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ROMEO'S DAUGHTER - Romeo's Daughter [Rock Candy Remastered +3]

ROMEO'S DAUGHTER - Romeo's Daughter [Rock Candy Remastered +3] full

Easily among my favorite female-fronted Melodic Rock albums of all time, ROMEO'S DAUGHTER self-titled debut "Romeo's Daughter" received a Rock Candy remastering treatment plus 3 bonus tracks.
The sound quality on this remaster is simply awesome, no doubt one of the best done by this prestigious reissue label.

Fronted with a marvellous sense of style by golden voiced Leigh Matty and supported by a team of grade-A band members and session musicians, "Romeo’s Daughter" blazed a path - with impassioned vocals, great production and songs to die for - through the Melodic Rock hinterlands during the late '80s collapsing in an exhausted heap at the finishing line.

Produced by the legendary Robert ‘Mutt’ Lange and songwriter/performer John Parr, two of the hottest names in the business, and signed to the emerging powerhouse of Jive Records, the odds were stacked very much in Romeo’s Daughter’s favour.
Sadly, despite lashings of great press, radio play and an exploratory trip to the US market, the promise was never fully realised.

ROMEO'S DAUGHTER - Romeo's Daughter [Rock Candy Remastered +3] booklet

Originally issued in 1989, the album courted instant critical praise not only for its quality and sophistication but also for the way it bought British Melodic Rock back into sharp focus after years spent in the doldrums.

Compared with such mega luminaries as Heart and Def Leppard this album should have sold millions and propelled Romeo's Daughter to fame and fortune.
Instead, we have been left with a rare example of one of the most complete and criminally overlooked albums of the late Eighties.

ROMEO'S DAUGHTER - Romeo's Daughter [Rock Candy Remastered +3] back

All songs on "Romeo’s Daughter" are pure gold, all Melodic Rock / AOR gems crafted with clinical precision and awesomely recorded / produced. Even the 3 bonus tracks were recorded live in 1990 with an incredible crystal clear sound.
"Romeo’s Daughter" is simply fantastic, and as said, this remaster is Superb. Request fulfilled, place yours!

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - Heaven In The Backseat
02 - Don't Break My Heart
03 - I Cry Myself To Sleep At Night
04 - Wild Child
05 - Hymn (Look Through Golden Eyes)
06 - Velvet Tongue
07 - Stay With Me Tonight
08 - Inside Out
09 - I Like What I See
10 - Colour You A Smile
11 - Heaven In The Backseat (Live 1990)
12 - Velvet Tongue (Live 1990)
13 - I Cry Myself To Sleep At Night (Live 1990)

Leigh Matty (vocals)
Craig Joiner (guitar, vocals)
Tony Mitman (keyboards)
Produced by "Mutt" Lange & John Parr



ROMEO'S DAUGHTER - Delectable [Rock Candy Remastered +1]

ROMEO'S DAUGHTER - Delectable [Rock Candy Remastered +1] full

Long time out of print, "Delectable" is ROMEO'S DAUGHTER second album fortunately remastered by Rock Candy with pristine quality including a bonus track.
Romeo’s Daughter were UK's answer to the popular American Melodic Rock bands such as Heart, Journey and Foreigner, with a slick sound designed by the incredible studio wizard John 'Mutt' Lange.

'Mutt' Lange handled Romeo's Daughter debut album and was slated to produce "Delectable" as well. Fate, however, had something else in mind.
The band was delayed due to Mutt’s schedule and, eventually, had to move on without him. They also lost their record label and were forced to go the independent route.
Unfortunately, "Delectable" arrived too late, when the musical climate already changed, and the band was unable to break in America and ended up as one of the bands in the ‘should have made it’ file.

Switching to the independent Music For Nations label, they took the bull by the horns and got back to work crafting a stunning follow up to their critically lauded debut.
"Delectable" is a record stuffed to the gills with choice songs and exceptional vocal performances from Leigh Matty, proving that the band’s worth was just as valuable if not more so.

ROMEO'S DAUGHTER - Delectable [Rock Candy Remastered +1] booklet

Among the pearls on this record there's the upbeat “Have Mercy” which sounds like it could easily be reworked into a Def Leppard classic. “Addicted To The Animal” should have been a huge hit as sports an irresistible melodic line.
The band sounds pretty Americanized on “Nothing But Love”, specially on the catchy chorus, “God Only Knows” is a heartfelt track as is the beautiful mid-tempo AOR “Treat Me Like A Lady”.
Bonus track “Talk Dirty To Me” (originally a single B-side only) is just as tantalizing as the title sounds.

