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GIANT - Last Of The Runaways [Bad Reputation remaster +4 bonus tracks]

GIANT - Last Of The Runaways [Bad Reputation remaster +4 bonus tracks] full

For those who didn't know, French reissue label Bad Reputation previously operated under the name AxeKiller, one of the pioneer in the remaster/reissue game. We have been presenting of of their stupendous 'Collector Series / Remastered with Bonus', and today it's the time for one of the greatest Melodic Hard Rock albums in history: GIANT's debut "Last Of The Runaways +4 bonus tracks", as far I know, the only remastered version available of this terrific album.

Founded by session master Dann Huff, Giant's origins featured the who who's from the melodic hard rock / AOR scene into the line-up, until the band finally got a record deal comprising these 'cats': Dann's brother David (White Heart, David and the Giants, etc.) on drums, bassist Mike Brignardello (Van Zant, Mitch Malloy) and Alan Pasqua (Eddie Money, Van Stephenson, Rick Springfield, Stan Bush, etc.) on keyboards.
Driven by Dann's melodic quality and outstanding vocals and riffs, "Last Of The Runaways" is pure 1989 AOR / MR: pristine production and sound design.

The CD makes a clear statement right from the first tune – “I’m a Believer” is a killer rocker with one of the most chilling, hair-raising guitar intros in the genre's history. What follows next is a beautiful, well-balanced selection of arena rock tunes, perfectly demonstrating the artistic skills and qualities of Giant.
“Innocent Days”, “Can’t Get Close Enough” and “No Way Out” are just a few of the fantastic, uber-melodious gems on this album.

GIANT - Last Of The Runaways [Bad Reputation remaster +4 bonus tracks] disc

“Last of the Runaways” gives us as well three of the greatest power ballads ever written; “Love Welcome Home”, “It Takes Two” and of course their most commercially successful song, “I’ll See You in My Dreams”.
These are pure class and genius; while highly commercial and radiable, these ballads still have nerve and meaty instrumentation. To die for stuff.

If you are reading this blog, you're already an experienced rocker and have listened "Last Of The Runaways" at least once. If you are younger or new to this type of timeless music, both of you, MUST have this remastered reissue o Giant's "Last Of The Runaways +4 bonus tracks".
You have some bonus tracks - great live recordeding plus a single version - but the real deal here is to have this gem of an album fully remastered.

GIANT - Last Of The Runaways [Bad Reputation remaster +4 bonus tracks] back

Many may argue that the album already sounded good in its original release: indeed, it was marvelously produced and my 1989 CD sounds very good.
However this Bad Reputation remaster adds more depth, a little more punch and cleaned 'tape hiss' here and there.
It was 1989, it was the golden year for Melodic Hard Rock / AOR polished productions, it has some of the best musicians from the genre ever... do you need more reasons?
Giant's "Last Of The Runaways +4 bonus tracks" is a MANDATORY piece in your collection.

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01 - I'm A Believer
02 - Innocent Days
03 - I Can't Get Close Enough
04 - I'll See You In My Dreams
05 - No Way Out
06 - Shake Me Up
07 - It Takes Two
08 - Stranger To Me
09 - Hold Back The Night
10 - Love Welcome Home
11 - The Big Pitch
12 - It Takes Two (live)
13 - I Can't Get Close Enough (live)
14 - Shake Me Up (live)
15 - I'm A Believer (edit version)

Dann Huff – lead vocals and guitars
Mike Brignardello – bass and vocals
David Huff – drums and vocals
Alan Pasqua – keyboards and vocals
Terry Thomas – background vocals
Peter Howarth – background vocals
Lea Hart – background vocals



JOE LYNN TURNER - The Japanese maxi-singles

JOE LYNN TURNER - The Japanese maxi-singles full

After featuring here some JOE LYNN TURNER rare album editions, it was requested as well the rare CD-singles he released in Japan as solo artist. These are 1999's 'Waiting For A Girl Like You', 2001's 'Challenge Them All', and 2006's 'The One', all including exclusive songs.

For his 'Under Cover 2' - an album of covers of classic songs - Turner's Japanese label released as single Joe's version of Foreigner's hit 'Waiting For A Girl Like You'. The CDs includes two 'B-sides' never appeared into any other album at the moment, featuring talented Al Pitrelli and Tony Bruno (Danger Danger, Saraya) on guitars.

