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D'ERCOLE - Made To Burn (2018)

D'ERCOLE - Made To Burn (2018) full

After several years, D’ERCOLE, the band set up by Damian D'Ercole and Phil Vincent, are back with a new album titled "Made To Burn", to be released tomorrow.

While Legion disbanded last year, the busy Phil Vincent has an active solo career and his other band Tragik is still alive, but his collaboration with D'Ercole took many years to flourish again.
Well worth the wait: "Made To Burn" is the best D'Ercole album to date.

The good thing is that Phil Vincent's love for the Dokken sound & style is almost absent here. There still some latter day Winger (another Vincent influence) touches, but overall, "Made To Burn" is an elaborated melodic hard rock album.
I would say in this new CD D'Ercole (the band) sounds and feels like Night Ranger meets Paul Sabu for the most part.
Just listen to 'Time to Walk Away', the highly melodic 'Only a Feeling', or the really good midtempo AORish 'Out of Time'.

The songs are varied, melodious, with interesting arrangements.
It helps the lead guitar contributions of legend Paul Sabu and Vincent's former Legion bandmate Vince O’Regan, and we can hear as well the last recorded performances of talented guitarist David Zychek (Night Ranger tour player) who passed away in 2016.

As said, "Made To Burn" is the best D'Ercole album to date, diverse, very well recorded and mixed.
Fans of Night Ranger, Paul Sabu, last era Winger, O’Regan, Kansas and of course Vincent works will find a lot to enjoy here.

01 - Time to Walk Away
02 - Out of Time
03 - Open Your Eyes
04 - Feel the Burn
05 - Mistreated
06 - Lyin’ to Yourself
07 - Get Undone
08 - Only a Feeling
09 - Tragedy in Motion
10 - Same Old Story
11 - Slow Motion
12 - Don’t Know What You Got

Phil Vincent - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards
Damian D’Ercole - guitars
B.F. D’Ercole - drums
David Zychek - lead guitar
Paul Sabu - lead guitar
Vince O’Regan - lead guitar

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DORO - Fear No Evil [Digipak +2 reissue] (2018)

DORO - Fear No Evil [Digipak +2 reissue] (2018) full

On 3rd of August, metal goddess DORO will release her long-awaited new studio album Forever Warriors - Forever United, and meanwhile some past works just have been reissued in a Digipak CD including bonus tracks.
"Fear No Evil" was a record taking a look to her roots (as front woman of Warlock) without denying any phases of Doro's extensive career.

Just listen to the true '80s arena anthem 'Celebrate', 'The Night Of The Warlock', the great ballads 'Herzblut' and 'Walking With The Angels' or aggressive tunes like 'Caught In A Battle' - the variety of "Fear No Evil" is impressive in every way. This is certainly one Doro's best albums since the '80s.

Indeed, all over the track list the album reflects a strong celebrative mood. The new collaboration with the American Joey Balin, who had produced the last Warlock album, were meant to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first LP released by Doro Pesch, Burning the Witches in 1984.

"The Night of the Warlock" kicks in right after a spoken intro, from whom I presume to be the eponymous Warlock himself, with a pounding march to sing along anthemic glory. It's rocking stuff all round and a wonderfully brooding way to kick things off.
A heavy bass swagger opens track two and continues throughout, muscling its way right to the end of "Running from the Devil" with each instrument getting in on this attitude filled workout before its cocksure climax.

"Celebrate" is next, and a a favorite of this album. The chorus and backing vocals are massive, featuring many female metal singers that Doro had befriended during her many tours and festival attendances, including Floor Jansen (Nightwish), Angela Gassow (Arch Enemy), Liv Kristine (Leaves' Eyes) and more. As said, true '80s inspired tune.

Rolling right into "Caught in a Battle" adrenalin time has arrived, cranking up the speed, making it one of the most extreme tracks Doro has sung since the Hellbound album, fantastic. S
"Herzbult" catches a nice dynamic tempo shift the way classic Warlock ballads used to, and it end up been a perfect counterbalance to the storming opening tracks.