Of All the British melodic rock groups operating out of the UK during the late '80s Romeo’s Daughter were, undoubtedly, viewed as the great white hope; they were the saviours of the scene, the band most likely to succeed.
Released in 1993, that "Delectable" ultimately failed to secure a foot hold to enormo-dome success was not the fault of the band or record, but more a sign of the times. Yet despite everything it remains one of the most revered Melodic Rock albums of the period.

ROMEO'S DAUGHTER - Delectable [Rock Candy Remastered +1] back

Really good Rock Candy 24-bit remastering from original source tapes, plus 3,000 word essay about the making of the album, interview with the band and additional photos spread out over a 12 page full colour booklet.
Another request fulfilled.
Highly Recommended

01 - Have Mercy
02 - Attracted To The Animal
03 - Nobody Like You
04 - Nothing But Love
05 - God Only Knows
06 - Ready Or Not
07 - Treat Me Like A Lady
08 - Sugar Daddy
09 - Dream In Colour
10 - Dancing Slow
11 - Talk To Dirty To Me (bonus track)

Leigh Matty - Lead Vocals
Craig Joiner - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Tony Mitman - Keyboards
Andy Wells - Drums, Backing Vocals
add. personnel:
Merv Goldsworthy - Bass
Simon Duffy - Producer, Backing Vocals



BRYAN COLE - Sands Of Time (2016)

BRYAN COLE - Sands Of Time (2016) full

We presented last year here on the blog in exclusive the fist single of BRYAN COLE, now released by MelodicRock Records arrives his awesome full-length debut titled "Sands Of Time".
Hailing from Pittsburg, Cole is an experienced musician having shared stages with Ted Nugent, Quiet Riot, Eddie Money, etc, but he is also a seasoned record producer and mixing engineer helping both aspiring and established artists achieve their fullest potential.
Bryan Cole's sensational "Sands Of Time" has the classic sound of bands like Giant, Survivor and both Pride Of Lions and Brett Walker – the latter two artists both included in the material that comprises the album. Jim Peterik contributed assistance and four amazing songs to the project.

Since the great opener 'Burning With A Reason' - the first Jim Peterik contribution co-penned with Johnny Van Zant - you can hear how Bryan Cole brings all his classy influences; '80s AOR / Melodic Rock with a true American sound.
Then we have a wonderful version of Brett Walker's 'Hard To Find An Easy Way' done in more edgy melodic rock style yet retaining its charming melody, followed by the anthemic, chorus gold of 'When Love Breaks'.
'What Kind Of Fool' was originally recorded by Pride Of Lions / Jim Peterik and let me tell you this kickin' Cole version has nothing to envy to the original. Killer.

Then the sublime 'Turn To Me' is one of the highlights; this is pure Survivor / Pride Of Lions with a classic style & sound from the glory days. It's a great Peterik song and Cole really does it justice.
But Bryan Cole shows he can write terrific songs as well.
Check the great 'I Will Be There For You', a semi-ballad akin the glory days of Bad English, or the mind-blowing 'We Lost The Fire' in a pure Giant / Dann Huff tradition. I love this! Did I mentioned ex Giant bassist Mike Brignardello plays here?

'Is It Really Love' is close to Melodic Rock perfection with its great rhythms, another Peterik tune titled 'Courage To Love' features some strong vocal work from Cole, the album finishing up with the awesome AOR of 'Nothing Matters', co-written by Larry King from the excellent band Soleil Moon, already featured on this blog.

To say that "Sands Of Time" is a 'strong' debut from Bryan Cole is being too much simplistic. No, "Sands Of Time" is an amazing album for all classy Melodic Rock / AOR fans delight.
Not only Cole's vocal color and performing style evoke the glorious years form the genre, but also the songwriting and production approach.
Delicious from start to finish.
HIGHLY Recommended

01. Burning With A Reason (J.Peterik, J.Van Zant)
02. Hard To Find An Easy Way (B.Walker)
03. When Love Breaks (S.McClintock)
04. What Kind Of Fool (J.Peterik)
05. Turn To Me (J.Peterik)
06. I’ll Be There For You (B.Cole, D.Gleeson)
07. We Lost The Fire (B.Cole, D.Gleeson)
08. More Than A Memory (B.Walker, C.Dixon)
09. Is It Really Love (S.Mcclintock)
10. Courage To Love (J.Peterik)
11. Nothing Matters (J.Scott, L.King)

Bryan Cole - vocals, all instruments
Mike Brignardello - bass
and various unlisted musicians



JOHN WAITE - Ignition [Rock Candy remastered]

JOHN WAITE - Ignition [Rock Candy remastered] full

One of the most outstanding vocalists in AOR / Melodic Rock history is without a doubt JOHN WAITE, as part of The Babys, supergroup Bad English or a solo artist. His first solo album "Ignition" is perhaps his less listened but one of his best, upbeat, hard rocking albums, greatly 'Remastered & Reloaded' by Rock Candy Records.

