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TIM CASHION - Find Us On The Dial [Japan only] (2015-2016)

TIM CASHION - Find Us On The Dial [Japan only] full

Released at the very end of past year only in Japan, TIM CASHION's "Find Us On The Dial" is the very definition of a "diamond in the rough." Originally recorded throughout various periods in 2005 and 2006, this endeavor was on its way to nowhere for a variety of reasons.
But these tracks, which had been internally shared amongst a carefully select network of people over the years, finally made it into CD thanks to P-Vine Records, an independent Japanese record label.

The influence of West Coast AOR runs deep in the souls of many career musicians. Ask any studio or touring musician about their inspirations and you’re bound to hear an answer that would include the talented players who laced the liner notes of the great albums from the '70s and '80s.
Tim Cashion is no exception.

For the past 15 years, Tim has provided keyboard and vocal support to the legendary band Grand Funk Railroad. Prior to that, he has toured with the likes of Takanaka, Robert Palmer, Jon Secada and Bob Seger.
Yet deep in his musical soul there lied a passion for West Coast AOR.
In 2005, Tim began to explore this musical path and created the tracks that became his personal Sargent Pepper’s titled “Find Us On The Dial.” The album sat in silence – until now...

After the first track, “Find Us On The Dial” instantaneously blew my mind.
Checking the album title gives you a clear innuendo about this CD; the radio-ready, FM music that ruled the airwaves in the late Seventies / Eighties.
This is the kind of music that made Eagles, Toto, Airplay, Steely Dan, Chicago, Keane and countless more ambassadors of the finest, delicious melodies created during those magic years.

Also, check the song titles; 'Deep In The Groove', 'East Coast Sun' or 'Lullaby' as example, all providing you the right idea about the music spread through its amazing melodies.
Despite of being recorded at various sessions, the album feel homogeneous and with a terrific, pristine production quality. Tim Cashion's vocals are smooth in the classy vein of the genre, and the musicians alongside him, top notch.

TIM CASHION - Find Us On The Dial [Japan only] back

"Find Us On The Dial" is a wonderful slice of timeless West Coast AOR melodies, a little masterpiece of where new details, layers and delicate arrangements are discovered with every listen.
For Tim Cashion, this music is not an example of him trying to pay tribute to a specific genre - this is how his music organically comes through him. It was this deeply passionate reaction to the music that led to this project now being available for the very first time thanks to P-Vine Records in Japan.

"Find Us On The Dial" is the kind of album you can not miss 'cos soon will become a rarity. Is as essential as it gets, and is by far one of the very best true West Coast AOR albums from the last twenty years.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 - Deep In The Groove
02 - Good And Good For You
03 - Take A Try
04 - It Follows You Around
05 - East Coast Sun
06 - Find Us On The Dial
07 - Interlude 1
08 - Lullaby
09 - Interlude 2
10 - None Of A Kind
11 - Keys In Da Trees
12 - When Is The Next Time
13 - Shower Me With All Your Love
14 - Love Again (bonus track)

Tim Cashion: vocals, keyboards, drums
Brian Monroney, Dustin Hofsess: guitar
Kenny Long: bass, backing vocals
Tim Smith: bass
John Alexander, Marc Henderson: sax
Billy Lewis: backing vocals



EPICA - The Holographic Principle [2CD Limited Edition Digipak] (2016)

EPICA - The Holographic Principle [2CD Limited Edition Digipak] (2016) full

EPICA is ready to release its latest evolutionary effort entitled "The Holographic Principle". Die-hard fans of the band will certainly not be disappointed, and Epica weaves enough conventional elements into its sonic tapestry that their seventh studio release will garner a large number of new supporters.
Full of traditional bombast and fire, "The Holographic Principle" will stand as one of Epica’s strongest symphonic outings, yet there are countless passages that will appeal to fans of all Rock genres.

