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WHITESNAKE - Unzipped [Japan Super Deluxe Edition SHM-CD] (2018) Exclusive

WHITESNAKE - Unzipped [Japan Super Deluxe Edition SHM-CD] (2018) full

With the current summer tour with Foreigner behind them, WHITESNAKE will revisit some of its best acoustic performances with "Unzipped". This Japan Super Deluxe Edition on 5 SHM-CD collection brings together unplugged and acoustic-based performances recorded over the past 20+ years, including rare and unreleased studio and live recordings, acoustic demos, remastered songs, and more.

The first Disc from "Unzipped [Japan Super Deluxe Edition SHM-CD]" mixes rare and unreleased versions of songs like “Summer Rain” and “Forevermore” from the band’s recent studio albums – Good To Be Bad (2008) and Forevermore(2011). Also included are songs like “Love Is Blind” from Coverdale’s solo album, Into The Light (2000); and a previously unreleased song, “All The Time In The World.”

In 1997, David Coverdale and guitarist Adrian Vandenberg played an unplugged concert in Tokyo that was recorded and initially released exclusively in Japan as 'Starkers In Tokyo'. That recording has been remixed and will make its North American-debut on the second disc.
The acoustic performance touches on the different stages of Coverdale’s career, from his time in Deep Purple (“Soldier of Fortune”), to his solo albums (“Too Many Tears”), and, most famously, with Whitesnake on unplugged versions of hits like “Is This Love” and “Here I Go Again.”
There's 2 previously unreleased tracks as well.

"Unzipped [Japan Super Deluxe Edition SHM-CD]" has even more of unreleased, unplugged recordings, including more performances from Coverdale’s 1997 tour with Vandenberg, plus several later shows featuring Coverdale and guitarist Doug Aldrich.
All these are all over Disc 3 'Snakeskin Boots: Starkers In Europe' and Disc 4 'More Starkers'.

Plus, more than two dozen of Coverdale’s unreleased, acoustic demos are also included in the collection on Disc 5 'Up Close & Personal', a real gem for Whitesnake fans and collectors
HIGHLY Recommended

Disc One: Unzipped… In The Studio: The Love Songs
“Love Is Blind”
“One of These Days” *
“All The Time In The World” *
“Wherever You May Go”
“Easier Said than Done” *
“Fare Thee Well” *
“Summer Rain”
“’Till The End Of Time”
Bonus Tracks:
“Wherever You May Go” (Instrumental) Strings only *
“Love Is Blind” (Instrumental) Strings only *

Disc Two: Starkers In Tokyo
“Sailing Ships”
“Too Many Tears”
“The Deeper The Love”
“Love Ain’t No Stranger”
“Can’t Go On”
“Give Me All Your Love”
“Don’t Fade Away”
“Is This Love”
“Here I Go Again”
“Soldier Of Fortune”
Bonus Tracks:
“Only My Soul” (Acapella) *
“Fool For Your Loving” (Excerpt) *

Disc Three: Snakeskin Boots: Starkers In Europe
Starkers In Warsaw (Poland, April 18, 1997)
“Sailing Ships”
“Too Many Tears”
“Here I Go Again”
Starkers In Stockholm (Sweden, December 2, 2006)
“Give Me All Your Love”
“Ain’t Gonna Cry No More”
“Only My Soul” (Acapella)
“All I Want Is You”
“Here I Go Again”
Starkers In Cologne (Germany, November 24, 2006)
“Give Me All Your Love”
“Ain’t Gonna Cry No More”
“All I Want Is You”
“Slow & Easy”
Starkers In Paris (France, November 30, 2006)
“Give Me All Your Love”
“Ain’t Gonna Cry No More”
“Northwinds” (Acapella)
“All I Want Is You”
“Blindman” (Acapella)
“Here I Go Again”

Disc Four: More Starkers
Promo Tour Rehearsals (2005)
“If You Want Me” *
“Give Me All Your Love” *
“Slow & Easy” *
“All I Want Is You” *
“Judgement Day” *
“Ain’t Gonna Cry No More” *
“Dog” *
Starkers In New York (New York City, April 10, 2008)
“Give Me All Of Your Love”
“Can You Hear The Wind Blow”
“All I Want All I Need”
“Lay Down Your Love”
“Fool For Your Loving”
“The Deeper The Love”
“Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City”
“Here I Go Again”
“WSTV Jams” Excerpts (2012)
“Easier Said Than Done”
“Fare Thee Well”
“Love Will Set You Free”
“Slide It In”
“’Till the End of Time
“Shake My Tree”
“Made In Japan” Soundcheck Versions (2011)
“Good To Be Bad”
“Tell Me How”