Born In Lancashire, England, Waite first achieved popularity and success fronting melodic rockers The Babys notching up two top 20 US hit singles before breaking up the group to launch a solo career… a path that would see him score a US #1 single in 1984 with the plaintiff and hugely powerful ‘Missing You’.

JOHN WAITE - Ignition [Rock Candy remastered] booklet

"Ignition", John’s debut solo album produced by Neil Geraldo - Pat Benatar's guitarist, producer, mastermind, husband and who knows what else - was recorded in New York City in late 1981 and is widely acknowledged as Waite’s greatest (certainly hardest hitting) album.
Including 10 punchy tracks driven by hard edged (even if extremely processed) guitars handled by the great session monster Tim Pierce, tight rhythm section and commercial mainstream rock '80s style, this recording still sounds fresh and organic today showcasing Waite's vocal style un its purest form.

JOHN WAITE - Ignition [Rock Candy remastered] back

"Ignition" gets the full Rock Candy re-issue treatment with a remastering clarity that will resolutely and undeniably confirm Waite’s position as a Rock vocalist extraordinaire.
Includes new interview, 4,000 word essay from Stephen Allen, a track by track run down by John Waite plus previously unseen photographs spread out over a 16 page full colour booklet.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 - White Heat
02 - Change
03 - Mr. Wonderful
04 - Going To The Top
05 - Desperate Love
06 - Temptation
07 - Be My Baby Tonight
08 - Make It Happen
09 - I'm Still In Love
10 - Wild Life

John Waite : vocals
Tim Pierce : guitars
Ivan Kral : guitar, keyboards
Donnie Nossov : bass, vocals
Frankie La Rocka : drums
Produced by Neil Geraldo
Engineered by Bob Clearmountain



Tuesday, December 06, 2016

SAMMY HAGAR - This Is Sammy Hagar Volume 1 : When The Party Started (2016)

SAMMY HAGAR - This Is Sammy Hagar Volume 1 : When The Party Started (2016) full

"This Is Sammy Hagar Volume 1 : When The Party Started", is the new compilation album showcasing 12 highlights from SAMMY HAGAR's catalogue, some of them remixed, plus 2 brand new tracks.
The collection, which starts from his solo album post Van Halen, 'Red Voodoo' in 1999, through to 'Livin' It Up' in 2006, also includes a new remix of 'Sam I Am', which will be the new theme song for season two of his acclaimed TV show 'Rock 'N' Roll Road Trip'.
The CD features as well two new Hagar-penned tracks; "No Worries" and "I Never Got To Say Goodbye".

"With this collection, I wanted to revisit the music which would come to redefine my career post Van Halen," explained Hagar. "It was the first time since I'd joined Montrose in 1972 that I was free from the weight of being in a superstar, high-pressure band and the commercial machine that came with it.
I was not interested in the big recording industry machine, well known producers, or major label A&R people telling me what to do.
In fact, when I finished some songs I ran them by my friends at major labels, they would all say “this is not what we want from Sammy Hagar”. And I would say “but THIS IS SAMMY HAGAR, this is who Sammy Hagar is today!”.

This is when the party started; I played hundreds, maybe thousands, of shows anywhere and everywhere without a set list and built a hard-core following of ‘Redheads’. They were really into what we were doing.
These are some of the special songs, and some of the special times in my musical life, that I want to share with you in this special collection."

The collection, released in time for the holidays, offers fans of the multi-platinum recording artist, Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee and Grammy-winning singer and songwriter an introspective and always entertaining playlist which has been personally curated by The Red Rocker.