Fronted by the ever powerful voice of Simone Simons, Epica continues to mix sci-fi & gothic themes into its lyrics and music. In the case of "The Holographic Principle", the band’s tone has shifted to the positive. Simons does her usual very capable job with her expansive vocals but spends more time singing in a crisp and clean conventional fashion than on previous releases.
In the band’s own words "The Holographic Principle" explores “the very fibre of our reality” in a Matrix-inspired way. The album opens with the powerful mood piece “Eidola” – a track with lush keyboards and strong choral vocals that build in power as it progresses.
The decidedly bouncy and upbeat (and catchy btw) “Edge of the Blade” features a wandering vocal pathway that goes from Simone’s soft and near-whispered clean singing to her full on power, while Jansen’s guttural growls and fabulous choral vocals from the rest of the band provide a strong melodic counterpoint.

EPICA - The Holographic Principle [2CD Limited Edition Digipak] (2016) booklet

The Terminator/ kynet inspired “Universal Death Squad” is a full-on symphonic attack build on manic drums, razor guitars and booming bass with plenty of over-the-top choral vocals mixed in.
By this point the overall warmth and depth of Epica’s effort become truly apparent – they have moved away from synthesized instruments and toward “real” physical strings, brass, and winds – a noticeable sonic difference.

“Beyond The Matrix” is arguably the best track on the CD – a rolling, theatrical, triumphant tune that snaps from orchestral madness to vocal/bass Hard Rock and back – the essence of Epica.
The band softens to violin and strings during the sweeping “Once Upon A Nightmare,” a track that allows the passion in Simone’s voice to shine – but quickly cranks the intensity back up while searching for answers to “The Cosmic Algorithm.”
Middle Eastern and Asian overtones (thanks to some well done exotic instruments) make “Dancing in a Hurricane” unique – almost a folk metal tune, while “Tear Down Your Walls” rolls in some soft atmospheric touches before becoming an intense Progressive heavy rocker.
The eleven minute plus epic “The Holographic Principle – A Profound Understanding Of Reality” sums up the album – running that gamut from choral chant to soft piano to bluesy guitars to … well, you get it.

This Limited Edition Digipak includes the bonus CD "The Acoustic Principle", featuring really well crafted tunes like the joyful "Beyond the Good, The Bad and the Ugly", and the acoustic version of "Immortal Melancholy", the Japanese bonus track

EPICA - The Holographic Principle [2CD Limited Edition Digipak] (2016) back

As always, Epica seems to take the approach that bigger is better, and they thrive on throwing in everything into their music – including the proverbial kitchen sink. This at times sense of reckless abandon is what makes Epica what they are today – a fearless and unapologetic act that pulls no punches and always seems to be having fun as they perform.

While retaining the trademark bombast intrinsic to the symphonic metal scene, Epica remain much more rooted around the riff than their peers with innovative and, more importantly, catchy guitar work peppered all over the album.
If you like this genre with a more 'rocking approach', this is a winner.

CD 1 : The Holographic Principle
01 - Eidola
02 - Edge of the Blade
03 - A Phantasmic Parade
04 - Universal Death Squad
05 - Divide and Conquer
06 - Beyond the Matrix
07 - Once Upon a Nightmare
08 - The Cosmic Algorithm
09 - Ascension - Dream State Armageddon
10 - Dancing in a Hurricane
11 - Tear Down Your Walls
12 - The Holographic Principle
(A Profound Understanding of Reality)

CD 2 : The Acoustic Principle
01 - Beyond the Good, The Bad and the Ugly
02 - Dancing in a Gypsy Camp
03 - Immortal Melancholy (Acoustic Version)
04 - The Funky Algorithm
05 - Universal Love Squad

Simone Simons (vocals)
Mark Jansen (guitars, vocals)
Coen Janssen (keyboards)
Isaac Delahaye (guitar)
Rob Van Der Loo (bass)
Arien Van Weesenbeek (drums, vocals)



HARTMANN - Shadows & Silhouettes (2016)

HARTMANN - Shadows & Silhouettes (2016) full

Recently mostly known as being part of Avantasia, talented singer and guitarist Oliver Hartmann also has a solo career having released one of the best Melodic Hard Rock / AOR debut albums from the past decade. "Shadows & Silhouettes" it's his new release under the HARTMANN banner in four years to be released tomorrow. The album has been co-produced again by Avantasia's mastermind Sascha Paeth.