Disc Five: Up Close & Personal
“Wherever You May Go” (Demo Version) *
“Surrender” *
“Ain’t No Doubt About My Girl” *
“Scat Man Blues” *
“Love’s A Crazy Game” *
“I Will Love You” *
“Oh Baby You’re The One” *
“So Long” (Acapella) *
“So Long” *
“It Would Be Nice” *
“Slide Thingy Blues” *
“Down To The River” *
“Feel Your Love Grow Stronger” *
“Blues Jam Riff” *
“Fun Lick Blues” *
“Don’t Wanna Change The World” *
“It’s So Hard” *
“River Song” (Early Version) *
“Let’s Have A Drink Before I Go” *
“Can You Ever Forgive Me” *
“So Much To Live For” *
“Another Lick While The Missus Is Busy In The Kitchen” *
“Just The Two Of Us (Together You And I)” *
“Oh S___ Blues” (featuring Jessica) *
“Seasons” *

* means previously unreleased

WHITESNAKE - Unzipped [Japan Super Deluxe Edition SHM-CD] (2018) back



ALDO NOVA - 2.0 (2018)

ALDO NOVA - 2.0 (2018) full

On October 19, influential Canadian guitarist, vocalist, keyboardist, songwriter and producer ALDO NOVA will release his first new album release in over three decades. Titled "2.0", it's a collection of supercharged reinventions of six classic songs off his self-titled smash debut, plus one new original, 'I'm A Survivor', initially written for Foreigner singer Lou Gramm.

A Montreal native, Nova was approached by a 15-year-old Celine Dion to producer her first album, and later Aldo released "Blood On The Bricks" on Jon Bon Jovi's Jambco label in 1991. It stood as the culmination of a long-running friendship and, as any knowledgeable rock fan might argue, a thank-you note of sorts: the rock superstar lifting up the personal hero whose sound provided the blueprint for his own hits.

Nova provided guitar, keys and background vocals for the demo of Bon Jovi's first hit, 'Runaway', and ended up playing with an assemblage of session musicians throughout Bon Jovi's 1984 self-titled debut. Nova's imprint is also all over Jon Bon Jovi's debut solo album, 'Blaze Of Glory' — especially the chart-topping title track, on which Nova's writing and producing went uncredited but were absolutely essential.

All over his career, Nova to shape the sound and style for countless diverse artists, from Lita Ford early work (recently featured here), Clay Aiken (he co-wrote his hit 'This Is the Night') or killer melodic rockers Saints And Sinners, to the mentioned Celine Dion.
In 1997, Nova won a Grammy for Dion's blockbuster album 'Falling Into You'.

The idea for "2.0" was set in motion in late 2016. "When I turned 60, I told myself I was going to turn the page," Nova says. "I realized I had to shut the book and write a completely new book." He wanted to celebrate his debut's 35th anniversary in some fashion, but rather than simply remaster and reissue his solo album, he thought to "bring the songs into the 21 century."

ALDO NOVA - 2.0 (2018) inside

And "2.0" is a re-working of these '80s composed songs, with a modern, updated sound but still retaining its essence.
I can't help, but I am a sucker for songs such as 'Fantasy 2.0', 'Heart to Heart 2.0', or 'Can’t Stop Lovin’ You 2.0', all guitar / synth driven marvelous tunes with that unique Eighties feel.
Additionally, the previously unreleased synth-heavy 'I’m a Survivor' is a winner for me.

1. Fantasy 2.0
2. Ball and Chain 2.0
3. Heart to Heart 2.0
4. It’s Too Late 2.0
5. Can’t Stop Lovin’ You 2.0
6. Foolin’ Yourself 2.0
7. I’m a Survivor

Alldo Nova - all vocals, instruments



FIRMO (Room Experience) - Rehab (2018)

FIRMO (Room Experience) - Rehab (2018) full

Gianluca Firmo already delighted us as the main vocalist on the fantastic Room Experience's melodic rock debut album. Now he's gone solo under the FIRMO moniker, with his first album "Rehab" to be released October 19.
Among the stellar guests we find the likes of Paul Laine (The Defiants, Danger Danger), Mario Percudani (Hungryheart, Hardline) and Davide "Dave Rox" Barbieri (Raintimes, Room Experience).