01. Stand Up
02. Serious Juju
03. Little Bit More
04. Ten 13
05. The Real Deal
06. Tropic Of Capricorn
07. Maui Wowie
08. Shag [Outtake Mix] (+)
09. Halfway To Memphis
10. Sam I Am (+)
11. Livin' On A Coastline
12. One Sip
13. No Worries (*)
14. Never Said Goodbye (*)

* New track
+ Alternate new mix

Sammy Hagar: lead vocals, guitar
Victor Johnson: guitar
David Lauser: drumsAustin Delone: keys
Bob Daspit: guitar, percussion
Mona Gnader: bass, backing vocals
Dave Zirbel, Roy Rogers: guitar
Rosendo Rodriguez: the Mariachis
Nicole Summerwood: backing vocals



RANDY MEISNER - Randy Meisner [Digitally Remastered] (2016)

RANDY MEISNER - Randy Meisner [Digitally Remastered] (2016) full

Considered cult classics among smooth AOR aficionados, British label BGO has just released a 2-in-1 CD of both RANDY MEISNER most successful albums remastered with pristine quality. Founding member of Poco and The Eagles alongside Glenn Frey & Don Henley, Meisner formally quit the band in September 1977 for a solo career.
Released in 1982, "Randy Meisner" is the third solo studio album (and the second self-titled) by Randy Meisner, his final solo album to-date.

According to the era, "Randy Meisner" is the more AOR album from this talented musician, with a sound & style typically first half of the '80s.
Just check opener 'Never Been In Love', a true AOR track from the verses to the catchy chorus, including top session musicians providing a solid musical back-up plus a glossy production.
'Jealousy' is plenty of synth / keyboard flourishes, and Meisner does his version of Bryan Adams 'Tonight' with a midtempo pump vibe ready for the radio.

Among the skilled musicians involved into this recording - including super drummer Denny Carmassi and Heart's guitarist Howard Leese - both Ann and Nancy Wilson provide harmony vocals, as heard on 'Darkness Of The Heart'.
Ann Wilson even does a lead vocal duet with Meissner on the smooth 'Strangers' (an obscure tune penned by Elton John btw).
'Playin' In The Deep End' is a very cool rocker, 'Still Runnin' is again true '82 AOR mixing strong (but very clean) guitar riffs with clever keyboards.

"Randy Meisner" is a faithful representation of the American music & sound - including AOR - done in 1982 by solo artists. Think David Roberts, Ambrosia, Toto, King Of Hearts, etc, with Meisner adding his special, own touch.
This is a great remaster very well balanced avoiding brickwall, taken from the original tapes as source.
Highly Recommended

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - Never Been In Love
02 - Darkness Of The Heart
03 - Jealousy
04 - Tonight
05 - Playin' In The Deep End
06 - Strangers (feat. Ann Wilson)
07 - Still Runnin'
08 - Nothing Is Said
09 - Doin' It For Delilah

Randy Meisner - lead & background vocals, bass, guitar
Denny Carmassi - drums
John Corey - guitar, piano, background vocals
Brian Smith - guitar
Tom Erak - bass
Mitchell Froom - synthesizer
Dixon House - organ, piano, background vocals
Howard Leese - synthesizer, guitar, background vocals
Sterling Smith - organ, synthesizer, piano
Paul Buckmaster - string conductor
Phil Kenzie - saxophone
Tower of Power - horn section
Ann Wilson - vocals
Nancy Wilson, Marcy Levy - background vocals



RANDY MEISNER - One More Song [Digitally Remastered] (2016)

RANDY MEISNER - One More Song [Digitally Remastered] (2016) full

Considered cult classics among smooth AOR aficionados, British label BGO has just released a 2-in-1 CD of both RANDY MEISNER most successful albums remastered with pristine quality. Founding member of Poco and The Eagles alongside Glenn Frey & Don Henley, Meisner formally quit the band in September 1977 for a solo career.
"One More Song" is the second solo studio album by Randy Meisner released in late 1980, sporting the smooth FM Rock sound typical from the era.

While "One More Song" has an obvious Eagles feel on a couple of tracks - Meisner may be the "forgotten" Eagle member but he defined the band's sound in many ways - I always considered this album more "80s" in terms of songwriting & sound.
In many ways, it reminds me Benny Mardones mixing a bright production on the uptempo songs a smoothness on the midtempo / ballads.

"Hearts On Fire" open the album in the melodious rock tradition sound coming from Southern California in the early '80s. If properly promoted it should have been a hit single (briefly reached Top 20), and its sound is for early Eighties AOR fans delight.
"Gotta Get Away" add acoustics and owns a great chorus plenty of elaborated vocal arrangements and harmonies (a genre's trademark), while "Come On Back To Me" is a pure early '80s West Coast tune mentioned by many as one of the best from the era.

