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EISLEY GOLDY - Blood, Guts And Games [Japan Edition] (2017)

EISLEY GOLDY - Blood, Guts And Games [Japan Edition] (2017) full

Singer David Glen Eisley and guitarist Craig Goldy, both formerly of GIUFFRIA, have joined forces in EISLEY/GOLDY, a partnership which sees the two artists bring back the signature sound that launched their careers in the early '80s. Their debut CD "Blood, Guts And Games" will be released on December 1st, 2017 through Frontiers Music Srl, and tomorrow November 22, in Japan including the exclusive bonus track 'To A Friend'.

01. The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter
02. I Don't Belong Here Anymore
03. Lies I Can Live With
04. No More Prayers in the Dark
05. Love of the Game
06. Wings of a Hurricane
07. Life, If Only a Memory
08. Soul of Madness
09. Track Thirteen
10. Believe in One Another
11. To a Friend (Japan Bonus Track)

Craig Goldy (guitar, keyboards, bass)
David Glen Eisley (vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass, hammond)
Ron Wikso (drums)
Chuck Wright (bass)
Alessandro Del Vecchio - mixing, mastering



OPERATION MINDCRIME - The New Reality [Japan Edition] (2017)

OPERATION MINDCRIME - The New Reality [Japan Edition] (2017) full

OPERATION: MINDCRIME, the band led by former QUEENSRYCHE singer Geoff Tate, will release "A New Reality", the third and final of a concept album trilogy exploring international politics, the world economy and social ethos, on December 1 via Frontiers Music Srl. The Japanese Edition will see the light tomorrow, November 22.

Operation: Mindcrime is a creative platform that continues in the spirit of the historic album of the same name, spawning concepts as grand as the music, and intertwining the intensity of the former Queensryche vocalist’s iconic past with the provocative, progressive mindset that has made him one of music’s most resolute forces and frontmen.
Joined by a cast of stellar musicians, Kelly Gray, John Moyer, Simon Wright, Scott Mercado, Scott Moughton, Brian Tichy, and Mike Ferguson, whose talent and resumes speak volumes for the quality of musicianship that will be on display here, "The New Reality" is a another strong progressive hard rock / metal entry from Tate.

01. A Head Long Jump
02. Wake Me Up
03. It Was Always You
04. The Fear
05. Under Control
06. The New Reality
07. My Eyes
08. A Guitar In Church?
09. All For What?
10. The Wave
11. Tidal Change
12. The Same Old Story
13. Take Hold Of The Flame (Live Acoustic) *
* Japan Bonus Track

John Moyer - Bass
Simon Wright - Drums
Brian Tichy - Drums
Scott Moughton - Guitars, Vocals
Kelly Gray - Guitars, Vocals
Randy Gane - Keyboards
Geoff Tate - Vocals, Keyboards, Saxophone



JONO - Life [Japanese Edition] (2017)

JONO - Life [Japanese Edition] (2017) full

01. Sailors
02. Crown
03. No Return
04. On The Other Side
05. Downside
06. To Be Near You
07. My Love
08. The Magician
09. Trust
10. The March
11. Crown (Remix) (Japan Bonus Track)

Johan Norrby (vocals)
Stefan Helleblad (lead guitar)
Leo Olsson (rhythm guitar)
Janne Henriksson (bass)
Nicka Hellenberg (drums)
Johan Carlgren (piano and keyboards)



RAINTIMES - Raintimes (2017)

RAINTIMES - Raintimes (2017) full

01. Forever Gone
02. Make My Day
03. Don’t Ever Give Up
04. Swan
05. I Need Tonight
06. Raintimes
07. Just A Little Bit More
08. Empty Days
09. Together As Friends
10. Missing Piece
11. I See The Light

Michael Shotton (Von Groove) - Vocals
Iván González (Secret, 91 Suite) - Guitars
Sven Larsson (Street Talk, Charming Grace) - Guitars
Andrea Gipponi (Room Experience) - Bass
"Zorro" Monti (Shining Line, Charming Grace, Room Experience) - Drums & Percussion
Davide "Dave Rox" Barbieri (Wheels Of Fire, Charming Grace, Room Experience) - Keyboards & Backing Vocals

Niclas Olsson - Keyboards on 5
Philip Lindstrand - Backing Vocals on 5
Alessandro Del Vecchio: Keyboards, Backing Vocals on 7
Erica Trovato: Backing Vocals on 9
Jesús Espín: Backing Vocals on 10
Daniel Flores: Percussion on 11
Michele Luppi: Keyboards on 11



