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Y&T - Contagious [Japan HR/HM 1000 reissue series] (2018) 0dayrox exclusive

Y&T - Contagious [Japan HR/HM 1000 reissue series] (2018) full

Universal Music Japan has started a curious but more than welcomed campaign: the reissue of long time out of print albums from their catalog titled 'HR/HM 1000', that meaning Hard Rock / Heavy Metal at the price of 1000 Yen = about 9,5 USD.
And it's curious because this series focus on the 'commercially less successful' albums from each band, which, anyway, were long time out of print.
We have ordered many, and start here with one of my favorites (and lesser known) Y&T albums: "Contagious".

For "Contagious", Dave Meniketti & co. changed recording label, Jimmy DeGrasso replaced founder drummer Leonard Haze, and they got Canadian Kevin Beamish (Keel, MSG, Starship) to produce... the aim? To record a BIG sounding melodic hard rock album with a huge hair metal glossy production.
The result is one of my favorite Y&T albums of all time.

Indeed, it's 1987 and everything boom on this Y&T record; multi-layered choruses, insane multi-tracked double guitar attack, a bombastic rhythm section and Dave's lead vocals sounding bigger than ever.
All tracks are pure US glam metal gold from 'L.A. Rocks' or the title track to 'Temptation' (co-written by Danger Danger's Al Pitrelli & Bruno Ravel) or 'Eyes of a Stranger'.

All killers, but if I have to pick a winner here it goes to 'Armed And Dangerous'... wow, that multi-layered choruses!

Y&T - Contagious [Japan HR/HM 1000 reissue series] (2018) back

Why in 1987 this album didn't put Y&T over the top and into the spotlight alongside Dokken, Cinderella or White Lion is beyond me. "Contagious" absolutely rocks with a glossy punch and the always solid songwriting team of Meniketti / bass player Phil Kennemore.
"Contagious" never was remastered, nor this reissue, but this Japanese release sounds fantastic.
It may be the new digital transfer technique - which augment the signal / Dynamic Range - so believe me, it's incredibly clear and powerful. This really improves all the previous versions of this terrific album.

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

Universal Music Japan 【UICY-78626】
H R / H M  1000 SERIES

01 - Contagious
02 - L.A. Rocks
03 - Temptation
04 - The Kid Goes Crazy
05 - Fight For Your Life
06 - Armed And dangerous
07 - Rhythm Or Not
08 - Bodily Harm
09 - Eyes Of A Stranger
10 - I'll Cry For You

Dave Meniketti - vocals, guitar
Joey Alves - guitar
Phil Kennemore - bass
Jimmy DeGrasso - drums
additional musicians:
Steffen Presley - keyboards, synths



38 SPECIAL - Special Forces [Japan Ltd. mini LP / SHM-CD remastered] (2018) 0dayrox exclusive

38 SPECIAL - Special Forces [Japan Ltd. mini LP / SHM-CD remastered] (2018) full

Yeah, Japan did it again: all the best 38 SPECIAL albums finally have been remastered, a 2017 fresh treatment using the original US analog master tapes and pressed on high quality SHM-CD. It's all done in wonderful cardboard sleeve mini LP replica, which also faithfully replicates the OBI design of the Japanese first pressing LP.
And now we have here in exclusive "Special Forces", another stupendous rocking album from 38 Special.

Released in 1982, "Special Forces" was 38 Special's entry to mainstream.
The album includes one of the best songs from their career and their first Top 10 hit; 'Caught Up in You', a hook-filled, smoothly sung radio rock gem that gets its energy from the grace and power of its chorus.
Yeah, the song is co-written by Survivor's Jim Peterik, who also co-wrote 3 song in total, 2 of them ending at the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart as well.

But the hooks and the well-proportioned rhythms don't stop there. "You Keep Runnin' Away" (also co-penned by Peterik) gave the album its second charted single, which peaked at number 38, and the borderline boogie rock dash of "Rough Housin'" is among Special Forces' best cuts.
Wisely, 38 Special kept the musical recipe similar to its last couple of releases, with the only striking difference coming from an even greater ability to design a memorable and punchy lead single.