While not pure melodic rock / fluffy AOR as his work with Room Experience, musically "Rehab" finds Gianluca Firmo exploring more classic territories, or if you prefer, a traditional 'vintage' melodic rock style with FM AOR touches.
Opener “A Place For Judgement Day” is a cheerful rocker which begins with lovely keyboards in the background, polished guitar work and Gianluca's clean vocals at front. The chorus is catchy and sing-along, and according to Firmo himself, 'The chorus was built over the guitar riff which actually was written on a keyboard. That could be something that real rockers will charge me on my 'judgement day'... ;-)”

Shifting to a bit into pop/rock we have the tender “Heart Of Stone” where not only the lead vocal shines, but especially the background harmonies courtesy of Paul Laine and Davide "Dave Rox" Barbieri.
Firmo is a declared Bon Jovi fan, and makes it clear on “Shadows And Lights”, akin New Jersey's 'Bed Of Roses'. An emotional ballad very well crafted both vocally and instrumentation.
The keyboards in "Maybe Forever" are so '80s, same with “No Prisoners”, perhaps the most melodic rock track on the album with muscular guitars performed with gusto.

“Didn't Wanna Care” is another beautiful ballad, very 'Shining Line' style, that meaning AORish by nature. “Unbreakable” is an anthem, melodic rock in hear yet with earthy arrangements, then on “Cowboys Once, Cowboys Forever” Firmo go for a midtempo melody using acoustic guitars for variation.
Title track “Rehab” is a nice mid-paced tune with a positive message, while listed as bonus track once more we find a Bon Jovi-esque big ballad with a strong chorus and a raspy, sensual vocal delivery.

A very strong first effort from Firmo, "Rehab" is a highly recommended, enjoyable slice of classic melodic rock varied in songwriting, and well performed and produced.

01. A Place For Judgement Day
02. Heart Of Stone
03. Shadows And Lights
04. Maybe Forever
05. No Prisoners
06. Didn't Wanna Care
07. Unbreakable
08. Don't Dare To Call It Love
09. Cowboys Once, Cowboys Forever
10. Rehab
11. Until Forever Comes
12. Everything
13. Forget You Not (Bonus Track)

Gianluca Firmo: Vocals, Keyboards
Mattia Tedesco (Vasco Rossi, Gianluca Grignani): Guitars
Nicola Iazzi (Hardline): Bass
Daniele Valseriati (Tragodia): Drums, Percussion
Paul Laine (The Defiants, Danger Danger): Backing Vocals
Davide "Dave Rox" Barbieri (Raintimes, Room Experience): Backing Vocals
Mario Percudani (Hungryehart, Hardline): Guitars
Stefano Zeni (Wheels Of Fire, Room Experience): Guitars
Carlo Poddighe: Guitars
Pier Mazzini (Danger Zone): Keyboards
Andrea Cinelli: Piano



MIDNITE CITY - There Goes The Neighbourhood (2018

MIDNITE CITY - There Goes The Neighbourhood (2018 full

Following on from their explosive self-titled debut album last year, MIDNITE CITY return all guns blazing on 19th of October 2018 with their sophomore release 'There Goes The Neighbourhood' via AOR HEAVEN Records.
Eleven tracks of fist pumping, high energy, feel-good melodic rock / hair metal of the highest order.

The lush melodies, huge choruses and gargantuan hooks found on their debut album are all here in abundance alongside some true modern-day glam anthems, fun commercial party rock, moody mid-paced hard rockers and heart-wrenching power ballads big enough to light up an entire arena.

As with the first album, the winning formula has remained - all songs have been written by Rob Wylde, whilst Pete Newdeck has once again taken control of production, engineering and mixing duties.
With "There Goes The Neighbourhood" the band has literally stepped everything up several notches to unbridled, head splitting proportions. The guitars are big, the drums are huge, there are walls and walls of harmonies and more synths than you'd find this side of a classic Bon Jovi album.

In a nutshell, this album has everything but the kitchen sink. With shows all over the UK and Europe in 2017/ 2018, Midnite City's sound is tighter than ever before.
So, if you long for a band that still look, sound and perform like those long lost million selling forgotten bands of the late '80s / early '90s, Midnite City and 'There Goes The Neighbourhood' is a must have.

