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MEGASONIC - Intense (2014)

MEGASONIC - Intense (2014) full


Long time friends from the Belgium scene, Lieven De Wolf, Jeroen De Bock and Dim Verhoeven founded MEGASONIC two years ago. All three have experience in the European rock and metal circus, and all three are talented multi-instrumentalists.
"Intense" is their just released debut album.

And both the band and the album live up to their names. Megasonic uses their impressive musical skills to create a rushing wall of sound to overwhelm your ears. From riffs to vocal arrangements, rhythm section to guitar leads, Megasonic puts the 'power' back into power trio.
Essentially, "Intense" is a huge ball of Hard Rock and '80s Metal with some interesting progressive twists that breaks from the gates with a rocking and harmonic intensity and, with a minor exception, doesn't really stop.
Their metal is of the classic melodic variety, but revved up as hard 'n heavy. "Bombs Away", "Crash and Burn", "Demon's Lust" are just a few of the speed racers that will run over your eardrums.
"Thunder" starts along with some progressive elements and a few seconds later melodic leads and muscular riffs kick in going into more of an '80s style as well as adding in clean singing vocals.

To conserve energy along the way, there are two slower songs; "Love Lost Love" and "Man in the Moon". The former does get jacked up with riffage as it moves along; the latter is the lighter of the two, and the obvious contrast to everything else here.
The band also does two covers, both more rockier versions of the originals. One is Paul Gilbert's "Down To Mexico" which, despite the rapid pace, kicks the guitar prominent. The other is Abba's "Does Your Mother Know", again, put in a '80s hard 'n heavy context without depriving of it's dance beat.

MEGASONIC - Intense (2014) inside

Megasonic's "Intense" is everything the band name and album title suggests: a bombastic rocking barrage that barrels along like a bullet train.
The guys combine a variety of many different types of hard rock and metal together to create an album that has a very melodic and old-school sound, while also being modern at the same time thanks to the polished, vibrant production & mix handled by themselves.
Very solid riff-tastic stuff.

01 - Sonic Tension
02 - Bombs Away
03 - Demon's Lust
04 - Witches Brew
05 - Future Shock
06 - Love Lost Love
07 - Crash and Burn
08 - Run for Cover
09 - Raging Heart
10 - Eye of the Storm
11 - Man in the Moon
12 - Down to Mexico
13 - Does Your Mother Know

Dim Verhoeven - Vocals, Keyboards, Drums
Jeroen De Bock - Guitars, Backing Vocals, Drums
Lieven De Wolf - Guitars, Bass, Backing Vocals



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