PRETTY BOY FLOYD - Public Enemies [Japan Edition] (2017)

PRETTY BOY FLOYD - Public Enemies [Japan Edition] (2017) full

01 - S.A.T.A.
02 - Feel The Heat
03 - High School Queen
04 - Girls All Over The World
05 - American Dream
06 - We Can't Bring Back Yesterday
07 - We Got The Power
08 - Do Ya Wanna Rock
09 - Run For Your Life
10 - Shock The World
11 - Paint It On
12 - 7 Minutes In Heaven
13 - Star Chaser
14 - So Young So Bad
15 - Look But Don't Touch (Japan Bonus Track)

Kristy Majors - Guitar, Background Vocals
Steve Summers - Lead Vocals
JK Famous - Bass, Background Vocals
Jimmy Mess - Drums, Background Vocals



BURN - Ice Age (2017)

BURN - Ice Age (2017) full

Celebrated UK rockers BURN are back with a new album titled "Ice Age", mastered and ready for release soon. Away from the music scene for nearly 10 years since the critically and commercially well received third album Global Warning, finally another slab of classic British hard rock is on the way.

Some things have changed in the BURN camp during the last decade.
Singer Jeff Ogden, drummer Benji Reid, and guitarist Julian Nicholas (although he's still featured on one track on the new album) are no longer part of the line-up, but for this 2017 effort all have been replaced with a couple of outstanding new members.

On lead vocals BURN welcome none other than Steve Newman of NEWMAN. Steve Newman has been releasing very consistent quality melodic rock albums, as well as working in other projects. However, Newman has been confirmed as permanent BURN member, the first band that he has committed himself to for many years. And he was truly involved in the creation of this album.

The other new guy in the band is the ridiculously talented Chris Green who brings his incendiary lead guitar skills to BURN. Chris Green is the current lead guitarist of TYKETTO and hard rock fans will remember him from FURYON, RRUBICON CROSS and cult UK melodic rockers PRIDE, along with various other projects.
His sense of melody and feel combined with tremendous technique have produced some awe-inspiring solos on this album, and the man is one of the selling points, believe me.

BURN's history started in the heyday of melodic rock in the '80s and from that foundation, through "Global Warning" and now "Ice Age", the band has developed into a modern hard rock act.
With a multitude of influences and an open-minded view on songwriting, this is quite varied album, while still retaining the core elements of power and melody.

Produced by BURN founder member Barney Stackhouse (keyboards and songwriter), and mixed by the Grammy award winning Tobias Lindell (Europe, H.E.A.T.) "Ice Age" sounds fantastic.
With Lindell putting everything into place, there's guarantee of a pristine output, with a modern, updated kick for this BURN 2017.

BURN - Ice Age (2017) inside

While the band's two fist albums were melodic rock oriented, the third was pure hard rock.
Well, "Ice Age" and this BURN 2017 is a healthy mix of both.
There's muscular numbers in 'Irontown' a song with a House Of Lords current feel (and a great chorus), 'Twenty Twenty' (like a ballsier TEN), the groovy 'Sink Together', and the darker 'Punishment Of Lust'.

But you can't deny Newman's touch on many songs, and the Melodic Rock appear.
Just check rhythmically rich 'Hate', the classy verses of 'Jelousy', and the pretty awesome piano ballad 'Wasteland'.
As said, this is a varied album, and BURN deliver a stupendous acoustically driven tune in 'The Girl Who Wanted Everything, a song with some synth orchestrations as well and very good harmony vocals. This song bring to mind THUNDER.
Then 'Live Again' adds some elecronics as happens on recent NEWMAN solo records, but don't be fooled, this is a meaty melodic hard rocker with a strong chorus.

For the end, title track 'Ice Age' is one of the highlights. The pumping bass lines and sharp rhythm guitars drive the verses greatly performed by Newman, and the chorus soar. In the middle, there's some heavier parts, great keys, swirling licks, all crowned by a monster guitar solo, before the song ends in full force with a synth coda.