01 - Here Comes the Party
02 - Give Me Love
03 - You Don't Understand Me
04 - Life Ain't Like This on the Radio
05 - We're Gonna Make It
06 - Tonight You're All I Need
07 - Hard to Get Over
08 - Takes One to Know One
09 - Heaven's Falling
10 - Gave up Giving Up
11 - Until the End

Rob Wylde - Lead Vocals
Pete Newdeck - Drums & Backing Vocals
Miles Meakin - Lead Guitar
Shawn Charvette - Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Josh 'Tabbie' Williams - Bass & Backing Vocals



WHITE WIDDOW - Victory (2018)

WHITE WIDDOW - Victory (2018) full

Aussie classic melodic rockers WHITE WIDDOW are back with a new album titled "Victory".
Formed in Melbourne, Australia, in 2008 and centered around the Millis brothers Jules (vocals - ex Tigertailz) and Xavier (keyboards - two-time ARIA nominee) and guitar virtuoso Enzo Almanzi, with this new release celebrate the band's 10th anniversary.

Raised on a healthy diet of '80s arena rock and influenced by artists such as Survivor, Foreigner, Journey, Night Ranger, Starship, Dokken and Australia's own Rick Springfield, early in 2018 White Widdow re-entered the studio for their fifth album "Victory", and an album cover that throws back to the style of their debut.

"Victory" incorporates a strong pomp element in the songs along with White Widdow's traditional classic '80s AOR sound, the band allowing their influence of bands like Giuffria and White Sister to really come through.
Featuring over the top pompous keyboards, stacked harmony vocals from the Millis brothers and Enzo Almanzi's tasty solos throughout, this is another winner for fans of the traditional sound / style from the genre.
HIGHLY Recommended

01. Victory
02. Fight For Love
03. Second Hand Heart
04. Late Night Liason
05. Danced In The Moonlight
06. Love And Hate
07. Reach Up
08. Anything
09. America
10. Run And Hide

Jules Millis (vocals)
Xavier Millis (keyboards, vocals)
Enzo Almanzi (guitar)
Ben Webster (bass)
Gavin Hill (drums)



BONFIRE - Legends (2018)

BONFIRE - Legends (2018) full

To be released tomorrow in Europe, the 2-CD release titled "Legends" is a very special tribute album for all rock legends, who are involved in the BONFIRE & Friends Tour 2018. Indeed, this is The Soundtrack for the Bonfire and Friends Tour, featuring 32 classic songs re-recorded by Bonfire with the Bonfire sound.

All songs on this double CD are sung by Alexx Stahl and performed by BONFIRE, with the exception of the Puhdy's songs which were sung by Quaster himself.
This album was created in conjunction with the Bonfire & Friends tour. All the songs will be played on the tour but they will be sung by the original singers with Bonfire providing the power of the music as only they can.

Disc1 features '80s classics, from American legends such as Survivor or Toto, to European like Rainbow or UFO.
Disc 2 pay tribute to late '80s / 90s classic melodic hard rock songs, from Queensrysche to Steelhouse Lane, to House Of Lords, etc.

Special attention and care was taken to keep the integrity of the originals but also to have the updated Bonfire sound.
Terrific stuff.

CD 1:
01. Africa
02. Hold The Line
03. Rosanna
04. Man On The Silver Mountain
05. I Surrender
06. Stone Cold
07. Death Alley Driver
08. Black Masquerade
09. Burning Heart
10. Eye Of Tiger
11. Caught In The Game
12. Doctor Doctor
13. Lights Out
14. Rock Bottom
15. Child In Time

CD 2:
01. Jet City Woman
02. Silent Lucidity
03. Eyes Of A Stranger
04. Tears In The Rain
05. The First Time
06. Save Up All Your Tears
07. Hot Cherie
08. Dr. Love
09. Hallelujah
10. Rebellion
11. Heavy Metal Breakdown
12. Love Don't Lie
13. I Wanna Be Loved
14. King Of Dreams
15. Frei Wie Die Geier
16. Erinnerung
17. Alt Wie Ein Baum

Alexx Stahl (Vocals)
Hans Ziller (Guitar)
Frank Pané (Guitar)
Ronnie Parkes (Bass)
Tim Breideband (Drums)



KENNY LECKREMO (H.E.A.T) - Kenny Leckremo’s Spectra (2018)

KENNY LECKREMO (H.E.A.T) - Kenny Leckremo’s Spectra (2018) full

KENNY LECKREMO's SPECTRA, featuring ex-H.E.A.T lead vocalist Kenny Leckremo will release tomorrow its self-titled debut album. Leckremo was the singer for H.E.A.T from 2007 to 2010 and handled the lead vocals on the first two albums; H.E.A.T (2008) and Freedom Rock (2010), for many the best from the band ever.