DORO - Fear No Evil [Digipak +2 reissue] (2018) back

The rest of the record keeps this equilibrium nicely, "Walking with the Angels" (duet with Tarja Turnen) may well be some of Doro's best ballad ever, while "I Lay My Head upon My Sword" delivers a totally killer guitar lead and an emotionally charged vocal performance, making this an immediate entry into anybody's best of Doro / Warlock playlist.

A very welcomed reissue of one of the best Doro albums, mixing '80s feeling with modern metal / hard rock, including two bonus tracks.
Highly Recommended

You've seen all these first here, at 0dayrox

01 - The Night of the Warlock
02 - Running from the Devil
03 - Celebrate
04 - Caught in a Battle
05 - Herzblut
06 - On the Run
07 - Walking with the Angels [feat Tarja Turunen]
08 - I Lay My Head upon My Sword
09 - It Kills Me
10 - Long Lost for Love
11 - 25 Years
12 - Wildfire
13 - You Won My Love

Doro Pesch – vocals
Joe Taylor – guitars
Nick Douglas – bass
Johnny Dee – drums
Oliver Palotai, Luca Princiotta – keyboards, guitars
additional musicians;
Tarja Turunen – vocals on "Walking with the Angels"
Dennis Krueger – guitar
Chris Lietz – guitar, keyboards
Andreas Bruhn – guitars, bass
Klaus Vanscheidt – guitar, backing vocals
Torsten Sickert – keyboards, guitars, bass
Liv Kristine – backing vocals
Floor Jansen – backing vocals
Angela Gossow – backing vocals
Liv of Sister Sin – backing vocals



DORO - Classic Diamonds [Digipak remastered reissue] (2018)

DORO - Classic Diamonds [Digipak remastered reissue] (2018) full

On 3rd of August, metal goddess DORO will release her long-awaited new studio album Forever Warriors - Forever United, and meanwhile some past works just have been reissued in a Digipak CD including bonus tracks.
"Classic Diamonds" presents new acoustic and symphonic arrangements for songs from Doro / Warlock repertoire, as well as some new compositions and a cover of Judas Priest staple "Breaking the Law".
This reissue features a remastered version of the songs.

Doro Pesch had already experienced mixing her powerful hard rock vocals with a symphonic orchestra in 2001 in a concert in Düsseldorf and later in 2003 for a benefit concert in Bochum.
The results of the two shows and the reaction of the fans prompted the German singer to plan a more organic approach to the symphonic facets of her songs, scheduling an album and a tour with an orchestra.

The Classic Night Orchestra was recruited looking for young, open-minded, and multi-ethnic classical musicians, reaching the number of 30 elements.
With the help of the classically trained band member Oliver Palotai and producer Torsten Sickert, Doro arranged some old and new tracks for the orchestra and recorded them in Cologne.
The album took almost eight months to complete and is the most expensive recording produced by Doro.

The results are simply staggering from the outset, with the utilisation of a full orchestra set-up and acoustic instruments fully complementing the beautiful vocals whilst still maintaining the power of the older and heavier tracks.
Classics like “I Rule The Ruins”, “Metal Tango” and “All We Are” sound even more impressive and captivating than the original versions mainly thanks to the strings and brass so prevalent within the overall mix as well as some striking classical guitar parts.

“All We Are” in particular retains its extremely enjoyable anthem style with some excellent vocal efforts.
Furthermore, the cover of Judas Priest’s archetypal “Breaking The Law” benefits completely from this orchestral reworking, sounding just as desperate and intense as it did when it was first released in 1980. Ex Accept vocalist Udo Dirkschneider does a duet with Doro here.

As well as these powerful remakes of classic Metal songs, the album also consists of some more pop-oriented sounding tracks, such as “Für Immer”, “Let Love Rain On Me” and “Love Me In Black”.
Besides the eleven songs played with the orchestra, the album contains two tracks recorded live and acoustically in studio by Doro’s band.