'Challenge Them All' was in fact a song recorded for a Japanese comercial, promoting the most international famous brand of Japan beer 'Asahi'.
However, the song was recorded in NYC, and pulsating melodic rocker with an '80s action movie feel. Great tune.
There's a ''Challenge Them All' (remix)' which really sound different, with Joe's vocals more upfront.

JOE LYNN TURNER - The Japanese maxi-singles - inside

Even rarer is the CDs 'The One', recorded for a Subaru car TV commercial. This is a much more poppy rocker with an anthemic chorus and some sequencers as background.
But there's a "The One (Band Version)" with a full rock band instrumentation, and the song radically changes to a catchy melodic rocker.

Very hard to find stuff, enjoyable and a must for collectors
Only at 0dayrox

'Waiting For A Girl Like You' CDs
01 - Waiting For A Girl Like You
02 - Freedom's Wings
03 - Shine On

'Challenge Them All' CDs
01 - Challenge Them All
02 - Challenge Them All (Remix)
03 - Challenge Them All (Instrumental)

'The One' CDs
01 - The One
02 - The One (Remix Version)
03 - The One (Band Version)
04 - The One (Instrumental Version)

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JOE LYNN TURNER - Second Hand Life [Deluxe Edition +3] Out Of Print

JOE LYNN TURNER - Second Hand Life [Deluxe Edition +3] Out Of Print

After the recent Sunstorm album, one of you asked for a couple of JOE LYNN TURNER solo albums, one of them this rare, hard to find, out of print US release by Friday Music, of "Second Hand Life / Deluxe Edition +3", Turner's last solo album of original material.

"Second Hand Life" is another strong album from JLT, featuring co-writing credits with Survivor / Pride Of Lions' Jim Peterik, '80s AOR cult icon Martin Briley, and talented Jack Ponti, among others.
He also managed to include a track that he co-wrote with Ritchie Blackmore, Jim Peterik and Roger Glover entitled "Stroke of Midnight".

I would describe this album as a hybrid between Joe's superb previous solo 'The Usual Suspects' and the first Sunstorm album, recorded and released at the same time period.
In typical Joe Lynn Turner fashion, the opening track “Your Love Is Life” jets through your speakers like rush of adrenaline. With its powerful, melodic chorus, strong and upbeat rhythm and a tasty guitar solo, the CD couldn’t start off any better. This is plain and simple… a perfect track. The melody and chorus actually reminds me a lot of something off a more modern-day Journey album.

Then you have an edgy song called “Got Me Where You Want Me.” Another solid track a tad more on the bluesier side which seems, like so many other Joe Lynn Turner works through out the years, a bit influenced by his stint in Rainbow.
Title track “Second Hand Life,” is another great AOR anthem and sports yet another tremendous guitar solo by Cochran.

“In Your Eyes” is not only one of Joe Lynn Turner’s best ballads ever, but one of the best I have heard in a long time. Joe really showcases his incredible voice and provides an amazing vocal performance filled with all the heart and emotion he could muster. This accompanied by the soulful rhythms of Cochran’s guitar produces an absolute classic.
This is top AOR, and the best song on the CD.

With its heavier keyboard and matching guitar riff, “Stroke of Midnight” again hits home having that mid-to-late 80’s hard rock sound to it.
And why shouldn’t it? It was originally written for Deep Purple after all.

JOE LYNN TURNER - Second Hand Life [Deluxe Edition +3] booklet

This "Second Hand Life / Deluxe Edition +3" includes 3 extra songs; the original European bonus track "Two Lights", the Japanese bonus "Off The Hook" [original Japan Bonus Track], and the rare B-side "Freedom's Wings" from an EP only appeared in Asia.
Quality album, and a collector's edition.

01 - Your Love Is Life
02 - Got Me Where You Want Me
03 - Second Hand Life
04 - In Your Eyes
05 - Blood Red Sky
06 - Stroke Of Midnight
07 - Off The Hook [original Japan Bonus Track]
08 - Over The Top
09 - Cruel
10 - Sweet Obsession
11 - Love Is On Our Side
12 - Two Lights [original European Bonus Track]
13 - Freedom's Wings [B-side - Exclusive Bonus Track]

Joe Lynn Turner: Vocals
Karl Cochran: Guitars, Bass
Bob Held - Bass
Gary Corbett - Keyboards
Michael Cartellone (Damn Yankees) - Drums

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VALENSIA - Valensia II K.O.S.M.O.S [Japan HR-HM 1000 reissue series] (2018)

VALENSIA - Valensia II K.O.S.M.O.S [Japan HR-HM 1000 reissue series] (2018) full

Universal Music Japan has started this year a curious but more than welcomed campaign: the reissue of long time out of print albums from their catalog titled 'HR/HM 1000', that meaning Hard Rock / Heavy Metal at the price of 1000 Yen = about 9,5 USD.
Into these series, appear the 2 more celebrated (out of print) albums by talent Dutch artist Valensia Clarkson.
Valensia's second album "Valensia II" (also known as "K.O.S.M.O.S" in Japan) was the first Dutch surround sound CD ever made.