But there's more than a nod Kenny's former band, as H.E.A.T guitarist Dave Dalone handles the six-strings on the album, on drums there's the excellent Georg Härnsten Egg (Dynazty), while experienced Mikael Planefeldt (Opeth, Streamline) play bass.

01 - 10 Years
02 - Nothing to Die For
03 - Where Do We Go
04 - Lullaby
05 - We Were Young
06 - Give Her Some Time
07 - Vagabond
08 - White Lie
09 - Losing
10 - Live While You Can
11 - Walking on Madness
12 - Spectra (Intro)
13 - Spectra

Kenny Leckremo - vocals, guitar, keyboards
Dave Dalone (H.E.A.T) - guitars
Mikael Planefeldt (Opeth, Streamline) - bass
Georg Härnsten Egg (Dynazty) - drums, percussion



ACE FREHLEY - Spaceman (2018)

ACE FREHLEY - Spaceman (2018) full

ACE FREHLEY is on a roll, and he’s ready to embark on his next musical journey with "Spaceman", his third solo outing in four years, and eighth overall. Amongst Ace’s post-KISS recorded output, "Spaceman might" be the closest link to his widely acclaimed 1978 solo record, both in spirit and execution.

First off, Frehley played all of the guitar parts on Spaceman, as well as bass on all but two songs. Longtime drummer Anton Fig, whose friendship with Ace began in that 1978 record, also appears on “Off My Back” and “Pursuit of Rock and Roll” (longtime collaborators Scot Coogan and Matt Starr also play drums on Spaceman).

There’s also a thematic, almost biographical, thread running through the album of a long life in rock ’n’ roll, although Ace admits it wasn’t intentional.
The first single “Bronx Boy” lays out Ace’s pre-KISS roots, running wild with an Irish street gang called the Ducky Boys. It might be his grittiest song to date, with an opening riff that lashes out like a switchblade.

“Pursuit of Rock and Roll” ticks off a list of rockers that made Ace who he is, including Little Richard and the Stones. Frehley also makes it clear that rock is truly all he needs: “So sick of looking at reality TV / and like the Beatles said, you gotta ‘Let It Be.’” “No need to worry, I’ll be home soon, ’cause I’m rockin’ with the boys,” Frehley sings on “Rockin’ With the Boys,” which tells the tales of life on the road. Ace says he wrote the original version of the song back in KISS’s heyday in the ’70s—if you listen closely, it could almost be seen as a rockin’ counterpart to the Peter Criss-penned KISS classic “Beth.”

Speaking of KISS brethren, let’s get back to those two songs on Spaceman that Ace didn’t play bass on. One listen of opener “Without You I’m Nothing” should be a dead giveaway. That mighty dinosaur growl of a bass tone belongs to Gene Simmons, who co-wrote that song, along with “Your Wish Is My Command,” with the Space Ace at Frehley’s home studio in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

Frehley's re-connection with Simmons and fellow KISS vocalist-guitarist Paul Stanley (who joined Ace on a cover of Free’s “Fire and Water” for 2016’s covers LP Origins, Vol. 1) might be chalked up to the fact that Frehley has been sober for more than a decade (he celebrated 12 years of sobriety in September). Ace’s clean living no doubt has a lot to do with his productive streak, which began with the release of his top 20 Anomaly album in 2009, his top 10 Space Invader LP in 2014 (a first for any KISS member); and continues with Spaceman (a title suggested by Gene Simmons himself).