DORO - Classic Diamonds [Digipak remastered reissue] (2018) back

“Classic Diamonds” is a very well rounded piece of work, perfectly produced and perhaps the best recording to date to appreciate other side of the vocal talents of Doro Pesch.
The original Warlock material certainly had more of a hard edge to it but these adaptations still manage to do them justice, with excellent musicianship shining through overall.
For anyone who hasn’t heard anything by Warlock or Doro, “Classic Diamonds” works perfectly as an accessible introductory piece.
Highly Recommended

01 - I Rule the Ruins
02 - Metal Tango
03 - Breaking the Law (Judas Priest cover)
04 - All We Are
05 - Für Immer
06 - Let Love Rain on Me
07 - Burn It Up
08 - Tausend Mal Gelebt
09 - I'm in Love with You
10 - Always Live to Win (Bonus Track)
11 - Undying
12 - Love Me in Black
13 - She's Like Thunder (Bonus Track)

Doro Pesch – vocals
Guitars – Klaus 'Major' Heuser
Drums – Wolf Simon
Percussion – Mario Arrangonda
The Classic Night Orchestra
additional musicians:
Udo Dirkschneider – lead vocals on track 3
Kai Hansen – guitars, bass, backing vocals on track 13
Johnny Dee – drums on tracks 10 and 14
Nick Douglas – bass on tracks 10 and 14
Claus Fischer– bass on track 4
Dirk Schoppen – bass, backing vocals
Joe Taylor – acoustic guitar on tracks 10 and 14
Oliver Best, Thomas Nathan – backing vocals
Oliver Palotai – piano, orchestral arrangements



DORO - Warrior Soul [Digipak +2 reissue] (2018)

DORO - Warrior Soul [Digipak +2 reissue] (2018) full

On 3rd of August, metal goddess DORO will release her long-awaited new studio album Forever Warriors - Forever United, and meanwhile some past works just have been reissued in a Digipak CD including bonus tracks.
"Warrior Soul" took a prolonged time to be recorded, due to Doro Pesch filming the movie Anuk - Der Weg des Kriegers, starring as 'Meha'. The song "Warrior Soul" is included in the movie soundtrack.

“Warrior Soul” embodies the essence of what Warlock was about until it came to an end; good old fashioned Judas Priest inspired metal with a modern, updated sound.
The songs are simple in their presentation, putting forth basic riffs meant to stick in the head, rather than impress with overbearing intrigue.
Production is up-to-date, complete with low reverb drums, tasteful guitar work with solos straight to the point, but relies on keyboards for atmosphere to balance out the drier approach to the traditional instrumentation.

“You’re my family” and “Strangers Yesterday” are the obligatory crowd sing along anthems, with memorable choruses and a solid yet simple musical arrangement.
“Haunted Heart” is the strongest uptempo song on here, but has a nice slow section to change things up a bit. The title track and “Heaven I see” are loaded with atmosphere, almost ballad-like, but definitely far cheesy.
In fact, with the exception of “Creep into My Brain” (which is too modern rock sounding for my taste), everything on here is effective classic metal / hard rock stuff.

DORO - Warrior Soul [Digipak +2 reissue] (2018) back

If you liked what you heard in the last Warlock albums and with Doro’s first solo Force Majeure, this is cut from the same grain and will also agree with your ears.
This is a welcomed reissue including two bonus tracks from the same recording sessions, rocking songs to enjoy again while we wait for the new Doro album.
Strongly Recommended

01 - You're My Family
02 - Haunted Heart
03 - Strangers Yesterday
04 - Thunderspell
05 - Warrior Soul
06 - Heaven I See
07 - Creep into My Brain
08 - Above the Ashes
09 - My Majesty
10 - In Liebe und Freundschaft
11 - Ungebrochen
12 - Shine on
13 - Angel in the Dark
14 - 1999