However... the AOR sensibility started to arise in this album, and that's why I like this band so much.
The remaining Pererik track 'Chain Lightnin' is one of my favorites ever from the band. Think a mix of Survivor circa Eye Of The Tiger and the first Night Ranger album. Yeah, it's that good!

Later, "Breakin' Loose" fit in comfortably with the rest of the tracks, offering up a hearty dose of the group's early Southern rock taste, but again, with an AORish atmosphere.
'Take 'Em Out' sounds like a lost REO Speedwagon song - and still is classic 38 Special but with this 'new' 1982 commercial touch.

38 SPECIAL - Special Forces [Japan Ltd. mini LP / SHM-CD remastered] (2018) back

Darn, "Special Forces" brings back some memories... but above all, it's killer rocking album with that classic 1982-83 American sound.
As said before, we have here top class Southern rock tinged melodic rockers mixed with Survivor circa Eye Of The Tiger and Night Ranger's Dawn Patrol. Killer stuff if you ask me.
38 SPECIAL music isn't easy to remaster even with modern technology, because the band's harmonics are absolutely 'analog' and the digital treatment may destroy part of the charm.
This fresh 2017 remaster on SHM-CD is fa-bu-lous.

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

Universal Japan UICY-78568 【LTD SHM-CD】

01 - Caught Up In You
02 - Back Door Stranger
03 - Back On The Track
04 - Chain Lightnin'
05 - Rough-Housin'
06 - You Keep Running Away
07 - Breakin' Loose
08 - Take 'Em Out
09 - Firestarter

Donnie Van Zant - vocals
Don Barnes - guitar, vocals, backing vocals
Larry Junstrom - bass
Steve Brookins, Jack Grondin - drums
Steve McRay - keyboards
Jimmy Barnes - harmonica, harp
Jeff Carlisi - guitar, steel guitar
Terry Emery - percussion, piano
Carol Bristow, Lu Moss - vocals, backing vocals



BURNING POINT - The Ignitor [Re-Fired series] +2 (2018)

BURNING POINT - The Ignitor [Re-Fired series] +2 (2018) full

For us, Finnish power metallers BURNING POINT, an active part of the European Metal scene since the late '90s, are one of the best current exponents from the genre. Signed by AFM Records not so long ago, the label has been reissuing Burning Point older albums as part of their 'Re-Fired' series.
One of their best albums, "The Ignitor", just appeared this week, completes the series including two bonus tracks.

"The Ignitor" is an album that dabbles in the grey area somewhere between pure Euro Melodic Metal and more traditional Hard Rock. Good melodies, good hooks in lyrics and chorus, and a bunch of impressive well played guitar solos make this an entertaining listen.
In this album Burning Point moves with some deft craftsmanship that only comes with maturity.

Pete Ahonen is the singer and he has never sounded better. His vocals are mostly mid-ranged but powerful and clear. And yes he can hit the high note when called upon. He also shares guitar duties with Pekka Kolivuori and they produce some real crunchy riffs.
Some tracks are really metalized as opener "Eternal Flame", "In the Fires of My Self Made Hell" or "Heaven Is Hell". These have some standard power metal clichés, although the band's conviction allows them to rise above the crowd. They toss in enough good riffs and quality vocals to give them a proper edge, and are relatively short tracks (as many here, which benfits the listen).

BURNING POINT - The Ignitor [Re-Fired series] +2 (2018) booklet

But where Burning Point shines is on the more hard rockin' songs.
Notable moments include the hyper-melodic "In the Night", a truly awesome track which partly resurrects the sound of the long forgotten Fifth Angel, the ominous and darker groove of the title track, and the mega hooky chorus of "Silent Scream" (another highlight) where the band pays homage to Joe Lynn Turner-era Rainbow.