"Spaceman" is a lean-and-mean nine tracks, and includes what has become a trademark for any Ace joint, a cosmic instrumental. “Quantum Flux” is a classic prog ’n’ roll song from Frehley, with lush acoustics and twin-leads. Fans might also notice the song’s doomy outro, which nods to “Black Diamond” on KISS’s 1974 debut.
Highly Recommended

01. Without You I'm Nothing
02. Rockin' With The Boys
03. Your Wish Is My Command
04. Bronx Boy
05. Pursuit Of Rock N' Roll
06. I Wanna Go Back
07. Mission To Mars
08. Off My Back
09. Quantum Flux 6



GYPSY ROSE - Rosary Of Tears [1988-1991 Outtakes & Unreleased Recordings] (2018)

GYPSY ROSE - Rosary Of Tears [1988-1991 Outtakes & Unreleased Recordings] (2018) full

"Rosary Of Tears [1988-1991 Outtakes & Unreleased Recordings]" is a collection of Canadian melodic hard rockers GYPSY ROSE demos & outtakes most of them recorded in 1991, after their debut album 'Prey'.
These unreleased songs were supposed to be on the second album from the band that never happened.
Finally they are available to the fans for the first time ever.

This cult Canadian band originally recorded their first album on RCA/Simmons records in 1990, produced by Gene Simmons itself. The record sold pretty well, but the label dropped Gypsy Rose soon after.
The first 10 tracks here are pre-production tapes - pretty good sound quality - recorded to shop a new deal for their second album.
The three last songs are demos from 1988 and 1989, a couple of them home-made, but a good listen to check what the band was doing at the time.

A very good, talented group, this is material for collectors and fans of classic late '80s melodic hard rock.
Highly Recommended

01. 13 Engines
02. Only My Voice Came Back
03. Rosary Of Tears
04. Kicked In The Heart By Love
05. Safe With Me
06. All By Myself
07. 3 Sheets To The Wind
08. Banging On The Radio
09. It's The Way You Bite
10. Long Cold And Gone
11. Messing With Trouble
12. If Your Love Is Gone (Gypsy Rose Version)
13. Love On Two Legs

Micheal Ross - lead vocals
Brian Joyce - guitars, background vocals
Micheal Vaughn - bass, background vocals
Steve Thomas - drums, background vocals
Craig Van Gaver - guitars, keyboards, background vocals



GRETA VAN FLEET - Anthem Of The Peaceful Army (2018)

GRETA VAN FLEET - Anthem Of The Peaceful Army (2018) full

One of the youngest, most promising classic rock new band from the scene, GRETA VAN FLEET, got ready their full length debut "Anthem Of The Peaceful Army" to be released tomorrow.
Collectively written by all four band members, the ten original songs explore a variety of topics that include fresh starts, love, integrity, innocence, adventure, diversity and peace, the life cycle and its inherent responsibilities, courage, masked deceptions, revolution, and truth.

Blending classic rock, soul and bluesy hard rock, Jake’s blazing guitar riffs, Josh’s soaring, powerful vocals, Danny’s thunderous drums, and Sam’s swaggering baselines and keys create a menagerie of musical elements throughout.
"Anthem Of The Peaceful Army" was produced by Marlon Young, Al Sutton and Herschel Boone (The Rust Brothers) and recorded earlier this year at Blackbird Studios in Nashville and Rustbelt Studios in Royal Oak, Michigan.

01. Age Of Man
02. The Cold Wind
03. When The Curtain Falls
04. Watching Over
05. Lover, Leaver
06. You're The One
07. The New Day
08. Mountain Of The Sun
09. Brave New World
10. Anthem
11. Lover, Leaver (Taker, Believer)

Josh Kiszka – vocals
Jake Kiszka – guitar
Sam Kiszka – bass guitar
Danny Wagner – drums



Wednesday, October 17, 2018

LITA FORD - Out For Blood + Dancin' On The Edge [2-in-1 BGO Records digitally remastered]

LITA FORD - Out For Blood + Dancin' On The Edge [2-in-1 BGO Records digitally remastered] full

And here's the end of the requested LITA FORD classic albums, the very good two-fer CD digitally remastered BGO Records release including the Lita 1983's debut "Out For Blood" and follower '84 "Dancin' On The Edge".
Both albums show Ford's skill as guitarist and rocker, but she had to wait until later in the decade to score her first mainstream major hit singles.

Lita Ford's debut album "Out For Blood" is an interesting one. We are all familiar - more or less - with the Lita Ford circa 1988, with the singles ''Kiss Me Deadly'' and ''Close My Eyes Forever'' that pushed her to major stardom.
This debut LP is a far cry from the polished Melodic Hard Rock Lita put out in the late '80s to early-'90s. "Out For Blood" is raw hard rock / 'metal' as it was called back in 1983, with a feel similar to Quiet Riot or Twisted Sister.
However, Lita isn't that heavy but more hard rockin', and production on "Out For Blood" wasn't that stellar.
This modern remastering job turn things much better.