As in the previous Hartmann album, the German continues to deliver his well-crafted melodic hard rock stuff with driven guitars, some memorable choruses and a 'modern' melodic rock sound that will please all the band's earlier fans but also every fan of the 'softer' melodic rock scene.
The strength of "Shadows & Silhouettes" is also its weakness, namely that the album is frontloaded with all the best stuff.

HARTMANN - Shadows & Silhouettes (2016) booklet

For instance, "Irresistible" begins with in a similar way to Joey Tempest's solo effort Forgiven and is not dissimilar in the laid back vibe. This is followed by "High on You" which isn't a Survivor cover but is an equally upbeat, classy piece of melodic rock – again with a pretty laid back atmosphere.

One of the vital parts of the mix is Hartmann's voice which is never less than commanding as on the first single "When Your Mama Was a Hippie" which is very poppy indeed.
The album falls away sharply after the ballad "Jaded Heart" and the excellent "Amazing" but there is definitely enough quality in the first half of the album to warrant attention.
That doesn't mean the rest is bad, not at all, just more simple. We have two very nice acoustic, mid-tempo tunes (Oliver is an specialist in this matter) on "Still The Same" and "The Letting Go" which show the emotional side of Hartmann.

HARTMANN - Shadows & Silhouettes (2016) back

Oliver Hartmann is a talented, complete musician and never fails to deliver. His new album "Shadows And Silhouettes" is a very enjoyable record with some superb tunes mixed with a more laid-back side.
His band feels very tight, strong, and Sascha Paeth provides a pristine sound via his technical expertise production.
Very Recommended

01 - Irresistible
02 - High on You
03 - Glow
04 - When Your Mama Was a Hippie
05 - Jaded Heart
06 - Amazing
07 - Still the Same
08 - I Would Murder for You
09 - The Letting Go
10 - Too Good to Be True
11 - Shadow in My Eyes
12 - Last Goodbye
13 - Shadows (Hidden Track)

Oliver Hartmann (guitar, vocals)
Mario Reck (guitar)
Armin Donderer (bass)
Markus Kullmann (drums)
Jimmy Kresic (keyboards)
Irena Morisáková, Adéla Pecková (strings)

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BAM BAM BOYS (Matti Alfonzetti) - Bam Bam Boys [remastered reissue] out of print

BAM BAM BOYS (Matti Alfonzetti) - Bam Bam Boys [remastered reissue] full

Another request to fulfill it's this digital remaster of BAM BAM BOYS self-titled album. fronted by superb shouter Matti Alfonzetti, Bam Bam Boys were potentially one of Sweden's best Melodic Hard Rock exports around the time that Swedish colleagues such as Europe, Treat and Alien starting making inroads into the scene during the second half of '80s.

How these guys never make it big defies logic. Label troubles and internal affairs resulted in a broke-up, and their self-titled debut remained unreleased until 1999. But soon become a collectors piece.
Long time out of print, "Bam Bam Boys" was reissued some time ago in this great digital remastering, but in a very limited edition of 500 copies, and again, out of print.

One of the strengths of the band are Matti Alfonzetti's awesome vocals, one of the best singers in the Melodic Hard Rock genre with long and varied career fronting Jagged Edge, Talisman, SkinTrade and with a great solo career right now.

audio not remastered:

"Bam Bam Boys" is a magical '80s sounding album with a punchy yet pristine production, including superb Melodic (Hard) Rock tunes such as "I Believe In Rock 'N' Roll", "Dancing On Top Of The World" and "Stay Alive" which reminds me Strangeways.
We have more cheerful '80s Euro-AOR rockers in "Prisoner", "Angel" and the Heartland sounding "Heart To Heart".

"Let Me Touch Your Skin" was the only single released back in its day, a killer midtempo AOR with a glossy atmosphere, while closing track "Take My Soul" is a nice semi AOR ballad in the Talk Of The Town vein.