The album was, again, a success in Japan, but his Dutch record company didn't want to promote it. Due to this fact, it received less attention than it perhaps deserved in the Netherlands and Europe.
K.O.S.M.O.S (Valensia often refers to it as "Costmost") was the most expensive album in the history of the Netherlands.

Valensia said that people often forget that his first 2 albums were produced by "the best Dutch producers" (as Valensia himself said): John Sonneveld and Pim Koopman (Kayak's drummer).

VALENSIA - Valensia II K.O.S.M.O.S [Japan HR-HM 1000 reissue series] (2018) back

The majestic musicality and histrionics are even augmented on this second Valensia effort, an album clinically produced with attention to the minimum detail.
As happens with these 'HR/HM 1000' series, "Valensia II K.O.S.M.O.S" is not remastered, but this Japanese 2018 reissue sounds fantastic, more punchy and with better DR, thanks the new digital transfer technique - which augment the signal / Dynamic Range - so having this for less than ten bucks is a great deal.
Highly Recommended

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Universal Music Japan【UICY-78637】
H R / H M  1000  SERIES

01 - The Barely Acceptable Truth Of Knowing (Intro)
02 - The Barely Acceptable Truth Of Knowing II
03 - Thunderbolt
04 - Bleeding
05 - K.o.s.m.o.s
06 - The Polka
07 - Chique, Mystique & Excentrique
08 - Never Eyes
09 - Cassiopeian Sky Surveillance
10 - The Cassiopeian
11 - The Masquerade
12 - Blasphemian Charlatan
13 - Blue Rain

Valensia Clarkson - All Instruments, Vocals, Harmonies
Hans Eykmaar - Drums
Marcel Schimscheimer - Bass
Pim Koopman - Carillion, Grand Piano, Producer
Eddie Conrad - Percussion
Jel Jongen - Horns



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BIG CITY - Big City Life + Wintersleep (2018)

BIG CITY - Big City Life + Wintersleep (2018) full

Norwegian melodic hard rock band BIG CITY are releasing tomorrow their second album "Big City Life" as a double CD digipak including their 2013 debut album ‘Wintersleep‘.
Big City members have tons of years of experience in the music industry, featuring members of Scariot, Blood Red Throne, Withem, Maraton, and Memoria Avenue vocalist Jan Le Brandt of whom we have presented here at the blog an exclusive compilation of solo singles.

Big City is the brainchild of guitarist and principal songwriter, Daniel Olaisen (Scariot, Blood Red Throne, ex- Satyricon). His crew includes some talented Scandi musicians including Le Brandt (Memoria Avenue, Northquake), guitarist Frank Orland (ex- Scariot), bassist Miguel Pereira (Withem), and drummer Frank Nordeng Roe (Withem, Maraton).
Apart from the brand new album "Big City Life", the release includes their 2013 debut, 'Wintersleep', previously released in digital format only. A very good reason to get this album: double your money's worth.

Another good reason to buy this album is simply the quality of the music.
Essentially, Big City plays '80s melodic hard rock with some edge, and then wraps both neatly in AOR accessibility. Being a band formed by a guitarist you can expect an emphasis upon sharp riffs, but also twin guitar harmony, and then killer solos.
Vocalist Jan Le Brandt has a strong presence, singing smooth, melodic and clean. He knows his range and sticks to it.

As for the songs, for both sharp and big riffs, and also thrilling guitar solos, listen for title track 'Big City Life', 'Stars Surrounding', and the racing 'Running For Your Life'. Sometimes Big City likes to trip you up at the start of song. For instance, both 'Daemon In The Dark' and 'From This Day' start with vocals over light electric guitar, before ripping into fierce riffage and heavier melodic hard rock.
But even these songs have lighter moments within.

With 'Forgive Me', Big City drops a ballad which turns largely on voice over acoustic guitar, yet still rises as it flows forward. Curiously, it's the only song without a guitar solo. Similar is the closing track, 'Home Again' with more acoustic guitar and voice, yet rising to a stronger hard rock anthem and a slight guitar solo about the three minute mark.