Musically, there are some real gems here: the kickin' title track ''Out For Blood'', the punchy ''On The Run'', and atmospheric midtempo ''Just A Feeling''. I'm surprised that ''Just A Feeling'' wasn't a big hit single, it's a great ballad that probably would have definitely been huge three or four years down the line.
It's obvious that these songs the building block that Lita will build her career on, the three aforementioned songs being a look into the future sound Ford would create.

Now seeing it in perspective, it is incredible how rapidly the 'sound' and production styles changed in the US Rock industry during the '80s. "Dancin' On The Edge", recorded only one year after, is a quite different beast. The sonics here are much more polished, the the overall feeling, more ear candy.
"Dancin' On The Edge" was produced by Lance Quinn, who also did Bon Jovi's first two albums.

The connection doesn't ends there; Ford's new back up band included skilled drummer Randy Castillo (who later played for Ozzy Osbourne and Mötley Crüe), but the rest are Bon Jovi-related cats.

Bass player is Hugh McDonald, who is currently the bassist for Bon Jovi but also recorded (uncredited) on various songs on the early albums, on keyboards there's talented Canadian Aldo Nova who also helped to shape Bon Jovi's early sound, and with the name 'Geoff Leib' appears the great Jeff Paris, providing a 'synthesizer background' for Lita's "Dancin' On The Edge", updating her sound according to times (1984).

LITA FORD - Out For Blood + Dancin' On The Edge [2-in-1 BGO Records digitally remastered] disc

On "Dancin' On The Edge" we get the smokin' single 'Gotta Let Go' and "Lady Killer" (both videos in heavy rotation on MTV), the great melodic / rocking title track, "Fire In My Heart", "Don't Let Me Down Tonight" and "Hit And Run", among the highlights.
Lita’s vocals are way more focused and powerful here. I think she also manages to somewhat establish her own guitar style as well.
"Dancin' On The Edge" reached No. 66 of the US Billboard 200 chart, and resulted in Ford's first nomination for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance at the Grammy Awards in 1985.

After all these years, hum, decades, there has never been any question with me that Lita Ford can sing and play some slick guitar licks. Any hard rock fan from this early '80s era who says they never played some air guitar to a Lita Ford album is, well, their nose is growing by the second. It’s time to come clean, my fellow Metalhead air guitar brothers...
On these 2 first solo albums Lita Ford really lets loose some melodic leads and cool riffs while not being shy of laying down some psyche-you-out solos.

LITA FORD - Out For Blood + Dancin' On The Edge [2-in-1 BGO Records digitally remastered] back

Regardless of anyone’s personal opinion to the contrary, Lita Ford's 2 first albums represents an important and historic chapter in US Metal and Hard Rock history, in my humble opinion.
Back in 1983, there wasn’t an abundance of female Rock vocalists out there… especially one’s that played some lean and mean guitar like Lita.

I took to Lita Ford from the onset and no, it wasn’t all due to her looking so hot (well, it did help). Hey, a hot blooded seventeen year old Metalhead in 1983 is gonna have his fantasy crushes and Lita Ford caused quite abuzz amongst my buddies too back then.
Heck, with the likes of Ozzy, Angus, Lemmy and Cronos staring at me from the pages of mags and posters back then, seeing Lita Ford grace an album cover was much more easier on my eyes!
Lita Ford, along with her former Runaways band mate Joan Jett, (and I can never forget) Pat Benatar, all made me realize those many years ago, that yes, girls can really… ROCK.
HIGHLY Recommended

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

Out For Blood remastered:
01 - Out For Blood
02 - Stay With Me Baby
03 - Just A Feeling
04 - Ready, Willing And Able
05 - Die For Me Only (Black Widow)
06 - Rock & Roll Made Me What I Am Today
07 - If You Can't Live With It
08 - On The Run
09 - Any Way That You Want Me
10 - I Can't Stand It

Lita Ford - lead & rhythm guitars, lead vocals
Neil Merryweather - bass, harmony vocals, backing vocals, producer
Dusty Watson - drums, backing vocals