BAM BAM BOYS (Matti Alfonzetti) - Bam Bam Boys [remastered reissue] back

"Bam Bam Boys" is one of the best slices of pure Melodic Rock / AOR ever emerged from Sweden with all the magic of the genre. And this album still remain unknown for many. Do not lose your chance now.
HIGHLY Recommended

Only at 0dayrox

01 - I Believe In Rock 'N' Roll
02 - Prisoner
03 - Let Me Touch Your Skin
04 - Susanne
05 - Dancing On Top Of The World
06 - Angel
07 - In Motion
08 - Stay Alive
09 - Heart To Heart
10 - White Lies
11 - Someday
12 - Take My Soul

Lead Vocals – Matti Alfonzetti
Guitar – Göran Elmquist
Keyboards – Mats Olausson
Bass – Gunnar Hallin
Drums – Fredrik Von Gerber
Backing Vocals – Vivian Cardinal

Out Of Print, try here:


DREAM THEATER - Images And Words [Limited Release SHM-CD] Out Of Print

DREAM THEATER - Images And Words [Limited Release SHM-CD] Out Of Print - full

One of you asked for DREAM THEATER's "Images And Words" in its Japanese SHM-CD version. Appeared some years ago, this was the only press on this format, a Limited Edition, and of course, Out Of Print now.
Dream Theater’s first album When Dream And Day Unite showed potential of this amazing band, and it appeared in its fullest with this album featuring Canadian vocalist James LaBrie and the glossy production by master David Prater.

Simply put, "Images And Words" is a truly magnificent album, putting the virtuoso abilities of its members to good use without once sacrificing melody and songwriting quality. It deserves the praise it gets.
Opening the album is one of Dream Theater’s most popular songs, 'Pull Me Under'. It’s a killer track and not a throwaway single in the least. The progression from the opening clean riff to the quicker distorted is terrific, and LaBrie shows from the off his elastic pipes. Overall, the song is pretty straight-forward for a heavier Dream Theater track.
Despite of being quite long, the track is catchy and accessible, it was definitely a good single choice and a good song to introduce people to the band.

There is simply not a bad track on the album.
Speaking about the most 'progressive' compositions, 'Metropolis Pt. 1' is a real delight, truly capturing the epic feel that the band was going for, from the building intro to the excellent ever-changing instrumental section in the middle. John Myung, whose bass work in Dream Theater is often unappreciated, gets a rare moment in the spotlight with a short but excellent bass solo.
It is followed up by 'Under A Glass Moon', which is equally impressive. It features LaBrie’s strongest vocals on the album, and also one of Petrucci’s finest solos, which is the centerpiece that holds the track together.

The shorter, softer and melodic tracks are a great complement to the more expansive material. 'Another Day' is a superb ballad, incorporating a saxophone that adds an 'extra' element to the track. 'Surrounded' is another gem more in a midtempo pace, slowly building but eventually cooling down at the end.
'Wait For Sleep' is an excellent emotionally-driven piano track that lets LaBrie deliver a more restrained performance for once. It works well on its own, but even better as an intro to 'Learning To Live'.

LaBrie’s vocals do take getting used to for the uninitiated, particularly his occasional high-pitched wailing, but he proves himself to be a powerful vocalist, and despite not being praised as a metal vocalist, his vocals actually fit the music Dream Theater plays quite well, especially on this album. He is just as essential to Dream Theater as any of his virtuoso band mates.
He is particularly effective given that this was his first album with the band. While the guitar of Petrucci typically gets the most spotlight, the rest of the band performs just as excellently as he does.
Kevin Moore’s keyboard work is awesome, adding an extra level of depth. He also has a few solos ('Take the Time', 'Under A Glass Moon'). Mike Portnoy’s acclaimed drumming is in full force here as well, as is John Myung’s underappreciated bass work.

DREAM THEATER - Images And Words [Limited Release SHM-CD] Out Of Print back

"Images And Words" is a true classic. Musically it is constantly engaging, and the songwriting is consistently outstanding. Dream Theater would be accused later in their career of being complex for complexity’s sake, overusing odd time signatures and letting their instrumental wanderings replace actual songwriting.
It may be true at places, but none of those criticisms apply to "Images and Words".
While each member gets to show off his virtuosity, each song feels connected and not a moment is out of place. The instrumental sections that exist are there for the purpose of adding to the song, making the technicality that is displayed all the more enjoyable.