Among the highlights of the bonus disc, the band's first recording, 'Midnight Train' has a riff that immediately grabs the attention and and even more the fine chorus, and 'Innocence Of A Kill' is a killer melodious AOR tune which chorus gets right into your head and stays there.
The title track starts quietly but another great riff soon arrives. 'Fire and Stone' is of the same ilk, slow opening then the big guns kick in for the chorus.
'Too Late' has another strong riff and the staccato guitar playing on this track is rather pleasing, adorned with keyboards in the background.

BIG CITY - Big City Life + Wintersleep (2018) inside

Big City's "Big City Life" is a really strong and entertaining album '80s inspired collection of songs, as it is "Winterleep": very fine AOR / melodic hard rock spiced with some edge here and there.
All the songs are imbued with great riffs, seemingly a band specialty, thanks to guitarists Frank Ørland and Daniel Olaisen whilst vocalist Jan Le Brandt has a strong delivery reminding me of Lance King (of numerous bands including Balance Of Power) and Doogie White at places.
Don't let this one pass by, it's really, really good.

Big City Life (new album 2018)
01 - Big City Life
02 - Cryin' in the Night
03 - Daemon in the Dark
04 - Rocket Man
05 - Stars Surrounding
06 - From This Day
07 - Running for Your Life
08 - Forgive Me Now
09 - Tower of Babylon
10 - Home Again (Bonus Track)

Wintersleep (2018 reissue)
01 - Midnight Train
02 - Innocence Of A Kill
03 - Wintersleep
04 - Fire And Stone
05 - Too Late
06 - The Last Sleep
07 - Iseline
08 - Love Break The Heart
09 - Harbor Of Tears
10 - Will You Be Gone

Jan Le Brandt – Vocals (Memoria Avenue, Northquake)
Daniel Olaisen – Guitars (Scariot, Blood Red Throne)
Frank Ørland – Guitars (ex- Scariot)
Miguel Pereira – Bass (Withem)
Frank Nordeng Røe – Drums (Withem, Maraton)

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VALENSIA - Valensia Gaia [Japan HR/HM 1000 reissue series] (2018)

VALENSIA - Valensia Gaia [Japan HR/HM 1000 reissue series] (2018) full

Universal Music Japan has started this year a curious but more than welcomed campaign: the reissue of long time out of print albums from their catalog titled 'HR/HM 1000', that meaning Hard Rock / Heavy Metal at the price of 1000 Yen = about 9,5 USD.
Into these series, appear the 2 more celebrated (out of print) albums by talent Dutch artist VALENSIA Clarkson. His first solo effort is simply titled Valensia I, however in Japan it was also added "Gaia".

Valensia met Robby Valentine (another Dutch genius) at an airport, as they were both listening to Queen´s Bohemian Rhapsody. After that, Valensia started sending demos to several record companies and producer John Sonneveld noticed him.
Then Valensia signed a record deal with Mercury Records and in 1993 his first album "Valensia" was released in Europe.

Influenced by Kate Bush and Queen, Valensia's self-titled first album (known as "Gaia" in Japan) contained the hit single "Gaia" that, out of nowhere, reached #2 in the Dutch charts nd stayed in the charts for several weeks. "Gaia" had success in other countries too.
The album itself spent almost 20 weeks in the album charts and had excllent reviews. Four singles were released: Gaia, The Sun, Nathalie and Tere.
Valensia become a renowned artist in the Netherlands, but he had an even greater success in Japan.

It's not rare to see Robby Valentine playing all pianos here. "Valensia Gaia" sounds pretty much like Valentine's first albums.
However Robby had a more straight forward Pomp / AOR approach, while Valensia add much more proggy (lite) arrangements and dreamy poppy melodies.

Musically imagine a amalgam of the pomp and circumstance of Queen, add some Nik Kershaw's pop sensibilities, and Robby Valentine's epicness, all rolled into one and that may give you a vague idea of where this guy is coming from.
Totally unique.

