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VAN HALEN - A Different Kind Of Truth [LTD Japan Deluxe Edition SHM-CD]

VAN HALEN - A Different Kind Of Truth [LTD Japan Deluxe Edition SHM-CD] (2015) full

"A Different Kind Of Truth" is VAN HALEN’s first album with David Lee Roth at the microphone in nearly 30 years marking a true return of the ’80s hard rock overlords, a screaming triumph for the feathered-hair dreamers who held on through a cinematically epic series of lineup changes, band implosions and shifting tides of musical fashion.
The album was released in Japan on a Limited SHM-CD Deluxe Edition including a bonus DVD with acoustic versions of new songs and old tunes, including "Beautiful Girls" and "Panama."

Yes, classic Van Halen is back, and we’re not faced with a group of veterans simply trying to make sounds that their old selves would respect.
Most of the "A Different Kind Of Truth" songs were written in the earlier years of the band, but 'fresh' is the operative word here. Many rock veterans are unable to recapture their signature sound, and while Van Halen may have cheated by raiding their vaults, who really cares when an idea first came to fruition as long as it kicks our asses?

However there's newly composed tracks as opener "Tattoo". The choice this cool song as the lead single may have more to do with its peacocking pop factor than anything else, because despite being the opener it isn't the standout track on this really good album.
Immediately, "She’s The Woman" taps into the ebullient ’80s spirit, a strong connection to a nostalgia-free strut and sexy, slick riffage – complete with a classic VH solo. A gem from the archives, the track appeared on a 1976 demo the band cut with Gene Simmons on production.
On "You And Your Blues" there’s a sick little changeup at the two-minute mark, a serpentine acceleration before another screaming solo. Truly, the six-string snobs will have their hands full here, as Eddie brings an airtight assault of fretwork that runs flush with the original glory days.

Van Halen’s legendary tapping channels Beethoven for just a flash to kick off a furiously sprinting "China Town," and the neckbreaker’s not alone in its frantic pace or celebratory energy.
The wicked ride back to their youth continues on "Bullethead", and anyone who thought Eddie and Dave wouldn't be able to deliver again can eat their words immediately after playing this scorcher, a fast-funk hard rocker with enough intensity to make the two-and-a-half minutes pass like a heartbeat.
This is the Van Halen I remember!
Eddie’s skittering riff carries us through the labyrinthian "As Is" with a tenacious confidence. When the full-speed ahead guitar riff kicked in together with a massive drumming, the band rocks. Roth even decided to yammer away in 'Hot For Teacher' fashion in a couple spots.
After going out with the 1984 influenced "The Trouble With Never", "Outta Space" continues the full-steam ahead onslaught while "Stay Frosty" comes across as 'Ice Cream Man' part two with its bar-brawl swagger jam.

The six classic late ’70s and early ’80s records from the first Roth-fronted lineup of the group set an imposing bar for any Van Halen reunion album.
After all the years of traveling separate paths through creative growth and member changes, and without original bassist Michael Anthony, it’s very impressive how well Eddie, Alex and David have re-connected with each other on "A Different Kind Of Truth".
This album is an evidence that a band can endure every cliche in the book and return with the right focus, obsessed dedication and mojo, to a sweet spot of rejuvenation – one that holds the hand of nostalgia but doesn’t go for the full embrace, leaning instead, wisely, toward evolution.

It has been said this Japanese SHM-CD sound much better (check the audiophile opinion here) but sadly this LTD Japan Deluxe Edition with bonus tracks seems out of print.
Highly Recommended.

Universal Japan ~ UICS-9131 【デラックス・エディション】

01 - Tattoo
02 - She's The Woman
03 - You and Your Blues
04 - China Town
05 - Blood and Fire
06 - Bullethead
07 - As Is
08 - Honeybabysweetiedoll
09 - The Trouble With Never
10 - Outta Space
11 - Stay Frosty
12 - Big River
13 - Beats Workin'
01 - Panama (acoustic) [bonus track]
02 - You And Your Blues Intro [bonus track]
03 - You And Your Blues (acoustic) [bonus track]
04 - Beautiful Girls (acoustic) [bonus track]

David Lee Roth - vocals
Eddie Van Halen - guitar, keyboards and backing vocals
Wolfgang Van Halen - bass and backing vocals
Alex Van Halen - drums, percussion

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