Many 'radical-prog' fans hate this album especially due the triggered drums and the polished, huge David Prater (Diving For Pearls, Firehouse) '80s AORish' production. But there's precisely where lies its charm.
Dream Theater / Prater were able to create one of the most accessible progressive albums in history, and of course, as an '80s sucker, I LOVE this sound.
"Images And Words" is a treat for both the prog fan and the casual music listener alike. This Japanese SHM-CD has a terrific dynamic balance and not, it's not remastered. In fact, "Images And Words" never has been remastered. It does not need it. It is fantastic like it is.

Warner Music Japan ~ WPCR-13484
【LTD SHM-CD】 イメージズ・アンド・ワーズ

01 - Pull Me Under
02 - Another Day
03 - Take The Time
04 - Surrounded
05 - Metropolis - Part I 'The Miracle And The Sleeper'
06 - Under A Glass Moon
07 - Wait For Sleep
08 - Learning To Live

James LaBrie – lead vocals
John Petrucci – guitar, background vocals
Kevin Moore – keyboards
John Myung – bass
Mike Portnoy – drums, percussion, background vocals
Jay Beckenstein – soprano saxophone on "Another Day"

Out Of Print


DREAM THEATER - When Dream And Day Unite [Japan Remastered SHM-CD miniLP]

DREAM THEATER - When Dream And Day Unite [Japan Remastered SHM-CD miniLP] full

This Japanese edition of DREAM THEATER's debut "When Dream And Day Unite" was recently released on high-fidelity SHM-CD / Cardboard sleeve format and presenting the latest remastering.
This was the album that started all for the band; originally baptized "Majesty" and later switched to Dream Theater, and featuring vocalist Charlie Dominici at the mic.

Each Dream Theater album doesn't sound like the ones before and after it, yet they still maintain the signature style DT is known for. The same applies to "When Dream And Day Unite".
It certainly doesn't have the clean and polished sound that the next Images And Words (1992), Awake(1994), or any of their later albums. Its low budget production quality may be to blame for the lack of a top-end treble and bass, but this remastering job does help this.
There is a real rawness and a sense of urgency in the debut's sound that hasn't been prevalent since then, and for this you can tell that Dream Theater at the beginning just wanted to rock out.

At the time when "When Dream And Day Unite" was recorded, Dream Theater carried influences and an overall sound which resembled a mid-80s Rush mixed with Queensryche's metallic edge.
The fact that Dominici sings much in a Geddy Lee style makes the band lean into this quality even more. James LaBrie hasn't come along yet and his range definitely outclasses Dominici's, but he certainly has authority and personality.

So, taken for what it is, this sound is definitely a good thing in my book because I dig every era of Rush, and I love elaborated keyboards. Kevin Moore not only knows how to write outstanding songs and melodies, but his atmoshperic keyboard flourishes and solos are quite unique.
And everyone knows about the excellent musicianship interplay between Moore, Petrucci, Portnoy, & Myung, and their chemistry.

"When Dream And Day Unite" has its own unique feel generating from it and you can't really say that about a lot of music. Not only that, but the song compositions combining Rush and Quensryche here were ahead of their time.
Before their breakthrough Images And Words and Awake albums came along and spawned hundred of clone bands (not all good I'm afraid), there was hardly anyone doing this kind of stuff in the late '80s.

'A Fortune In Lies' starts the debut off well, which is still a concert favorite to this day. By the end of the track, you have a clear picture on what Dream Theater is all about. 'Status Seeker' comes next and it's actually a personal favorite of mine, despite being underrated.
Everyone who's seen DT live has heard the concert staple 'Ytse Jam' (that's "Majesty" backwards), which sports some stellar instrumental musicianship, and it never comes across as wankery which sadly the band is often accused of doing by non-fans.