There are also some progressive elements that remind me of Queensryche, especially in the solid "Demon Inside You". The anthemic "Losing Sleep" is another really good moment, delivering some memorable melodies in a cross between Primal Fear and Jorn Lande's band Ark.
All these tracks feature really well placed keyboards in the mix which adds texture and climate to the music.

BURNING POINT - The Ignitor [Re-Fired series] +2 (2018) back

Certainly, one could say, "The Ignitor" is common fare for European power metal, and that person would be right. But you have more to discover here.
If you are not specifically a metal fan, you'll enjoy - at least - the half of the album via the melodic and classic sounding tracks mentioned above. This is a straight-forward, super accessible album with tons of hooks and nice performances by all involved.

Production is sharp and agile with a crispy sound in the Allen / Lande style, very well mixed as well.
Fundamentally, "The Ignitor" finds Burning Point in a really fine form delivering a great blend of melodic metal and groovy metallic hard rock. A kick ass record folks.
STRONGLY Recommended

01 - Eternal Flame (Salvation By Fire Part II)
02 - In The Fires Of My Self-Made Hell
03 - In The Night
04 - The Ignitor
05 - Silent Scream
06 - Heaven Is Hell
07 - Losing Sleep
08 - Demon Inside Of You
09 - Everdream
10 - Lost Tribe
11 - Holier Than Thou
12 - Ice Queen
13 - Blood Will Win

Pete Ahonen / Vocals & Guitars
Pekka Kolivuori / Guitars
Jukka Jokikokko / Bass
Jussi Ontero / Drums & Keyboards



O'REGAN - Tunnel Vision (CD version)

O'REGAN - Tunnel Vision (CD version) full

Talented British guitarist Vince O'Regan (Bob Catley, Legion, Paul Sabu, Kooga), one of the hardest working musicians from the melodic hard rock UK scene, has a very interesting solo career as well via his own band O'REGAN. This "Tunnel Vision", his second album, is in my opinion the best so far, requested again by one of you in its CD version (not sonic saturated as the digital release).

Again featuring a raft of highly respected Melodic Hard Rock singers, you can hear throughout the record lead vocals by Paul Sabu (Sabu, Only Child), Danny Veras (Veras), Simon Abbotts (Pulse), Stevie K (Escape UK) and O'reagan former partner in crime in Legion, Phil Vincent.
Also there's talented Eric Ragno providing a lot of keyboards, and when I say 'a lot' I mean it, because the material in "Tunnel Vision" is much more AOR oriented than O'Regan's first solo album.
Only the dark hard rocker "We Will Survive" rocks with an edgy sound, the rest of the tracks are really melodic.

Just listen the keyboard-driven AOR of "Fallen Angel", the really British sounding "Caught In The Act", or the soaring "Calm Before The Storm".
But if I have to pick a pure AOR cut here - and my favorite - "Nothing I Can Do About It" is the choice. With a feel recalling Alias, synths stabs, sharp rhythm guitars and an overall '80s vibe, this track is a winner.

There's more to enjoy in the Melodic Rock territory, such as "Price of Loving You", the Swedish influenced "If You Could See Me Now" (love that refrain), and midtempo closer "Escape".

O'REGAN - Tunnel Vision (CD version) back

For my surprise, O'Regan's "Tunnel Vision" resulted almost a pure AOR album. And a damn fine one.
The songs are strong, the vocalists have been cleverly chosen for each track and production is quite glossy. If you missed Vince O'Regan previous album or didn't liked its hard approach, you better check "Tunnel Vision" if rockin' AOR is your thing.