Doro Pesch – vocals
Joe Taylor – guitars, backing vocals
Nick Douglas – bass, keyboards, backing vocals
Johnny Dee – drums, backing vocals
Oliver Palotai – keyboards, guitars, backing vocals
additional musicians:
Steve ‘Hef’ Häflinger – guitars
Oli Häller – drums
Tim Husung – drums
Thomi Imhof – bass
Chris Lietz – guitars, keyboards
Torsten Sickert – guitars, keyboards, bass
Klaus Vanscheidt – guitars



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PAUL SABU - Hard Rock Zombies [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] (2018)

PAUL SABU - Hard Rock Zombies [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] (2018) full

One of the most revered cult classic B-movies from the '80s is without a doubt "Hard Rock Zombies", which soundtrack written, performed and produced by PAUL SABU remained unreleased for many years. There was several bootlegs, but now Sabu has joined with Lunaris Records (specialized in horror and cult film soundtracks) for a full, complete release.
Of course it's also available on vinyl LP and cassette, as a true product of the '80s should be.

"Hard Rock Zombies" is one of those "so bad it's good" movies that defies description -- you just have to see for yourself.
The crazy story is about a hard rock band which travels to the tiny and remote town of Grand Guignol to perform. Peopled by hicks, rubes, werewolves, murderous dwarves, sex perverts, and Hitler (!) the town is a strange place but that doesn't stop the band's lead singer from falling in love with a local girl named Cassie.
After Nazi sex perverts kill the band to satisfy their lusts, Cassie calls the rockers back from the grave to save her, the town, and maybe the world.

The soundtrack to the film was commissioned to Paul Sabu who wrote all the instrumental tracks and songs heard in the movie and 'performed' by the band.
Alongside Paul on vocals and guitars, there's Jeff Steele (Kidd Glove, John Waite, Van Zant) on bass, Bobby Sandstrom (Kidd Glove) providing the crazy synths / keyboards, and Linn D on drums.

As you see, this is Sabu's band Kidd Glove which recorded some stupendous songs at the era, so expect a mid-Eighties AOR / melodic hard rock style and sound here.
Very fun stuff and a must for '80s suckers and collectors.

01 - Angel's First Victim
02 - Shake It Out
03 - Cassie's Warning
04 - Cassie
05 - Death Montage
06 - It Don't Come Easy
07 - Raise the Dead
08 - Zombies Revenge
09 - Cassie's Theme
10 - Angel's Trophy Room
11 - Street Angel (Mark of the Devil)
12 - Midget Gets the Beef
13 - Bucky Dines In
14 - Arnold's Picnic
15 - Matson's Last Deal
16 - Zombies Lure Ghouls
17 - Morte Ascendre
18 - Hitler's Gas Chamber
19 - Zombies (Reprise)

Paul Sabu: Guitar, Vocals
Bobby Sandstrom: Keyboards
Jeff Steele: Bass
Linn D: Dums
All songs written, produced & mixed by Paul Sabu



JON BON JOVI - Hollywood Dreams (2018)

JON BON JOVI - Hollywood Dreams (2018) full

Just re-released as JON BON JOVI "Hollywood Dreams", this is the compilation of previously unreleased songs recorded by Jon Bon Jovi (then known by his given name of John Bongiovi) at the early '80s, when he worked at The Power Station recording studio in NY.

The album has been reissued several times (with different packaging) due his worldwide success with Bon Jovi (the band). It was originally released by Tony Bongiovi, Jon's cousin and producer of the recordings.
All are 'professional demos' recorded with a real band, and showcasing a 20-year Jon Bon Jovi hungry for glory.

Overall, these recordings show what Jon got in mind and ended being Bon Jovi, the multi-platinum band.
Tracks like 'Stringin' A Line', 'Don't Leave Me Tonight', 'More Than We Bargained', or 'Hollywood Dreams' are perfect examples of what Bon Jovi would do later, here just more rock/pop oriented at places, always melodic and with a New Jersey (the album) feel.