DREAM THEATER - When Dream And Day Unite [Japan Remastered SHM-CD miniLP] back

The best song on here has to be 'The Killing Hand', containing incredible buildup throughout its 8-minutes and is probably the closest thing to their songwriting mastery on the following albums.
There's some other overlooked material on here, such as the ever-changing 'Light Fuse And Get Away', the melodic 'Afterlife', and the dark and mystical sounding 'The Ones Who Help To Set The Sun'. 'Only A Matter Of Time' finishes on a strong note.

"When Dream And Day Unite" marks as a solid entry in the Dream Theater catalogue. It certainly doesn't have the instant appeal that I&W, Awake, or 6 Degrees Of Inner Turbulence have. However, like a lot of DT's albums, its charm and genius opens up over time.
The remastering was certainly necessary, and now everything sound more compact, fuller, with a best bass definition. Do make sure to check this quite rocking album. No Dream Theater collection is complete without this one.

01 - A Fortune In Lies
02 - Status Seeker
03 - Ytse Jam (Instrumental)
04 - The Killing Hand
05 - Light Fuse And Get Away
06 - Afterlife
07 - The Ones Who Help To Set The Sun
08 - Only A Matter Of Time

Charlie Dominici – lead vocals
John Petrucci – guitars
Kevin Moore – keyboards
John Myung – bass
Mike Portnoy – drums



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LAVA - Fire [digitally remastered +1 / First Time on CD] (2015)

LAVA - Fire [digitally remastered +1 / First Time on CD] (2015) full

Requested many times, here's the Preservation Records exclusive remastered version of "Fire", the most celebrated album for Norwegians AORsters LAVA. For many years out of print, the album originally appeared in 1984 finally has been digitally remastered from the master tapes, and reissued for the first time on CD with a previously unreleased, alternate version of Lava's hit "Sophie", plus a booklet including never seen photos and the story of the recording.

In 1983 Lava became Randy Crawford's regular backing band and toured extensively for a period of 10 years around the world. Japan, Australia, UK, etc was visited in addition to several European and Scandinavian tours.
This lead to Lava with much more promotion outside their native Oslo, and the recording of their next album, this "Fire", become their best-selling record ever and it was awarded Spellemannsprisen (Norwegian Grammy) 1984 in the class Rock&Pop.

LAVA - Fire [digitally remastered +1 / First Time on CD] (2015) booklet

Yes, Lava's music here has many Rock&Pop foundations, but the overall sound & style is a unique mixture of Scandi west coast and hi-tech AOR.
Indeed, "Fire" showcases Lava's members superb musicianship - often named as the "Scandinavian TOTO" - and the band's classy arrangements & choruses, totally mid-80s.

Simply put, this is breezy, smooth collection of songs with some exquisite playing and wonderful melodies. Tracks like "I'm In Love" or "Sophie" became all time faves, both among the finest cuts in the genre coming from an European band.
"You" is a superb ballad where lead vocalist Egil Eldøen shine, "Fake" is one of the catchiest tunes on the record, while "The Woman I Want" is another fine example of why Lava is compared with TOTO.

LAVA - Fire [digitally remastered +1 / First Time on CD] (2015) back

Lava is an incredibly talented and proficient group of musicians, and this "Fire" is among their finest moments. This digitally remastered reissue includes and alternate, quite different version of their hit "Sophie" and a a superb, perfectly balanced sound.
Kudos to Preservation Records for rescuing this, until now, impossible to find Scandi west coast / hi-tech AOR little gem and put it for the first time ever on CD (another remastered Lava album can be found here).
If you like TOTO, Alan Gorrie, David Pack, Richard Page (Mr. Mister) and alike, this is a must. Strictly limited to 500 copies.
Highly Recommended

01 - Sophie
02 - Fake
03 - Something
04 - Streetgirl
05 - Loosing You
06 - You
07 - The Woman I Want
08 - Wait For Me
09 - I’m In Love
10 - Indian Summer
11 - Sophie (Alt. Version Previously Unreleased)

Egil Eldøen: vocals
Svein Dan Hauge: guitars
Rolf Graf: bass, vocals
Per Kolstad, Geir Langslet: keyboards
Sigurd Køn: saxophone
Per Hillestad: drums, percussion



BLOODGOOD - Rock In A Hard Place [Legends Remastered Series] (2016)

BLOODGOOD - Rock In A Hard Place [Legends Remastered Series] (2016) full

As part of their 'Legends Remastered' series, highly respected reissue label Retroactive Records has released the 2 more celebrated albums by BLOODGOOD. The band's "Rock In A Hard Place" is one of my favorite albums from the second half of the '80s American Hard Rock indie scene, and now sounds better than ever.