RICHIE KOTZEN - I'm Coming Out (2011)tracks

"Deep Inside My Heart" rock again with an L.A. feel featuring the presence of Kim Carnes on a lead vocal duet with Randy; then "I Need You Bad" is definitely Eagles in its beautiful harmonies.
"One More Song" has Glenn Frey & Don Henley on backing vocals, the elegant "Trouble Ahead" is one of the highlights on the album (great atmospheres), while midtempo "White Shoes" brings to mind Brock Walsh.

This is a great remaster very well balanced avoiding brickwall, taken from the original tapes as source.
Lovely stuff

01 - Hearts On Fire
02 - Gotta Get Away
03 - Come On Back To Me
04 - Deep Inside My Heart
05 - I Need You Bad
06 - One More Song
07 - Trouble Ahead
08 - White Shoes
09 - Anyway Bye Bye

Randy Meisner - vocals, guitar, bass
Kim Carnes - lead vocals on 4, background vocals
Bryan Garofalo - bass
Bill Cuomo - synthesizer
Craig Krampf - drums
Sterling Smith - keyboards
Wendy Waldman - guitar, vocals, background vocals
Craig Hull - guitar, pedal steel
Michael Jacobsen - saxophone
Don Francisco - percussion, vocals, background vocals
Glenn Frey, Don Henley - harmony & background vocals



USA! USA! USA! - What's Your Name?

USA! USA! USA! - What's Your Name? full

This blog's favorites Waltham have their new album two-years delayed now, but meanwhile vocalist / songwriter Frank Pino Jr. keeps himself busy fronting USA! USA! USA! and touring all over the US East coast. The band's self-released album "What's Your Name?" has been sent to us as promotion for the next string of shows, and Wow, they sound awesome.

USA! USA! USA! was founded by guitarist Ken Susi (from Boston metallers Unearth) when he started thinking about what got him into music in the first place, and it all came back to him in a rush of memories: girls.
Ken wrote his first song at 12 for a girl in his class. He recalled her happiness at hearing a simple song written specifically for her, and after years of writing and playing intense metal, Ken wanted to get that feeling back.
He had a vision of the perfect American melodic rock band: clean vocals, catchy hooks and riffs, big guitars. And all the songs would be for and about girls the band knew.

Ken reached out to the best players he'd met on the road, recruiting bassist Ben Alexis of Canada metal act Arise And Ruin and second guitarist Dave Stauble from Since The Food. Then he found drummer Pat doing session work.
They all fit the bill in terms of style & sound, but the frontman had to be the quintessential rock and roll crooner with style and flash that would make the boys want to listen to him and the girls fall in love with him.

USA! USA! USA! - What's Your Name? inside

Ken found the answer to his prayers in Frank Pino Jr, best known as the frontman of Waltham, Boston favorites who swept many a Boston Music Awards, released three albums, toured Europe, etc.
Frank's classic rock 'n roll training, stage presence, and work ethic made him a perfect foil to Ken, and when they sang together their clear vocal styles meshed perfectly.

Music-wise, USA! USA! USA! is inspired by classic '80s US radio-friendly melodic rock with a modern sound very much in the Waltham fashion yet with more 'punch'.
You can hear some of the more modern side of Harem Scarem, but also catchy melodies from Cheap Trick, Van Halen and why not, Rick Springfield.
Take a listen / watch to the video below: it's a bit silly conceptually but wait until the chorus explode... wow, this is darn catchy.

As said, all titles on "What's Your Name?" is a girl's name (something very common on most '80s albums) while the band also does a rocking version of 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' (made famous by Cyndi Lauper).
As you see, it's all about girls... hook-laden, feel-good songs with lots of melodies. USA! USA! USA! deliver as well an acoustic version of 'Karina', one of the strongest tracks on the album, showcasing their are a really good band beyond the infectious electric guitar riffs.
Highly Recommended

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - Michelle
02 - Sarah
03 - Karina
04 - Marissa
05 - Christine
06 - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
07 - Karina (Acoustic)

Frank Pino Jr. - vocals
Ken Susi - guitars, vocals, keys
Dave Stauble - guitars
Ben Alexis - bass
Pat USA - drums