VALENSIA - Valensia Gaia [Japan HR/HM 1000 reissue series] (2018) back

As happens with these series, "Valensia Gaia" is not remastered, but this Japanese 2018 reissue sounds fantastic, more punchy and better DR, thanks the new digital transfer technique - which augment the signal / Dynamic Range - so having this for less than ten bucks is a great deal.
Highly Recommended

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Universal Music Japan 【UICY-78636】
H R / H M  1000    SERIES

01 - Tere
02 - The Sun
03 - Scaraboushka
04 - Nathalie
05 - Tango Tamara
06 - T'kylah II
07 - T'kylah
08 - Megalomania
09 - My Heart Is in Your Hands
10 - Mr. 1999
11 - Gaia
12 - 1997

Valensia Clarkson - vocals, all instruments
Robby Valentine - grand piano
Marcel Schimscheimer - bass
Hans Eijkeneer - drums
Juan Van Emmmerloot - drums
Marcel Serierse - drums
Emmy Verhey - violin
Philip Kold - sax
Eddie Conrad - percussion
Pim Koopman (Kayak) - percussion



THE SEA WITHIN - The Sea Within [Special Edition 2CD Digipak] (2018)

THE SEA WITHIN - The Sea Within [Special Edition 2CD Digipak] (2018) full

THE SEA WITHIN is a new super-group formed by Roine Stolt (Transatlantic, The Flower Kings), Daniel Gildenlöw (Pain of Salvation), Jonas Reingold (Karmakanic, The Tangent), Tom Brislin (Renaissance, Deborah Harry) & Marco Minnemann (Steven Wilson, Joe Satriani) which are releasing their self titled debut tomorrow.
This "The Sea Within [Special Edition 2CD Digipak]" includes a bonus disc with extra material.

This musical ship is manned by the most expert navigators – that much is clear. Naturally, the result has been massive fan expectation and the inevitable rife speculation. Well, the ocean can be everything from a fun and frothy surfer’s paradise, to a terrifying, engulfing storm, from a pool of clear coral beauty to a vast abyss of deep darkness, and all that comes in between.
Where do this captain and crew take us? Let’s dive in.

Opener “Ashes of Dawn” is the heaviest song on the album and certainly one of the darkest. Gildenlow’s and Stolt’s vocals are aggressive, anguished. The song is about the world’s economic chaos and is suitably weighty. There are no ‘spring in the meadow’ images here. Stolt and Reingold go out of their way to make the song deep, dark and intimidating – like the bottom of an ocean abyss. The vessel is weighty, laden with cargo, navigating dark waters and exploring familiar but frightening themes.

“They Know My Name” is more pensive and gentle, but no less dark in flavor. The band start to explore other compositional waters here, based on a lurking and pensive Brislin piano intro with an interesting chord progression, the song develops in to a Minnemann-driven chorus pattern with scattered accents, accompanied by Reingold’s huge, lingering bass tone. The chorus has a Classic Rock feel, ending with an anthemic guitar passage.
Calmer waters approach with “The Void”, slow and pensive, but extremely haunting and captivating. One of my favorite on the album.

“An Eye For an Eye” brings matters to a much faster, pounding pace, starting as a full-on rocker in which Minnemann is given full remit to open up his startling chops.Regardless of the trickier Prog fills and time signatures, this one could, strangely enough, have been Thin Lizzy on Prog steroids. For those who like to rock, ‘An Eye For an Eye’ will be a highlight of the live set.
“Goodbye” is, for me, the high watermark of this album. It begins with a quirky, staccato 7/8 Prog bass-riff that is very unusual and immediately entrancing. This intriguing riff remains throughout, but also morphs into a delayed-gratification verse by McPherson, and a glorious chorus.

THE SEA WITHIN - The Sea Within [Special Edition 2CD Digipak] (2018) discs

“Sea Without” is a jagged and discordant instrumental exploration of Crimson-esque progression, with some added sonic magnitude, lasting two minutes. Reingold delivers one of his signature fretless riffs at the end. It is a decent enough meander, but one feels that more could have been done with it.
“Broken Cord” comprises the obligatory 14-minute epic. Various quirky, interesting, ethereal and anthemic passages create an overall result that is excellent I had to listen hard for Jon Anderson’s appearance, which is one of the backing vocals behind McPherson’s and Gildenlöw’s alternating leads, and his Master’s Voice is placed appropriately enough.

Jordan Rudess makes an appearance on ‘The Hiding of Truth’ and one can immediately hear it, because his technique is simply unmistakable. The song is an elliptical pop melody that begins with swirling atmospherics, great Rudess piano work, and Casey McPherson’s outstanding vocals. It develops into a strong pop ballad.