There was 'Hollywood Dreams' in Jon's mind at the time, and indeed materialized few years after these recordings.
Very Recommended

01 - Who Said It Would Last Forever
02 - Open Your Heart
03 - Stringin' A Line
04 - Don't Leave Me Tonight
05 - More Than We Bargained For
06 - For You
07 - Hollywood Dreams
08 - All Talk, No Action
09 - Don't Keep Me Wondering
10 - Head Over Heels
11 - No One Does It Like You
12 - What You Want
13 - Don't You Belive Him
14 - Talkin' In Your Sleep

Jon Bon Jovi - vocals, guitars, piano, percussion
Bill Frank - lead guitar
Jim McGrath, Charlie Mills - drums
David Raschbaum - background vocals, keyboards, piano
Mick Seeley - bass, background vocals
Rick Cyr - saxophone, organ



ACCEPT - Balls To The Wall / Staying A Life [Expanded / Remastered]

ACCEPT - Balls To The Wall / Staying A Life [Expanded / Remastered] mp3, download

"Balls To The Wall" was the album that made ACCEPT famous all over the World, and without a doubt, it's one of their best. For sure it deserved a Deluxe Edition, and prestigious British label Hear No Evil / Cherry Red Records did a great job putting out this "Balls To The Wall / Staying A Life", a double CD in a remastered form.

I love "Balls To The Wall", it's like a soundtrack of my youth. Not only includes 10 killer tracks, it also redefined the 'metal sound' of the Eighties, with a production - courtesy of master Michael Wagener - that set a new bar for what heavy rock could sound like on a record.
From the fantastically catchy chord progressions, clean and sharp dual guitar attack with incredibly stylish solos, mammoth bass sounds and the war-beating drums to the unique, 'special' vocals of Udo Dirkschneider, everything here is like a time bomb ready to explode.

Despite its heavy pedigree, "Balls To The Wall" is plenty of extremely commercial and catchy cuts. Songs like "Turn Me On" and "Love Child" are essentially melodic hard rock numbers neatly wrapped in an '80s heavy metal package with their soaring guitars, driving bass and singable choruses.

ACCEPT - Balls To The Wall / Staying A Life [Expanded / Remastered] booklet

Of course we have fast stabs in "Fight It Back" and "Losers and Winners". Their energy and aggressiveness resemble those of an air raid, with dropping bombs, aiming to obliterate everything and everyone. The guitars of Herman Frank and Wolf Hoffmann, like in the whole album are like machine guns, spitting fire and lead and woe to anyone who dares to resist.

"Head Over Heels", "Guardian of the Night", "Losing More Than You've Ever Had"; which of these songs can you forget and ignore as the rockin' attack continues with the same strength and force? The only real balladry on the album can be found in the last track "Winterdreams", yet not losing the muscle and vibrancy of the previous.

But my absolute faves are the title track and "London Leatherboys", two hymns that have stood the test of time transcending the genres, standing still strong and proud.
"Balls To The Wall" and its gritty, even somewhat perverse tale of revolution is a real monster. It became Accept's signature tune and remains a metal anthem and trademark in the genre. The pre-chorus buildup, the ferocious gang vocals during the main chorus, shrieking guitars, and Udo shouts certainly make one want to get the f#ck up and headbang against a brick wall until nothing is left but said swinging sack between one's legs.
Both songs have so damn heavy guitars and such great riffs that you can not deny their sweet, yet fatal attraction. They are like magnets, drawing you ever closer to the majesty of Accept.

"Balls To The Wall" was Accept's greatest commercial success, reaching number 75 in the US Billboard Hot 100 receiving gold status, partly off the back of the heavy rotation the title track video received on MTV.
Some of the triumph as well can no doubt be attributed to the publicity generated from the minor 'gay metal' controversy that broke out upon its American release, due to the record's title and front cover being deemed by some as homoerotic, as well as the lyrics to "London Leatherboys" and "Love Child" appearing to concern homosexuals.
But the truth is much more simple: "Balls To The Wall" is an outstanding Rock album.