01. Fallen Angel
02. Lets Give Cheer
03. Price Of Loving You
04. Caught In The Act
05. Never Look Back
06. If You Could See Me Now
07. Nothing I Can Do About It
08. Calm Before The Storm
09. We Will Survive
10. Escape

Vince O'Regan (Legion) - guitars
Paul Sabu (Sabu, Only Child) - vocals
Danny Veras (Veras) - vocals
Phil Vincent (Legion) - vocals
Simon Abbotts (Pulse) - vocals
Stevie K (Escape UK) - vocals
Eric Ragno - keyboards
Gav Cooper (Legion) - bass
Andy Pierce (Escape UK) - drums



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PLEASURE MAKER - Dancin' With Danger (2018)

PLEASURE MAKER - Dancin' With Danger (2018) full

After many years, melodic hard rockers PLEASURE MAKER are releasing album, their third, titled "Dancin' With Danger". Alex Meister, guitar player and producer, came up with Pleasure Maker project in 2001. He was inspired by great bands such as Def Leppard, Dokken, Van Halen, Ratt and all the European melodic rock scene from the '80s.

The band released Love On The Rocks, its first album, in 2004, released in Japan in 2006 by Spiritual Beast records. Their music had huge positive feedback and great critic reviews on magazines and websites worldwide. In 2008, Twisted Desire, their second album, was released simultaneously in Europe and North America via Perris Records.
After a seven-year break, the band reunited in 2017 to record this third album, “Dancing With Danger”.

PLEASURE MAKER previous albums are really solid pieces of classic melodic hard rock, but “Dancing With Danger” surpasses both in all aspects. It's a mature recording with attention to detail, plenty of contagious tunes with that colorful and vibrant feel-good vibe, just like an '80s styled band of this ilk should. And better yet, they do not sound old fashioned at all.
There's a tight rhythm section and strong melodious lead vocals, but the star on the record is Meister's stupendous guitar work and the really well arranged multi-layered choruses.

The opening pair, title track 'Dancin' With Danger' and 'Chains Of Love', are hooky numbers crafted with that unmistakable glam metal ADN born in L.A. in the second half of the '80s.
Third track 'It Ain´t ´Bout Love' is even better, a classy midtempo with an awesome melody and clean choruses as heard later in 'Flesh And Blood'. Speaking about choruses, the effects used in 'She´s Gone Too Far' provide a unique feel.

If you need some good 'ole hair metal, 'Out There' bring back the glory Hollywood years, and on the harder side, the racing 'Rock the Night Away' keeps your adrenaline pumping, and shades of Ratt appear in 'On the Other Side Of Midnight' with a flashy (yet extremely effective) guitar work, never overdone.

Pleasure Maker formula has been proven thirty years ago, but few dare to put it in practice 2018 with this 'purest rendition' sound / style.
Indeed, "Dancin' With Danger" seems recorded 1988 - and by a skilled producer - mixing the guitar attack of Van Halen / Ratt with sticky choruses ala Danger Danger and lots of hooks.
Welcome back Pleasure Maker, please don't make us wait for so long for the next one.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 - Dancin' with Danger
02 - Chains of Love
03 - It Ain't 'bout Love
04 - On the Other Side of Midnight
05 - Rock the Night Away
06 - Flesh and Blood
07 - Lonely Is the Night
08 - Out There
09 - Never Look Back
10 - Matter of Feelings
11 - Runnin' out of Time
12 - She's Gone Too Far (Bonus Track)

Alex Meister - Guitar, vocals
Claudio Marçal - Lead Vocals
Mark Santanna - Bass
Adriano Morais - Drums, Vocals



ALICE COOPER - The Essential Alice Cooper; The Epic Years (2018)

ALICE COOPER - The Essential Alice Cooper; The Epic Years (2018) full

The just released "The Essential Alice Cooper; The Epic Years", as it title implies, a 2-album collection of legend ALICE COOPER songs while he was part of the Epic / Sony Records roster.
That means the period between 1989 - 1994, the most 'commercial' Alice era where he embraced the polished, glossy melodic hard rock sound from the era.

So you have here catchy tracks such as 'House of Fire', 'Poison', 'Hey Stoopid' alongside more elaborated songs like 'Dangerous Tonight' or the creepy 'Wind-Up Toy'. There's as well three live tracks to complete the package.
Sure, call it a cash-in from the record company, but it's great to have a Greatest Hits from Alice commercial era all together for half the price.