BLOODGOOD was one of the most underrated American Hard Rock from the glorious '80s, perhaps due their Christian origins. But they were the real deal, a high quality band in the genre.
After two pretty heavy albums, they changed the musical approach to the dominating glossy-sounding Hard Rock around 1988, and the result was this "Rock In A Hard Place".
It's commercial record yet defiant, melodic, with catchy songs and a bombast production; razor compressed guitars courtesy of the great David Zaffiro, shouting vocals, huge drums and even some keyboards into the mix.

Talking about the mix, there's was a big problem with the original release of "Rock In A Hard Place": the bass lines were almost completely missing.
It turns out the recording studio had a ton of false low-end and they wasn't aware of when album was mixed, which is why there was such a lack of bass in "Rock In A Hard Place". And no one seemed to catch it when it was mastered, either. Quite strange, as this sounds as a big budget production.

BLOODGOOD - Rock In A Hard Place [Legends Remastered Series] (2016) back

Fortunately, BloodGood's "Rock In A Hard Place" is now finally reissued with its crisp sound in full glory.
There was a previous remastering job pretty well done by Frontline Records in 2012 - and of course featured here on 0dayrox - but this Retroactive Records is a completely new remastering from the master tapes and sounds million bucks.
This reissue was factory-pressed at the end of last year (check the prints saying 2015) but due to logistic problems it was finally available since March 2016.

Remember back in the day when bands could get away with nine good quality songs on an album? Nowadays this is absolutely unacceptable for any greedy record company and you're forced to have twelve or more, and many of those are fillers.
Well, this is not the case with "Rock In A Hard Place". Just killer-no-fillers 9 tracks plenty of '80s US melodic hard rock magic.
Highly Recommended.

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

1 - Shakin' It
2 - Never Be the Same
3 - The Presence
4 - What Have I Done
5 - Heaven on Earth
6 - Do or Die
7 - She's Gone
8 - The World (Keeps Movin' Around)
9 - Seven

Les Carlsen - lead vocals
David Zaffiro - guitars, backing vocals
Michael Bloodgood - bass, backing vocals
Mark Welling - drums



GUNS N' ROSES - The Spaghetti Incident [Japan SHM-CD LTD miniLP] (2016)

GUNS N' ROSES - The Spaghetti Incident [Japan SHM-CD LTD miniLP] (2016) full

Universal Japan has just reissued the entire GUNS N' ROSES catalog on SHM-CD Cardboard Sleeve / mini LP format in a Limited Edition faithfully replicating the original US LP design with an inner sleeve. All Guns N' Roses albums are widely known, but "The Spaghetti Incident?" is an often overlooked record that worth a place in your collection.

Many of the tracks were recorded with original Guns N' Roses guitarist Izzy Stradlin during the Use Your Illusion I & II sessions. Those tracks were previously intended to be included in a combined Use Your Illusion album, consisting of three (or possibly even four) discs - instead of the two separate discs they ended up being.

"The Spaghetti Incident?" features song covers from the late Seventies / Eighties which influenced Axl Rose & Co., re-done in a typical Guns N' Roses fashion but with the aggressive attitude the band had at their origins.
This record is so underrated by critics and some fans as well as it doesn't contain any original material. If you put this album's logic as an actual GN'R new material record, "The Spaghetti Incident?" is very good and it still is even when it just include tracks that cover other band's songs.

There is definitely great music here where GN'R show so much talent and their constructive side is deeply shown by doing each song by their rules, and they sound better or totally different to the original.
Among the best there's Axl’s raging “I Don’t Care About You” and Nazareth’s “Hair of the Dog” where he really nails it, or Duff’s “Attitude”, and “Down On The Farm” which had been played live way back when Izzy was still in the band.