Now there's the 26-minute bonus disc. The first song on Disc 2, 'The Roaring Silence', builds from nothing, through an ethereal opening, into a good, heavy, dark Prog composition that provides the listener with a crisper experience.
'Where are You Going?' builds into a solid enough ballad, with an anguished feel. It is simple but good. “Time” is a compositional collaboration between the five main members. It's moody, midtempo, with expansive vocal arrangements. Filled with grief, the song is very emotive.
Lastly, “Denise” is strange narrative of a man telling his woman that he will not be back because he is in prison, and asking her to remember him by their good times near the river. Filled with regret and remorse, it is reminiscent of a modern Prog take on ‘The Prisoner’s Song.’

THE SEA WITHIN - The Sea Within [Special Edition 2CD Digipak] (2018) back

The Sea Within’s first album is a highly impressive and diverse voyage. Passengers on this ship will experience expansive high sea views, daunting subaqueous emotional depth and even fathomless submerged darkness. But they will also enjoy pleasing coral imagery, aquamarine beams of musical light, frolicking waves of melody, compositional variety and, most certainly, virtuosity of oceanic proportions.
If the album misses the total perfection that its line-up portends, it is only because some of it feels a little more fragmented than it perhaps could have done. But it's an outstanding piece of Prog.
Strongly Recommended

01 - Ashes of Dawn
02 - They Know My Name
03 - The Void
04 - An Eye for an Eye for an Eye
05 - Goodbye
06 - Sea Without
07 - Broken Cord
08 - The Hiding of Truth

Bonus disc:
01 - The Roaring Silence (Bonus Track)
02 - Where Are You Going? (Bonus Track)
03 - Time (Bonus Track)
04 - Denise (Bonus Track)

Daniel Gildenlow (Vocals & add. Guitar)
Jonas Reingold (Bass)
Tom Brislin (Keyboards, Vocals)
Marco Minneman (Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Guitar)
Roine Stolt (Guitars, Vocals, add. Keyboards)
Jon Anderson (guest Vocals)
Jordan Rudess (guest Keyboards)

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JOE LYNN TURNER - The Usual Suspects [Japan Edition +2 bonus] Out Of Print

JOE LYNN TURNER - The Usual Suspects [Japan Edition +2 bonus]  full

After the recent Sunstorm album, one of you asked for JOE LYNN TURNER's album "The Usual Suspects", for me, alongside his solo '85 debut, his finest album. This is the Japanese edition (now out of print) including an exclusive bonus track, and to make it more juicy, we have added the exclusive European bonus track as well.

Turner, apart from Rainbow and Deep Purple, has been part of many bands / projects, and recorded many albums with most of them. But Joe also has a solo career, or better said, albums released under his name. That's meaning the last 'JLT' albums sound like a real band.
"The Usual Suspects" is, for me, the best Joe album as 'JOE LYNN TURNER' solo.

Originally released thirteen years ago, "The Usual Suspects" included the first AOR song of Turner in many years, after mostly recording hard rock / melodic hard.
From start to finish, Turner’s dominant and spine-tingling vocals succeed in capturing your attention while leaving you mesmerized and begging for more. Combine these vocals with an incredibly talented band - which includes guitarists Karl Cochran (Ace Frehley / VoodooLand) and especially the always amazing Al Pitrelli - who play on most tracks and his riffs are the other star of this CD.

There's also bassist David Z (Joann Jett), Paul Morris (Rainbow, Doro) on keyboards and John O’Reilly (Trans Siberian Orchestra, Rainbow) behind the skins - and no doubt, you are getting an absolute killer band.
The album starts off with “Power of Love”… but this ain’t no Huey Lewis! It’s a rocking, melodic composition featuring a strong, catchy chorus and delicious riffs.
Other tracks like “Blood Money” and “Devil’s Door” continue on in this vein and are among the heavier tracks on the CD.

JOE LYNN TURNER - The Usual Suspects [Japan Edition +2 bonus] booklet

“Jacknife” is another great track and almost reminds me of the time Joe spent with Yngwie while “Ball & Chain” also has an awesome groove to it and gives Pitrelli his chance to shine.
“Really Loved” is a bit slower, moodier and more soulful flashing back to Turner’s Rainbow era.

Then you have “Rest Of My Life”, what a wonderful AOR tune where we can hear again Turner's smoothness, that sweet whisper that only him is capable to perform. A favorite.
What you can expect from a song titled “Into The Fire”... ? a melodic rocker inspired by the '80s.
“All Alone” blends some really nice guitar fills with a captivating chorus while “Live And Love Again” is an excellent power ballad highlighting some very good keyboard melodies and rounds off the regular release.