Despite its member changes, BURN has no lost an appice of their power and quality arrangements / songwriting. On the contrary, with the addition of Steve Newman & Chris Green the band gained melody and punch on equal parts, and you can hear that all over "Ice Age".
This is true British Melodic Hard Rock inspired by the classic '80s style with a modern, updated, and at places, tremendous production sound.
HIGHLY Recommended

01. Global Warning
02. Irontown
03. Jelousy
04. Hate
05. Sink Together
06. The Girl Who Wanted Everything
07. Live Again
08. Wasteland
09. Love Song
10. Twenty Twenty
11. Punishment Of Lust
12. Payback
13. Ice Age

Steve Newman - Vocals
Phil Hammond - Guitar
Chris Green - Lead Guitar
Barney Stackhouse - Keyboards
Marc Stackhouse - Bass
Julian Nicolas - guest Guitar

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Monday, November 20, 2017

V.A. - 0dayrox Advanced Releases December 2017 - Vol.2

BLACK ACES - Shot In The Dark [European CD version +3] (2016) full

Near the end of the year still there's a very interesting release schedule with potential Album of the Year status.

There's great news; the greatest Rock band in the world (at least for me) TOTO, are back into the studio. If the initial single from the band's upcoming retrospective set 40 Trips Around The Sun has a hint of familiarity, that’s not too surprising. The song titled 'Alone' could have easily fit into the sonic scheme of their last studio effort, Toto XIV – and that, in turn, harkened back to the feel and textures of Toto’s first five releases.
Love this!

Via Frontiers Music we have a fresh advanced single from OPERATION: MINDCRIME new album The New Reality, the third and final chapter in the musical trilogy from iconic metal vocalist Geoff Tate. Check out the new single 'Under Control'.

Also on Frontiers, one of the most brilliant bands apperared in the last ten years, Swedish melodic rockers JONO, will release their new album 'Life' on December 1st. Check the awesome new single 'Crown'.

RAINTIMES is the new, killer melodic rock project featuring Italian musicians Pierpaolo “Zorro” Monti (Charming Grace, Shining Line) and Davide Barbieri (Wheels Of Fire, Charming Grace) together with singer Michael Shotton (Von Groove), that will release their debut album on December via Frontiers Music. 'Don't Ever Give Up' is advance, a fantastic AOR / melodic rocker.

Via Frontiers Music we have excellent news: In December they will release Blood, Guts And Games, the debu album by EISLEY / GOLDY. Yeah, singer David Glen Eisley and guitarist Craig Goldy, both formerly of Giuffria, have joined forces again in a partnership which sees the two artists bring back the signature sound that launched their careers in the early ‘80s. Just check the new single 'Soul of Madness'.
Original Giuffria drummer Alan Krigger is featured in the music video, and also original Giuffria bassist Chuck Wright also plays on a few tracks on the album. It's some kind of GIUFFRIA comeback!

Hollywood legend PRETTY BOY FLOYD return with their new album Public Enemies, out on December via Frontiers Music. A new single surfaced, 'We Got the Power', a furious hard rocker with lots of venom. Having outlasted many of the critics who cried “they’ll never make it,“ Pretty Boy Floyd continues to record and tour the world winning over news fans both young and old.

Classy AOR act HOUSTON have presented 'Amazing', the indeed awesome new single from their upcoming album 'III'. This is a 'double sided' single, and this is the album version, a superb slice of '80ws music.

A new group is about to be unleashed as Kivel Records are ready to release the debut album from ROMEO RIOT, a “supergroup” of sorts uniting members of Tango Down and Bombay Black, a former Farcry band member and ace Melodic Rock songwriter Jace Pawlak. 'Twist Of Fate' is the great second single.

Swedish Melodic Rock / AOR favorites ROULETTE have just released the lovely single 'The Only Way', while the band continues recording the songs for their long awaited upcoming new album.

And we have advances from the upcoming albums by '80s American rockers ATOMIC LIP BOMB, MADMAN'S LULLABY, KING'S CALL, really good melodic rockers WIKDNITE, and a new DOWN 'N OUTZ song titled 'Overnight Angels (Live)'.

01 - Toto - Alone (Newly Recorded 2017)
02 - Houston - Amazing
03 - Raintimes - Don't Ever Give Up
04 - Eisley - Goldy - Soul of Madness
05 - JoNo - Crown
06 - Roulette - The Only Way
07 - Romeo Riot - Twist Of Fate
08 - Operation Mindcrime - Under Control
09 - Pretty Boy Floyd - We Got the Power
10 - Atomic Lip Bomb - Blow It Up!
11 - Madman's Lullaby - One Shot
12 - King's Call - S.O.S.
13 - Wildnite - Days of No Trust
14 - Down 'N' Outz - Overnight Angels (Live)

Only at 0dayrox


V.A. - 0dayrox Advanced Releases December 2017 - Vol.1

V.A. - 0dayrox Advanced Releases December 2017 - Vol.1 full

Near the end of the year still there's a very interesting release schedule with potential Album of the Year status.
Via Frontiers Music we have an advanced single from OPERATION: MINDCRIME new album The New Reality, the third and final chapter in the musical trilogy from iconic metal vocalist Geoff Tate.