To my ears, this reissue / remaster is far superior than the 2001, and includes the great "Staying A Life", a live album recorded at the Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan on 18th September 1985, originally only released in Asia a really hard to find. The remastering job on both is superb.
If anyone should ever ask you what on Earth was and how did heavy metal sound in the early '80s, leave aside the pointless analyses and answer him: "Balls To The Wall". It would be a sacrilege even to think of ignoring this classic, hard 'n heavy temple all believers should bow to. And it would be the outmost, unforgiving sin not to possess it.
A Must Have.

Disc 1: "Balls To The Wall" remastered

01 - Balls To The Wall
02 - London Leatherboys
03 - Fight It Back
04 - Head Over Heels
05 - Losing More Than You've Ever Had
06 - Love Child
07 - Turn Me On
08 - Losers And Winners
09 - Guardian Of The Night
10 - Winter Dreams

Disc 2: "Staying A Life" remastered

01 - Metal Heart
02 - Breaker
03 - Screaming For A Love Bite
04 - Up To The Limit
05 - Living For Tonight
06 - Princess Of The Dawn
07 - Guitar Solo Wolf
08 - Restless And Wild
09 - Son Of A Bitch
10 - London Leatherboys
11 - Love Child
12 - Flash Rockin' Man
13 - Dogs On Leads
14 - Fast As A Shark
15 - Balls To The Wall

Udo Dirkschneider - vocals
Wolf Hoffmann - guitar
Herman Frank - guitar
Peter Baltes - bass guitar
Stefan Kaufmann - drums

ACCEPT - Balls To The Wall / Staying A Life [Expanded / Remastered] back cover



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Y&T - Mean Streak [Rock Candy remastered +1] (2018)

Y&T - Mean Streak [Rock Candy remastered +1] (2018) full

Rock Candy Records has just 'Remastered & Reloaded' the early '80s Y&T albums, for many, the band's finest moment. "Mean Streak" (in this reissue including a bonus track) was a gateway album for Y&T, and the one which made the group finally get noticed by American audiences. There's no mistaking that the opening riff to title "Mean Streak" represent the melodic (hard) rock music scene of the early Eighties, together with Night Ranger and alike.

The band and the recording label secured respected studio wizard Chris Tsangarides (Thin Lizzy, Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne) to produce "Mean Streak", another molten slice of face melting melodious rock in the finest Y&T tradition.
Recorded in their native San Francisco, the record continued to enhance the band’s reputation as one of the most potent outfits of the era, delivering great songs and incredible performances.

Produced & mixed with pin-point accuracy, the album resonates with explosive authority, harnessing razor sharp guitar riffs and impressive songs.
Meniketti delivers his trademark melodic yet husky vocals reminiscent of Sammy Hagar & Ronnie Montrose. It should come as no surprise that Dave has collaborated with Ronnie many times.

Tracks such as ‘Midnight In Tokyo’, ‘Hang ‘Em High’, ‘Down And Dirty’ and the title track itself are all Y&T classics, allowing Meniketti to ride the tiger with all his might.
There's a killer riff on 'Straight Thru the Heart', while more of that great Y&T vocal harmony is present on my favorite 'Lonely Side Of Town', while the group chronicles their first-ever trip to Japan on "Midnight in Tokyo".

"Hang `Em High" has Y&T crossing the line from AOR to hard rock as they pump up the distortion, quicken up the riffs, and lay down some pounding drum beats. "Sentimental Fool" has a great melodic rock radio appeal to it, as the main arrangement is instant and catchy.

Y&T - Mean Streak [Rock Candy remastered +1] (2018) back

There's a previous remaster of Y&T's "Mean Streak", very good in my opinion.
This Rock Candy sonic treatment is equally fine, with a little more emphasis in the mid-frequencies and 'air' between instruments, and on this particular one, brighter lead vocals.
"Mean Streak" was 'the album' that put Y&T on the US rock map, and if you love early album from Night Ranger, Foreigner and even Quiet Riot, this is a must have in your collection.
Highly Recommended

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - Mean Streak
02 - Straight Thru The Heart
03 - Lonely Side Of Town
04 - Midnight In Tokyo
05 - Breaking Away
06 - Hang 'Em High
07 - Take You To The Limit
08 - Sentimental Fool
09 - Down And Dirty
10 - I'm Not Sorry