01 - Poison
02 - Bed of Nails
03 - Hey Stoopid
04 - House of Fire
05 - Spark in the Dark
06 - Trash
07 - Hell Is Living Without You
08 - I'm Your Gun
09 - Snakebite
10 - Burning Our Bed
11 - Dangerous Tonight
12 - Might As Well Be On Mars
13 - Hurricane Years
14 - Bad Place Alone
15 - You're My Temptation
16 - Stolen Prayer

01 - Love's a Loaded Gun
02 - Feed My Frankenstein
03 - Lost in America
04 - Only My Heart Talkin'
05 - It's Me
06 - Little By Little
07 - Die for You
08 - Dirty Dreams
09 - Wind-Up Toy
10 - Nothing's Free
11 - Sideshow
12 - Unholy War
13 - Cleansed By Fire
14 - No More Mr Nice Guy (Live)
15 - Billion Dollar Babies (Live)
16 - School's Out (Live)



SALTY DOG - Lost Treasure (2018)

SALTY DOG - Lost Treasure (2018) full

Finally, the unreleased songs by Californian hard rockers SALTY DOG are being available today under the title "Lost Treasure". Salty Dog formed in the mid-Eighties in Los Angeles and issued the album Every Dog Has Its Day in 1990. The band really did it very well, and at one point ruled the sunset strip and Hollywood. Things were looking so promising for this band but they were sadly lost in the shuffle when the grunge-rock movement hit in late 1991.

But before they fell silent they recorded some demos for a planned second release. I’m not sure if these are demos from that era or re-recorded. Now guitarist Pete Reveen resurrected these tunes and composed new songs for this fresh Salty Dog album.
We also find new vocalist Darrel Beach in place of original singer Jimmi Bleacher. The two do sound quite similar though to me and so an excellent fit.

"Lost Treasure" vaults into high gear right away with “Damned If I Do”. Musically, the song is total continuation of the 1990 album Every Dog Has Its Day. The track exudes that same catchiness and bluesy hard guitar riffs that we came to know from the debut.
Tracks like the mid-paced “I Need More” simply bang and crash their way through their runtime while “Walk Softly” displays some catchy hooks.
Probably my top choice for pick of the litter comes in track four, “Open Sezme”. Some excellent bluesy slide guitar, thundering drum beats, and Beach‘s venomous vocals all come together for a fantastic song.

A great low-end grind can be found in “All That Glitters”, “Woman Scorned” speaks of the same old adage and “Didju” simply pounds. There’s a little bit of a country flavor showing through in “Old Fashioned Love”, but not too much. It’s just a good foot-tapper of a song.
There are a couple of lighter moments to the disc in “Mission On A Hill”, “Honeysuckle Wind” and “When Fools Rush In”, and we have an acoustic, finger-pickin’ ballad in “Honeysuckle Wind” with that early Nineties feel.

I’ve long cherished Every Dog Has Its Day and now "Lost Treasure" upholds that perfectly. Some real barn-burning rockers collected here, American late '80s American hard rock played just as it should be.
The songs on “Lost Treasure” should have been released many moons ago, but it's so good that the band have proved that a good dog can't be put down, this dog lives to fight another day.
Highly Recommended

01 - Damned If I Do
02 - I Need More
03 - Walk Softly
04 - Open Sezme
05 - Mission on a Hill
06 - All That Glitters
07 - Woman Scorned
08 - Honeysuckle Wind
09 - Didju
10 - Old Fashioned Love
11 - When Fools Rush In

Darrel Beach ­- Vocals
Pete Reveen -­ Guitar, Banjo
Khurt Maier ­- Drums
Hilljack Hannon - Bass



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JARI TIURA - King Of Lions (2018) 0dayrox exclusive

JARI TIURA - King Of Lions (2018) 0dayrox exclusive full

Finnish vocalist JARI TIURA - ex Michael Schenker Group and current Stargazery - is releasing his debut solo album "King Of Lions" via AOR Heaven Records.
The album is a bit different from Jari's previous works, having more of an AOR feel to it but also with a genuine hard rock vibe.

