranger / supervisor of all their bands / projects. But he is also a damn good singer as well, and now has been invited to be the lead vocalist in "Memory Of A Lifetime Journey", the debut album from the new Italian band ELEVENTH HOUR to be released this month.

As part of Edge Of Forever, Hardline, Revolution Saints or Voodoo Circle, Del Vecchio already contributed vocals for all these bands, but now one of his dreams come true: featured as lead vocalist on an entire album for the first time.
Additionally, he has not the pressure to the technical aspect of "Memory Of A Lifetime Journey" (production, mix, etc), as Eleveth Hour is an already established band and Del Vecchio only had to concentrate in singing. He he does a darn fine job.

Musically, Eleveth Hour fluctuates between melodic metal, progressive and hard rock, not too far to the Edge Of Forever style yet with more power and some edge here and there. However, all is really melodic, with a pristine, clean sound.
At places, Allen / Lande project comes to mind listening "Memory Of A Lifetime Journey", yet a bit more progressive in some cuts, hard rock in others. The hard rock variant is based on groove and atmospheres, why not, akin Black Sabbath period with Tony Martin.

As you see, all is really melodious and polished, with tracks like 'All I Left Behind', the anthemic 'Jerusalem', 'Requiem From A Prison' and the superb midtempo 'Back To You' (my favorite) as highlights.
There's also place for slow moments in the piano only (with a background orchestration) 'Sleeping In My Dreams', and closer 'Here Alone', a very classy metal ballad.

ELEVENTH HOUR - Memory Of A Lifetime Journey (2016) inside

Eleveth Hour has released a really good debut in "Memory Of A Lifetime Journey" featuring as wild card the vocals of Alessandro Del Vecchio - who, by the way, delivers a great performance (the man is talented in all aspects).
But I have to mention Eleveth Hour as unit; the musicianship of these guys is excellent, and production truly remarkable. The guitars are sharp, the keyboards shine, and especially, the drum sound is terrific.
All in all, "Memory Of A Lifetime Journey" will be one of the best 2016 debuts without a doubt, a strong record from start to end.
Strongly Recommended.

01 - Sunshine's Not Too Far
02 - All I Left Behind
03 - Jerusalem
04 - Back To You
05 - Sleeping In My Dreams
06 - Long Road Home
07 - Requiem From A Prison
08 - Island In The Sun
09 - After All We've Been Missing
10 - Here Alone

Alessandro Del Vecchio - Vocals
Aldo Turini - Guitars
Alberto Sonzogni - Keyboards
Black Jin - Bass
Luca Mazzucconi - Drums
Orchestral arrangements by Pino Carella



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