Dave Meniketti – vocals, guitar
Joey Alves – guitar, vocals
Phil Kennemore – bass, vocals
Leonard Haze – drums, vocals



Y&T - Black Tiger [Rock Candy remastered +1] (2018)

Y&T - Black Tiger [Rock Candy remastered +1] (2018) full

Rock Candy Records has just 'Remastered & Reloaded' the early '80s Y&T albums, for many, the band's finest moment. "Black Tiger" (in this reissue including a bonus track) the second Y&T record for A&M Records, was recorded at Ridge Farm, in Dorking, County of Surrey, England and produced by wizard Max Norman (Ozzy, Lynch Mob).

The classic Y&T logo makes its first appearance on the cover on a record with rather diverse material including the typical uptempo Y&T hard rockers like "Open Fire" together with melodic rock killers such as "Don't Wanna Lose", a real gem of a tune.

Title track is fast and furious, while the bass driven "Barroom Boogie" gives the album character and the captivating fan favourite "Forever" gives an example of a classic Y&T trademark rock.
"Hell or High Water" shows Y&T's ability to be slow & melodic but still groovy and heavy, and the closing "Winds of Change" is one of the band's best ballads.

Y&T - Black Tiger [Rock Candy remastered +1] (2018) back

There's a previous remaster of Y&T's "Black Tiger", very good in my opinion.
This Rock Candy sonic treatment is equally fine, with a little more emphasis in the mid-frequencies and 'air' between instruments.
Regarded as one of, if not the definitive Y&T album from the band's early era, "Black Tiger" rocks.
Highly Recommended

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - From The Moon
02 - Open Fire
03 - Don't Wanna Lose
04 - Hell Or High Water
05 - Forever
06 - Black Tiger
07 - Barroom Boogie
08 - My Way Or The Highway
09 - Winds Of Change
10 - Somebody For Me

Dave Meniketti – vocals, guitar
Joey Alves – guitar, vocals
Phil Kennemore – bass, vocals
Leonard Haze – drums, vocals



Y&T - Earthshaker [Rock Candy remastered] (2018)

Y&T - Earthshaker [Rock Candy remastered] (2018) full

Rock Candy Records has just 'Remastered & Reloaded' the early '80s Y&T albums, for many, the band's finest moment. "Earthshaker" was Y&T's first album for A&M and the first under their current name, after changing it from Yesterday and Today used on the two prior records.

This record changed everything for Meniketti & Co., with a polished production (yet still retaining a quite heavy sound) and full of radio-friendly hooks.
The whole album standouts driven by hot riffs, even present on the ballsy power ballad "I Believe In You", a reference for just about every hair metal to come in the way of crafting their rock ballads.

"Earthshaker" stunned the hard rock world with its aggressive songs and production. It was a double whammy that breathed new life into the band’s profile, helping to re-establish them as real contenders after years spent hiding in the shadows on a label that offered little in the way of promotion or career advancement.
In Europe, where the band had already enjoyed a cult following through imports of their previous two records, the news was embraced with open arms and word soon spread that the band were not only back but sounding bigger and better than ever.

Recorded in their native San Francisco, the album harnessed a new raw energy, allowing songs such as ‘Hungry For Rock’, ‘Dirty Girl’, ‘Squeeze’ and ‘Hurricane’ to explode like molotov cocktails, whilst the epic and lengthy album closer, the aforementioned ‘I Believe In You’ showed that the band could write anthems equal to the best of the genre.
It also showed just how masterful they had developed as musicians, especially Dave Meniketti’s extraordinary vocals.

Y&T - Earthshaker [Rock Candy remastered] (2018) back

There's a previous remaster of "Earthshaker", very good in my opinion.
This Rock Candy sonic treatment is equally fine, with a little more emphasis in the mid-frequencies and 'air' between instruments.
Honestly, we can’t recommend this album highly enough.