RAINTIMES is the new, killer melodic rock project featuring Italian musicians Pierpaolo “Zorro” Monti (Charming Grace, Shining Line) and Davide Barbieri (Wheels Of Fire, Charming Grace) together with singer Michael Shotton (Von Groove), that will release their debut album on December via Frontiers Music. 'Swan' is the third single, the ballad from the disc crafted in the classic genre's shape.

Hollywood legend PRETTY BOY FLOYD return with their new album Public Enemies, out on December via Frontiers Music. A new single surfaced, 'Feel the Heat', a furious hard rocker with blazing guitars. Having outlasted many of the critics who cried “they’ll never make it,“ Pretty Boy Floyd continues to record and tour the world winning over news fans both young and old.

Next year, Frontiers Music will release the new AMMUNITION album, the super band including Age Sten Nilsen (former WIG WAM) and the multi-talented Erik Mårtensson (ECLIPSE, W.E.T.).
The first taste of what's to come, 'Wrecking Crew' (written by Nilsen and Mårtensson), has already appeared ins its full length, original album version. Killer stuff.

Also via Frontiers we got another DOWN 'N OUTZ album, the side project fronted by Def Leppard's Joe Elliott, backed by The Quireboys and playing rare tracks from the Bristish Classic Rock era.

Swedish melodic rockers THE POODLES are back with 'It’s No Good', the new single from the upcoming album Prisma, in virtual and physical stores early 2018. It's a surprising cover of DEPECHE MODE, and very well done. “Depeche Mode is such an influential band and their darker '90s stuff is really cool!” says lead singer Jakob Samuel.

From Sweden as well, classy AOR act HOUSTON have presented 'Amazing', the indeed awesome new single from their upcoming album 'III'. This is a 'double sided' single, and this version is the 'B-side' : 'Amazing (Midnight Motel Retrowave Remix)', not to be present on the album tracklist. I love the way the band has re-mixed the song with a 'synthwave retro feel' bringing to mind arcade '80s games. Love it !

A scorching 2017 version of 'Follow Your Heart' is the first single from Born To Touch Your Feelings - Best Of Rock Ballads, the new album by legend SCORPIONS to be released soon. The disc features classic songs re-recorded and newly composed.

A shelved, previously unreleased collection of tracks from the late BRETT WALKER will be released soon. The lovely AOR wave of 'Always A Place' is the first advance.
Also AORsters MECCA will release a demo collection, with tracks that never made into an album plus pre-production versions. 'Pamela (Unreleased Demo)' is the first single and the sound quality is stupendous.

Next year Kivel Records will release the debut album from new project STEEL CITY, including very good singer Bryan Cole (who released a very good melodic rock album some time ago) and guitarist Mike Floros. The first single is a terrific melodic hard rock tune.

Finally, talented Swedish melodic rockers WILDNESS will release a full album album via a respected label: AOR Heaven. 'Alibi' is the new single from an album which promises a lot.
Also acclaimed UK hard rock band BURN are back with a new album soon, 'Jealousy' is the punchy first single.

01 - Operation Mindcrime - Wake Me Up
02 - Ammunition - Wrecking Crew
03 - The Poodles - It's No Good
04 - Houston - Amazing (Midnight Motel Retrowave Remix)
05 - Scorpions - Follow Your Heart (Version 2017)
06 - Burn - Jealousy
07 - Steel City - Turn Around
08 - Raintimes - Swan
09 - Brett Walker - Always A Place (Previously Unreleased)
10 - Mecca - Pamela (Unreleased Demo)
11 - Wildness - Alibi
12 - Pretty Boy Floyd - Feel the Heat
13 - Madman's Lullaby - Melt Down
14 - Down 'n' Outz - Storm (Live)

Only at 0dayrox


JESSICA WOLFF - Grounded (2017)

JESSICA WOLFF - Grounded (2017)  full

Singer, actress, stunt-woman, martial artist, extreme sports junkie, JESSICA WOLFF is a very independent and busy young woman. Her first passion though is music and since she began singing and performing in her native Finland when she was just twelve years old, making music has been her abiding delight, the consequence of which is a raising, promising musical career. "Grounded" is JESSICA WOLFF new album (her second), showcasing the talents of not only an accomplished singer, but also a strong songwriter.