Monday, December 05, 2016

TAKING DAWN - Time To Burn [Special Edition +3] out of print

TAKING DAWN - Time To Burn [Special Edition +3] out of print -  full

"Time To Burn" is the rocking debut by TAKING DAWN, a band that after checking their bio, you can tell Chris Babbitt (vocals/guitar), Mikey Cross (guitar), Andrew Cushing (bass) and Alan Doucette (drums) were born to rock; all of the band members hail from the sin-laden city of Las Vegas. Both Babbitt and Cross worked as security at the Hard Rock Hotel; Babbitt’s hippie father played Black Sabbath while he vacuumed his son’s crib.
Taking Dawn just may be rock's premiere 'old meets new' band, as they could easily be a smash hit on current mainstream Rock radio while at the same time impressing old-school hard rock fans.

"Time To Burn" has moments where Taking down rocks out as if they were seasoned Sunset Strip warriors, clearly influenced by the '80s L.A. scene with radio friendly tunes, good guitar shredding and catchy choruses, but also angst-laden numbers that make you feel you’re listening to two different bands on the same album.
Clearly, Taking Dawn draws from diverse influences and, like any band with only one album under its belt, those influences are still finding their proper place within the band’s songwriting capabilities.

Making up for the band’s uneven song delivery, instrumental prowess and melody come along as the album’s strongest points. The Babbitt / Cross guitar combo never loses its flare and flash, not to mention the earth-rattling Cushing/Doucette rhythm combo.
Hooks, modern powerful riffs and catchy choruses are all over the album, which helps even the weakest songs on the CD have their shining moments.

The title track starts the album off with a bang. "Time To Burn" instantly sets the tone, a hard-hitting scorcher with big, strong riffs. "Take Me Away" it is just one of those hook-stuffed rock tunes that'll take weeks before you can get it out of your head. It's the type of song you want to blast through your speakers and sing along to.
On "So Loud" the drums sound like the pistons of a hot rod revving up. Really loud. "Save Me" is a commercial rocker with a catchy chorus featuring an intersting use of backing vocals through it, then "Close Your Eyes" slows down the pace a bit, the clean sound of the guitars and the passion of the vocals makes this one a powerful track to listen to. Reminds me Rubber / Harem Scarem of the '90s.

"Fight ‘Em With Your Rock" is one of most fast-paced rocker of the album, but it's very accessible, very '80s. Like the title says, this song is all about sticking it to the man with the power of rock ‘n’ roll. Prepare yourself for intense shredding, because the guitars here are hot.
"Endlessly" is all about crying your heart out because your girl left you and you are pathetically feeling sorry for yourself, but with its irresistible hook there’s nothing you can do but submit to it. Very melodic and anthemic.
"The Chain" is a Fleetwood Mac cover, very strange choice, but as said the band have diverse influences. Somehow this version works and features nice soloing.

"V" is the first onf the 3 bonuses of this special version. It's the most heavy track on offer here, a clear tribute to the classic heavy metal bands of the early 80's.
On the other side, "Can't Leave You Alone" is extremely commercial, almost poppy at times. A gentle and catchy tune.
"Black Diamond" is a retro tribute to '70s hard rock. Yes, it's a Kiss cover... fans surely will hate this version. But the overall 'old' atmosphere it's pretty well done by the band and their producer.

TAKING DAWN - Time To Burn [Special Edition +3] inside

Taking Dawn has been put on hiatus by its members some time ago, a shame, because "Time To Burn" has the type of sound that could have made 'em famous, even in an era where America is mostly un-receptive to new Rock music.
It mixes classic fist pumping sing-along choruses / melodic harmonies with razor modern sharp riffs, screaming guitar solos and enough anti-religious / irreverent language to give Tipper Gore a heart attack.
This album was requested to be posted again as it's out of print, this Special Edition only available at iTunes.

01 - Time To Burn [Explicit]
02 - Like A Revolution
03 - Take Me Away
04 - So Loud [Explicit]
05 - Save Me
06 - Close Your Eyes
07 - Godless
08 - Fight 'Em With Your Rock [Explicit]
09 - Never Enough
10 - Endlessly
11 - The Chain [Fleetwood Mac cover]
12 - V
13 - Can't Leave You Alone
14 - Black Diamond [Kiss cover]

Chris Babbitt - vocals and guitar
Mikey Cross - guitar and backing vocals
Andrew Cushing - bass and backing vocals
Alan Doucette - drums and backing vocals
Additional Musicians:
Dave Holdredge - keyboards
Michael Baskette - ambient guitars, keyboards and backing vocals



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