There's a rare 'deluxe edition' of this album including as extras the Japanese & European bonus tracks of this album. Well, this is the Japanese, but we added the Euro bonus as well.
Both are great, not fillers at all, a bit harder but still maintain the melodic essence that Turner is famous for.
With its pulsing rhythms, both “Unfinished Bizness” and “What Can I Do” are comparable to something on the lines of Deep Purple’s 'Slaves & Maters'… of course featuring Joe Lynn Turner.

JOE LYNN TURNER - The Usual Suspects [Japan Edition +2 bonus] back

Easily among the best melodic rock / AOR albums appeared during the last decade, "The Usual Suspects" is fantastic. Joe Lynn Turner never has released a bad album, and this one is for me the best under his own full name.
Taken from my personal collection.
A Must

01 - Power Of Love
02 - Devil's Door
03 - Jacknife
04 - Really Loved
05 - Rest Of My Life
06 - Into The Fire
07 - Blood Money
08 - All Alone
09 - Ball And Chain
10 - Life And Love Again
11 - What Can I Do (Japan Bonus Track)
12 - Unfinished Bizness (European Bonus Track)

Joe Lynn Turner: Lead vocals
Al Pitrelli: Guitars
Karl Cochran: Guitars
David Z: Bass
John O'Reilly: Drums
Paul Morris: Keyboards
Andy Burton: Keyboards on 11
Nancy Bender: Backing vocals

Out Of Print:


ANGELES - Test Of Time (2018)

ANGELES - Test Of Time (2018) full
HERE the Real one

"Test Of Time" is the new album by veteran hard rockers ANGELES, one of the most long-lasting indie US rock bands out there. These guys recorded 4 albums, played countless gigs and shared stages with the greats.

All-original rock band ANGELES first started playing Hollywood, CA in the early '80s and has shared the stage with legends such as Motley Crue, Quiet Riot, Gun’s N’ Roses, Ratt, Ronnie James Dio, Bon Jovi, Michael Schenker, Dokken, just to name few. The band has played live extensively and hit quite a few milestones.

Angeles received their first Platinum record award in 2014 with their debut “We’re No Angles” (originally released in 1984) that has been played on nationwide radio stations, and play an Annual benefit show Thunder on the lot for children’s charity.
In 2016 Angeles released their “Crazy” CD featuring their single “God Country and King” with over 1 million views on Vevo.
Indie band, but with a strong following.

Listening to "Test Of Time", it's like 1987 again. They still play the Californian clubs circuit, even The Whikey A Go Go. Angeles perform with heart and refuse to give up their love of music. This is melodic glammy hard rock, with some hair metal on it.

ANGELES - Test Of Time (2018) back

From the start with 'Not Here to Play' there's a feel good vibe, this being this an uptempo rocker with some Twisted Sister influences. There's a solid rhythm section with defined bass / drums, fine vocals and cool guitar riffs.

'Hollywood' sounds like a Motley Crue circa Dr. Feelgood, 'Chivalry' adds some heaviness with raw vocals and darker rhythm, then 'Goodbye' is a pure melodic hard rocker with a semi-ballad tempo so common in 1988.
'Trouble' returns to uptempo hard rock with its little Keel riffs, 'We're No Angels' adds a bit of sleazy, 'Nothing Left to Gain' a bluesy atmosphere akin Cinderella, and 'Here We Go Again' (not a Whitesnake cover) is a cool rocker.
'Lonely Road' is an acoustic (with electrics) fine number, not a ballad, but a dusty rocker with nice raspy vocals.

ANGELES - Test Of Time (2018) inside

Angeles still live like if the '80s never ended. They use leather jackets, wigs, wasted boots and play the music they love without a record label interference.
"Test Of Time" is effective, entertaining and very well recorded / produced for an indie. It's classic US glammy hard rock / melodic hard rock with a bit a sleazy, made 2018 but with the feel & sound of the era.
Note there's a digital version flating around, with cuts and noises. This is the real CD version.
Highly Recommended

01 - Not Here to Play
02 - Hollywood
03 - Chivalry
04 - Goodbye
05 - Trouble
06 - We're No Angels
07 - Nothing Left to Gain
08 - Lonely Road
09 - Here We Go Again
10 - Deliver the Goods
11 - Little Bit Faster (Remix)

Vince Thriil - Vocals
Dale Lytle - Guitar
Cal Shelton - Bass
Danny Basulto - Drums



ICE WATER MANSION - Rockin' Thru The 80's [Remastered]

ICE WATER MANSION - Rockin' Thru The 80's [Remastered] full

This is a very nice request by one of you: the remastered reissue on "Rockin' Thru The 80's", by ICE WATER MANSION. While the band never made it big, they existed since the late Seventies and morphed into all the '80s styles: first Pomp Rock, then hair metal, and at the begining of the Nineties Melodic Hard Rock.