As vocalist, Tiura has been strongly influenced by Ronnie James Dio, something you can appreciate in his very good two recorded albums with Stargazery (both featured here on this blog), already a band with a noticeable Rainbow-like sound.
He owns a powerful voice with some range, which wraps around the melody and harmony of every song in "King Of Lions", much more melodic than ever before.

Musically, the album is mostly melodic hard rock oriented with a little edge, yet wrapped in AOR accessibility. The hard rock angle comes from the inherent big beat and groove present in every arrangement. The edge arrives from the sharp guitar riffage, the sometimes heavy bottom end, and the blistering guitar solos, which are abundant and killer from Yrjo Ella - new to me, but he's the bomb when it comes to guitar work

The AOR presence is informed by all these things, but mostly from the deliberate melody and keyboard presence, also from the attention to catchy and memorable refrains.
As a whole, "King Of Lions" is the perfect storm of classic metal-infused AOR melodic hard rock album.

Every song here is interesting, entertaining, and so, satisfying, cleverly arranged to create very solid pieces of timeless Rock music.
My favorite is the very catchy melodic hard rocker 'Friends And Foes', but also the midtempo bass-pumped AOR of 'London', the inspirational 'Take On The World' (akin Black Sabbath / Tony Martin circa 1987), and the guitar-driven monsters 'Blue Sky Lightning' and 'Away From All The Magic and Wonder', the latter with a strong classic Hammond organ all over.
Then, to balance the CD, a fine piano based ballad comes with 'Lion Of Judah', with a certain Scandi sound.

RICHIE KOTZEN - I'm Coming Out (2011)tracks

Despite of his more 'classic hard rock' pedigree as vocalist Jari Tiura's debut "King Of Lions" perfectly fits the AOR Heaven Records roster. As said, Tiura's vocal style has a strong Dio influence, but he turned the performances here much more melodious.
The result is some kind of 'heavy AOR', and I like it.
The album cover artwork (very good) and the promotional photos give you a hint of it: fire and ice, power and melody, rocking riffs and melodic vocals / keys.
Highly Recommended

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - Away from All the Magic and Wonder
02 - London
03 - Friends and Foes
04 - Human
05 - Lion of Judah
06 - Dreamchaser
07 - Silent Moon
08 - Take on the World
09 - Blue Sky Lightning

Jari Tiura - vocals
Yrjo Ella - guitars
Jaan Wessman - bass, drums
Jussi Kulomaa, Mikko Kangasjarvi - keyboards
Jani Kemppinen - keyboards, synths



NO HOT ASHES - No Hot Ashes (2018)

BLACK ACES - Shot In The Dark [European CD version +3] (2016) full

Sometimes good things take a long time to make, like a tasty 12 year old single malt Scotch whisky. In the case of NO HOT ASHES... exactly 34 years. Indeed, this fantastic Northern Irish AOR band will release their debut album, "NHA / No Hot Ashes" via Frontiers Music.

Formed in 1983, they were influenced by all the great bands; Journey, Foreigner, Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy and Ozzy. They put out their first single ‘She Drives Me Crazy’ in1986. Around this period they landed support slots with Mama’s Boys, Magnum, Girlschool, and more.
No Hot Ashes to sign a record deal with GWR Records in 1988, joining Motorhead, Girlschool and Hawkwind on the roster of talent, recording their first album later that year. The band upped sticks and headed off to London to be nearer to their record company.
Like many, what began with a new hope, ended in disaster, as the album was never released and the group disbanded in 1990.