GUNS N' ROSES - The Spaghetti Incident [Japan SHM-CD LTD miniLP] (2016) back

The New York Dolls’ “Human Being” is a great Guns cover. “Ain’t It Fun” is also an angry standout featuring Michael Monroe on co-lead vocals.
Another curious track is Johnny Thunders’ “You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory”. This is actually a Duff McKagan solo track, an outtake recorded for his first solo album, Believe In Me.

"The Spaghetti Incident?” will go down in history as the last music of the Illusions sessions to be released, and also is the only album of the Rose / Slash / McKagan / Sorum / Clarke / Reed lineup.
This Japanese SHM-CD reissue is being sold at a reasonable price, so if you want a copy hurry up as it's a Limited Release.

01 - Since I Don't Have You
02 - New Rose
03 - Down On The Farm
04 - Human Being
05 - Raw Power
06 - Ain't It Fun
07 - Buick Makane
08 - Hair Of The Dog
09 - Attitude
10 - Black Leather
11 - You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory
12 - I Don't Care About You / Look At Your Game, Girl

W. Axl Rose – lead vocals, keyboards, kazoo
Slash – guitar, vocals, talkbox
Duff McKagan – bass, vocals, drums
Matt Sorum – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Dizzy Reed – keyboards, percussion, backing vocals
Gilby Clarke – rhythm guitar
Michael Monroe – co-lead vocals on "Ain't It Fun"



Tuesday, September 27, 2016

KIX - Can't Stop The Show: The Return Of Kix (2016)

KIX - Can't Stop The Show: The Return Of Kix (2016) full

0dayrox is proud to present the exclusive world-wide premiere of "Can't Stop The Show: The Return Of KIX", the new two-disc DVD/CD set from platinum-selling Maryland hard rock icons KIX to be released on October 21 via Loud & Proud Records.

The release is an in-depth look into KIX's decision to record their first new album, 2014's 'Rock Your Face Off', in almost 20 years. The DVD also features the making of the album from bassist Mark Schenker's studio, interviews with the band as well as notable rock artists such as Nuno Bettencourt of Extreme, Jeff LaBar of Cinderella, Share Ross of Vixen, key music industry veterans such as radio personality Eddie Trunk, Don Jamieson of That Metal Show on VH1 Classic as well as Luc Carl and Keith Roth of SiriusXM.

The CD, "Can't Stop The Show (Live)" offers never - before - released live KIX tracks recorded over the last three years. A bonus KIX logo sticker is inside the first manufacturing run, a special treat for KIX fans around the world, and each band member offers his own special contribution to the package's booklet including vocalist Steve Whiteman's rigorous exercise routine, cartoons by guitarist Brian "Damage" Forsythe, an essay by bassist Mark Schenker, a gear rundown by guitarist Ronnie "10/10" Younkins and a favorite recipe from drummer Jimmy Chalfant, a.k.a. "Chef Chocolate."

The album - mixed by guitarist since many years becoming record producer Brad Divens who was part of the very early Kix and recorded in their 'Cool Kids' album and later fronted Wrathchild America - has a vibrant punchy sound, with the band playing various tracks from the last album but also '80s classics such as 'Blow My Fuse', 'Midnite Dynamite' and one of my favorites, 'Cold Shower'.
Great rocking stuff

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - Wheels In Motion (Live)
02 - Rock Your Face Off (Live)
03 - Cold Shower (Live)
04 - Mean Miss Adventure (Live)
05 - You're Gone (Live)
06 - Cold Blood (Live)
07 - Can't Stop The Show (Live)
08 - Girl Money (Live)
09 - Love Me With Your Top Down (Live)
10 - Blow My Fuse (Live)
11 - Love Pollution (Live at Sirius-XM)
12 - Midnite Dynamite (Live at Sirius-XM)

Steve Whiteman: lead vocals
Ronnie Younkins: guitars, backing vocals
Brian Forsythe: guitars
Mark Schenker: bass, backing vocals
Jimmy Chalfant: drums, vocals

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