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - Hungry For Rock
02 - Dirty Girl
03 - Shake It Loose
04 - Squeeze
05 - Rescue Me
06 - Young And Tough
07 - Hurricane
08 - Let Me Go
09 - Knock You Out
10 - I Believe In You

Dave Meniketti – vocals, guitar
Joey Alves – guitar, vocals
Phil Kennemore – bass, vocals
Leonard Haze – drums, vocals



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ROBBY VALENTINE - Unreleased & Japan Bonus Tracks

ROBBY VALENTINE - Unreleased & Japan Bonus Tracks full

Waiting for the really good new ROBBY VALENTINE 2018 album, in recent posts we have been featuring here his rare and hard to find singles and EP's. Today we bring to you some Robby's Japanese album edition bonus tracks plus lots of unreleased material taken from a private collection.

Valentine is a prolific musician, and many of his recordings still remain unreleased.
Among the material compiled here we have the 3 bonus tracks from the Japan edition of his album 'The Most Beautiful Pain', but also an outtake from these sessions, titled 'Payback Time'.
The radio edit version of 'Soldiers Of Light' (from his 2018 new album) is a B-side of the 100 copies only CD single, slightly different from the album version.

While Valentine is releasing this 2018 another album (Bizarro World - The Piano Versions) including instrumental piano-solo recordings, the take of 'Black Rain (exclusive Piano & Vocals) includes vocals as well, an unreleased and rare track.

Speaking of rare songs, we have one from his first album, 'Broken Dreams (Different version), the stupendous 'Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac cover)' on offer to the fans via his Facebook for limited time, and the mega rare 'Thinking of You', recorded with his friend Valensia from a project 'V III (Nymphopsychoschoziphonic)' that never materialized.

On the Japan only EP 'Live & Demos' already featured in a previous post, there's 3 demo versions of Robby's early songs. We have 3 more here.
'Only Love (Demo)' will appear for the first time this 2018 into 'Pride & Heart - The Magic Infinity Demos' (a limited edition CD), but 'Broken Dreams (Demo)' and 'Forever And Ever (Demo)' are unreleased.
There's also a rare version of the hit 'Over And Over Again (Acoustic Version)', unreleased. All with very good audio quality.

You can hear Robby's version of John Lennon classic 'Imagine', a single CDr made in a limited quantity of 150 copies as a special thank you to the fans and released at the concert in Cappelle a/d IJssel on 13 december 2014.
There's a lovely song titled 'A World Of You And Me' (The Magic Infinity Japan bonus track), and Valentine jingles for Radio / TV station Veronica (quite AOR jingles by the way).
Also included is 'Holland Nº1' the World Cup '98 Hymn for the football team recorded by Robby as part of the all-star Dutch musicians group called 'OffSide'.

All collector's stuff - Highly Recommended

01 - Soldiers Of Light (radio edit) [single B-side 100 copies only]
02 - The Way To Euphorica (Most Beautiful Pain Japan bonus)
03 - Can't Take No More (Most Beautiful Pain Japan bonus)
04 - How Do you Sleep At Night (Most Beautiful Pain Japan bonus)
05 - Black Rain (exclusive Piano & Vocals) [unreleased]
06 - Payback Time (The Most Beautiful Pain outtake) [unreleased]
07 - Radio Veronica - jingle 2018 [unreleased]
08 - Broken Dreams (Different version - very rare) [unreleased]
09 - Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac cover) [unreleased]
10 - Over And Over Again (Acoustic Version) [unreleased]
11 - Only Love (Demo)
12 - Broken Dreams (Demo)
13 - Forever And Ever (Demo - unreleased)
14 - Thinking of You [unreleased]
15 - HansKlokTheme (unreleased)
16 - A World Of You And Me (The Magic Infinity Japan bonus)
17 - Imagine (John Lennon Cover) [unreleased]
18 - TV Channel Veronica - jingle 1993 [unreleased]
19 - Bizarro World (Piano Version)
20 - Holland Nº1 (World Cup '98 Hymn) [unreleased]
21 - Remi (Valentine 1995 Japan bonus)

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