Dancin' On The Edge remastered:
11 - Gotta Let Go
12 - Dancin' On The Edge
13 - Dressed To Kill
14 - Hit 'n Run
15 - Lady Killer
16 - Still Waitin'
17 - Fire In My Heart
18 - Don't Let Me Down Tonight
19 - Run With The $

Lita Ford - guitars, vocals
Hugh McDonald - bass
Randy Castillo - drums
Geoff Leib - synthesizer, backing vocals
Robbie Kondor, Aldo Nova - synthesizer



BILL CHAMPLIN and WunderGround - Bleeding Secrets [Japan Edition +2] (2018)

BILL CHAMPLIN and WunderGround - Bleeding Secrets [Japan Edition +2] (2018) full

Former Chicago Bill Champlin is about to release "Bleeding Secrets", the debut album from BILL CHAMPLIN and WunderGround, the combo formed with guitarist Gary Falcone (Kenny Loggins, David Foster) and Tamara Champlin. The Japanese edition appears today, including 2 bonus tracks.

"Bleeding Secrets" features guest appearances by Steve Porcaro (Toto), George Hawkins Jr (GIG, Chicago), Joe Porcaro, Will Champlin, Burleigh Drummond (Ambrosia), Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger) and many more.
Seeing all these names involved you would think about a Wescoast AOR album, but "Bleeding Secrets" is not.
What we have here is a Classic Rock album, with pretty strong guitar riffs and of course, exquisite vocal harmonies and polished production.

Just check the powerful guitars and driving rhythm of the opening track, “Man vs. Machine”. There's some sort of Toto vibe from 'Falling in Between' era, and the connection doesn't end there as following song 'The Only Way Down' feature Toto's Steve Porcaro on keys. Great song.
' Love Knows' is one of the more AOR oriented tunes on the album, with a certain CWF (Champlin Williams Friestedt) feel, with Bill Champlin sounding greatly despite his age.

'Dreaming Of Chagall', with lead vocals by Tamara recall Chasing Violets, while 'They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To' makes justice to its tile, a pure '80s rocker with strong guitars, Bill's classic Hammond playing, and a terrific George Hawkins Jr. slap bass contribution. A highlight.

'Genius' is perhaps the only slightly Westcoast impregnated song on the album, very dynamic anyway bringing to mind Champlin's '80s solo albums.
The organic 'Light Up The Night' has some Eagles on it, while more Toto feeling comes with the title track, another strong rocker with superb pulse.
Japanese edition bonus tracks are worth to have: 'What Will Be' is pretty guitar driven rock song with all vocalists involved, while 'Popcorn' is a must listen for Chicago fans, especially their classic era.

BILL CHAMPLIN and WunderGround - Bleeding Secrets [Japan Edition +2] (2018) back

Bill Champlin never stops to surprise; at his 71 his creative flame still burns hot, his vocals are in very good form, and his band mates here perfectly fit into this new project to deliver a fresh, very enjoyable collection of songs.
Mostly Classic Rock oriented but including, of course, AORish melodies, soaring vocal harmonies and slick guitar riffs, "Bleeding Secrets" is one of the unexpected highlight this year.
Yeah, it's that good.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 - Man vs. Machine
02 - The Only Way Down
03 - Love Knows
04 - Dreaming Of Chagall
05 - Imaginary Friend
06 - They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To
07 - Fireships
08 - Evangeline
09 - You're Gonna' Love Someone
10 - Genius
11 - Light Up The Night
12 - Bleeding Secrets
13 - Limbo
14 - What Will Be
15 - Popcorn

Bill Champlin: Lead and Background Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Keyboards, Synths, Programming, Hammond B3, Keyboards, Bass
Gary Falcone: Guitars, Lead and Background Vocals
Tamara Champlin: Lead Vocals on #4, 7, 9, 13, Background Vocals
Will Champlin: Piano, Keyboards, Synths, Programming, Bass
Steve Porcaro: Synths, Strings, Keyboards
Alan Hertz: Drums on #1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13
Burleigh Drummond: Drums on #3, 5, 8
George Hawkins Jr.: Electric Bass on #6, 10
Dean Cortez: Electric Bass on #3, 5, 7, 8, 12
Joe Porcaro: Percussion on #13
Paulie Cerra, Howie Shear, Terry Landry: Horns
Eduardo G. Del Barrio: Strings Arrangement
Kelly Keagy: Background Vocals



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