Fast forward to 2013 when somebody got the brilliant idea to reunite the band for a one-off reunion show. That flame ignited a fire and the band found themselves supporting rock icons like FM, Aerosmith, Foreigner, UFO, and Scorpions.
In 2017, No Hot Ashes returned to the studio to record their first full-length album, carefully guided by FM's bass player Merv Goldsworthy and drummer Pete Jupp.
While long overdue, the album arrives with some sorrow. Founding member and bass player Paul Boyd succumbed to cancer in the same year. The album is respectfully dedicated to him.

“Come Alive” sounds as vibrant as it should given that they’ve waited three decades to get some tunes out there. A kind of modern take on melodic rock, any similarities to FM are purely intentional given that Merv Goldsworthy and Pete Jupp twiddle the knobs here.
The type of record where the keyboards are as important as the guitar, it is confident and classy AOR stuff.

The same could be said for the rest of it, in truth. There is a touch of Toby Jepson (Fastway, Little Angels) about Eamon Nancarrow’s vocals throughout, but particularly on “Good To Look Back”, while the soaring hook and fine solo will make you wonder why they left it so long.
“Satisfied” with its knowing sass, is a masterclass in how to do mature melodic hard rock – and yes, fists are meant to go in the air here – while the AOR ballad “Boulders” is rare in its poetry and introspection.

About halfway through the record comes – perhaps – its key moment.
“I’m Back” (irony in the title probably intended) begins with an exultant scream. Whether it’s the glee of finally getting this out only they know, but crikey, it sounds like it might be.
Like all the best music of this type, there is a pulse, a crunch and a throb about “NHA”. “Glow” has all those things, and still sounds slick.
“Over Again” on the other hand, gets bonus points for three things. 1) starting with a solo – always ace 2) Big, unashamed harmonies and 3) A Thin Lizzy style twin solo at the end.

“Johnny Redhead” is essentially the best song Little Angels didn’t get on their debut, and “Souls” not only tells the story of a small-town girl (probably in a lonely world) and a small-town boy (where he was born and raised is unclear) but also has hints of Journey just in case you weren’t sure.
It finishes in just about the same strident fashion it began. Aptly, “Running Red Lights” shows everyone a clean pair of heels before heading for the horizon as fast as it can. Just like pure melodic hard rock should, frankly.

Forget the back story, if “NHA” was a debut record by a new band it’d be lauded as special. Add in everything that happened along the way to No Hot Ashes and it becomes exceptional.
This is pure '80s sounding stuff, from songwriting to production. What I like about this is that it's been more than 3 decades in the making, and it sounds like that have given blood, sweat and tears to every song.
They have not overplayed it either, and at just 10 tracks (plus a bonus), there is not a filler in sight, when they could have had a tendency to put 15 songs on it, and make it a bit ‘meh!’
It's a lovely album all over, classy Melodic Rock / AOR, and one of my favorites this year so far.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 - Come Alive
02 - Good to Look Back
03 - Satisfied
04 - Boulders
05 - I'm Back
06 - Glow
07 - Over Again
08 - Jonny Redhead
09 - Souls
10 - Running Red Lights
11 - I Will (Bonus Track)

Eamon Nancarrow (Vocals)
Niall Diver, Davey Irvine (Guitars)
Paul Boyd (Bass)
Tommy Dickson (Keyboards)
Steve Strange (Drums)
special guest:
Pat (The Professor) McManus - Fiddle on 'I Will'



L.A. GUNS - Made In Milan (2018)

BLACK ACES - Shot In The Dark [European CD version +3] (2016) full

It finally happened: after more than ten years of dispute and chit-chat, guitarist Tracii Guns and vocalist Phil Lewis reunited in 2016 under the L.A. GUNS banner again and released the band's comeback album The Missing Peace. The energized L.A. GUNS then performed at the Frontiers Rock Festival last year and the show is now being released tomorrow by Frontiers Music under the title "Made In Milan".

Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns have a definite 'something special' factor, and it’s sacrilege the two have been separated for so many years. Last year’s new studio album The Missing Peace was the best L.A. Guns album in years, and showed just how much music-making prowess these guys still have, be it in the studio or on the live stage.
"Made In Milan" lives up to the hype; these live recordings kill it from start to finish. If you’re at all an L.A. Guns fans, this is a must own.

Too many artists have dwindled over the years, but Lewis and Guns are one of those legendary duos that transcend time. The youthful, Sunset Strip atmosphere and energy have been infused into the band once more, and there is no denying that the twosome, along with the other players on the record, have a great chemistry. They make this a live concert for the ages.
It’s not a boring nostalgia trip with two guys well past their prime; it’s the real deal.

The setlist mostly emphasizes the classic three L.A. Guns records from the late 80s /early 90s, but throws in a handful of unexpected surprises, including some crazy solos and wel-done medleys.
The band was on fire that night, and it is impossible to resist these sharp and kick-ass live renditions of “Electric Gypsy”, “Killing Machine”, “Sex Action”, “Speed”, and “Malaria”.
Of course you also get “The Ballad Of Jayne” for a great slower moment to break up the set and make you wish people held up lighters still instead of cell phones. Tracii is positively a maniac on this, giving one of the best performances of the dude’s career.

The duo that defined L.A. Guns in their classic years is back again, with a strong performance over a very well select setlist. Tracii proves why he’s one of the go-to guys for guitar, and Lewis’ voice is as raspy as ever, giving these songs the soul and the energy that they require.
Harder than on record and with a rough attitude, the Americans are rocking like hell on these fourteen tracks. Everything fully live without a net as shown by one or two little flaws in “Kiss My Love Goodbye“, but this is a fantastic live release that will give the fans what they want.
A true, authentic, hot live recording.
Highly Recommended

01. No Mercy
02. Electric Gypsy
03. Killing Machine
04. Bow Solo / Over the Edge
05. The Bitch Is Back
06. Sex Action
07. Speed
08. One More Reason
09. Kiss My Love Goodbye
10. Don't Look At Me That Way
11. Malaria
12. Never Enough
13. Jelly Jam
14. The Ballad of Jayne
15. Rip and Tear

Phil Lewis - vocals
Tracii Guns - guitar
Michael Grant - guitar
Johnny Martin - bass
Shane Fitzgibbon - drums

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THUNDER - Stage [2-CD Digipak] (2018)

THUNDER - Stage [2-CD Digipak] (2018) full

THUNDER will release a new live album tomorrow, March 23 via earMUSIC. "Stages" was recorded at Cardiff’s Motorpoint Arena last year and will be available on various formats.

The release features hits from right across the band's career and includes classics like 'Backstreet Symphony', 'Low Life In High Places' and 'Love Walked In' and brings things right up to date with tracks from 2017s top-3 album, title track 'Rip It Up' and 'She Likes The Cocaine'.

Thunder, a noted and globally in demand live act, were captured at Cardiff's Motorpoint Arena on 24th March 2017 during the UK Tour; and the band also played Europe, North America, Asia, across Germany with Alice Cooper, and recently in Japan for some 2018 dates.
Killer record from a killer band.

THUNDER - Stage [2-CD Digipak] (2018) back

CD 1:
01 - No One Gets out Alive (Live)
02 - The Enemy Inside (Live)
03 - River of Pain (Live)
04 - Resurrection Day (Live)
05 - Right from the Start (Live)
06 - Backstreet Symphony (Live)
07 - Higher Ground (Live)
08 - In Another Life (Live)

CD 2:
01 - The Thing I Want (Live)
02 - Don't Wait for Me (Live)
03 - Rip It Up (Live)
04 - Love Walked In (Live)
05 - I Love You More Than Rock'n'Roll (Live)
06 - Wonder Days (Live)
07 - She Likes the Cocaine (Live)
08 - Dirty Love (Live)

Danny Bowes - Vocals
Luke Morley - Guitars
Harry James - Drums
Ben Matthews - Guitars, Keyboards
Chris Childs - Bass



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