"Rockin' Thru The 80's" was originally released on cassette only, in 1984, so expect here a pompy AOR collection of tunes keyboard-driven and catchy choruses.
Think first half of the Eighties Journey, Giuffria, Angel, etc.

I love this kind of stuff plenty of swirling vintage (and new, electronic) synths, embelishing songs with all the magic of an era.
The remaster was handled by some band members (which still play from time to time) and the CD released by themselves. The sound obtained is very good.
A lost - and Highly Recommended - piece of '80s AOR.

ICE WATER MANSION - Rockin' Thru The 80's [Remastered] back

1 - Invasion
2 - Get Lucky
3 - Adrianna
4 - Can't Wait For Love
5 - Rockin Thru The 80's
6 - Midnight Confessions
7 - Drown In My Tears
8 - You're Not Comin' Back

Lead Vocals – Lonny Austin
Guitar – Mark Dewey
Guitar, Vocals – Glenn Thorp
Bass – Pete Worden
Drums – Jim Cacala



Tuesday, June 19, 2018

TWO ARE ONE - A Question Of Time [digitally remastered +2] (2018)

TWO ARE ONE - A Question Of Time [digitally remastered +2] (2018) full

Ever heard of TWO ARE ONE? I’m pretty sure that many of you don’t. TWO ARE ONE is a German duo that released their only CD "A Question Of Time" back in 1995 via a small label. For years impossible to find and fetching ridiculous prices, this much sought after indie AOR albums is finally available with a refreshed remastered sound plus 2 bonus tracks.

Despite released in the mid-Nineties, this one and only album by Two Are One is inspired by classy 1985-1989 AOR. Just listen to the stunning opener title track “A Question Of Time” that comes along with a huge chorus, rocking guitars and blown keyboards. I promise, that you will love this song. It reminds me very much of Blonde On Blonde meets Queen Of Spades.

“Victim On The Run” is a cool rocker, while “It’s My Way Of Loving You” comes along like a midtempo smooth Westcoast AOR song, with a blend of summer.

“Go Girl” is a powerful keyboard-dominated Hi-tech influenced AOR song with another memorable hookline in the vein of Queen Of Spades. With big pumping keyboards and rocking guitars “No More” brings you right back to pure AOR – wow, what an ultra slick chorus. It totally reminds me of Perfect Crime – a song I can listen to again and again.
“No Mercy” reminds me of Legend while “Stella” is a tasty and light uptempo song.

Production is very good for an indie, with a crystal clear mix and the musicianship is absolutely flawless. Especially the big keys and the blistering guitars rock big time.
And of course female singer Martina Machke has a great powerful, smoky voice, that reminds me of Robin Beck, Darby Mills and Holly Woods.

TWO ARE ONE - A Question Of Time [digitally remastered +2] (2018) back

Very few noticed of Two Are One and “A Question Of Time” when originally released in limited quantities, only available in central Europe. With the years, the album become a collectors item.
Silently reissued by unknown label Minotauro Records, now this is your chance to get the album with an enhanced, clean-up sound plus 2 previously unreleased tracks.
Yeah, the kind of lovely music that only 0dayrox can find for you.

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - A Question of Time
02 - Victim on the Run
03 - It's my Way of Loving You
04 - Birds of a Feather
05 - Stand by Me
06 - Rose in the Garden
07 - Go Girl
08 - No More
09 - Ask You Now
10 - No Mercy
11 - I Saw You
12 - Stella
13 - So Cold
14 - Changes
15 - He Broke my Wings on That Christmas Night

Vocals – Martina Maschke
Vocals, Keyboards – Klaus Henatsch
Bass – Hans Dieter Lorenz, Karel Adam, Klaus-Peter Matziol
Drums – Daniel Hafstein, Dirk Schroeter, Lutz Halfter
Guitar – Bernd Voss, Kai Reuter, Peter Jordan
Keyboards – Frank Schroeter
Backing Vocals – Bernd Klose Kalle Bösel



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