Many specialized music magazines and critics raved about JESSICA WOLFF's debut album. This second effort "Grounded" is a much more elaborated piece of work mixing melodic rock punch with a power rock&pop feeling.
Jessica's vocal performance has grown considerably; getting the super-talented Sofia Lilja (Nubian Rose) as vocal coach has paid its dues.

Opener 'Reckless' is a declaration of attitude, all piss and vinegar, with Jessica belting out the lyrics with a come and try to knock me down chip on her shoulder.
This mind-set continues on 'Playing For Keeps', title track 'Grounded', the rocking 'Roots' and the bouncy 'Magic Castle', all of which are great slabs of melodic Rock / pop with bucket loads of vitality thrown into the mix for good measure.
Of course there's a couple of ballads and poppier songs, however quite solid and really well played, arranged and performed.

JESSICA WOLFF - Grounded (2017) booklet

With a tight production, punchy (and very good) musicianship, a young Lady with a strong voice and tons of attitude, there's a lot to like about this 'Grounded', JESSICA WOLFF.
Oh, and she looks gorgeous...

01 - Reckless
02 - Chase Me Down
03 - Playing for Keeps
04 - War
05 - Under Your Spell
06 - Grounded
07 - Arrow
08 - Saving Someone Else
09 - Roots
10 - Magic Castle
11 - Love Me Like You Never Did Before (Album Mix)
12 - Love Me Like You Never Did Before (Video Mix)

Jessica Wolff – vocals
Ari Manninen – guitar
Sebastian Lindqvist – guitar
Cheri Martin – bass
Jarno Vanhanen – drums



Sunday, November 19, 2017

PAUL DEAN (Loverboy) - Hard Core [remastered reissue] (2017)

PAUL DEAN (Loverboy) - Hard Core [remastered reissue] (2017) full

Great news: LOVERBOY's creative force / guitarist PAUL DEAN debut solo album "Hard Core", originally released in 1989 on Columbia Records, is now available for the first time digitally on all major outlets. The album has been remastered by Dean himself, and the release is just a prelude for PAUL DEAN's long-awaited new material which he has been working on, promising an ongoing series of single releases described as "poppy catchy melodic rock tunes, a couple of ballads, and some 'balls to the wall' rocking stuff".

"Hard Core" spotlights Dean's fiercely distinctive guitar work on a series of songs that rock hard and show off classic influences, ranging from sharp hard rockers to awesome melodic rock / AOR melodies.
The album's first single, 'Sword & Stone', a mythic tale of King Arthur and Excalibur written by PAUL STANLEY, BRUCE KULICK and DESMOND CHILD, was originally slated for KISS' Crazy Nights album, and later additionally recorded by the German BONFIRE in 1989 for the film Shocker and accompanying soundtrack.Desmond originally pitched the song to Dean during the New Jersey sessions where Paul co-wrote 'Notorious' with JON BON JOVI and RICHIE SAMBORA, (with additional contributions from MIKE RENO and the late TODD CERNEY), which appeared on LOVERBOYS's Wildside album in 1987.

Another track on the album, 'Under the Gun', features a JON BON JOVI harmonica solo (and backing vocals), which took place while Dean was mixing his album at Vancouver's Little Mountain Sound Studios with BOB ROCK, while BON JOVI were making 'New Jersey' in an adjacent room with producer Bruce Fairbairn.

'Draw the Line', written by BRYAN ADAMS / JIM VALLANCE, was previously recorded by TED NUGENT for his 1984 'Penetrator 'album, with vocals by BRIAN HOWE, who was PAUL RODGERS' replacement as lead singer in BAD COMPANY.
Coincidentally, when Dean went out on tour to promote "Hard Core", his band opened for the same BAD COMPANY, fronted by Howe.

Other tracks include the rocking, self-penned 'Doctor', the raucous fan favorite 'Black Sheep' (killer song, I love this rocker), 'Action' (co-written with LOVERBOY rhythm section, drummer MATT FRENETTE and bassist KENNETH "Spider" SINNAEVE and dedicated to Kenny Shields, who recently passed away) and the very timely 'Politics', which was originally a stab at a well-known Canadian pop singer's hypocritical stance. With a grin, it is still someone Dean still refuses to identify by name.

After "Hard Core", PAUL DEAN went on to record two more "solo" albums, including Machine, released in 1995 by Strawberry Records in Canada, and Blackstone, featuring singer Marc LaFrance, in 1997. Both are strong albums, but this "Hard Core" is far superior because packs that late '80s feel and glossy production.

"Hard Core" was produced by Dean's pal, Chilliwack / Headpins leader Brian 'Too Loud' MacLeod, who died just over three years after its release. MacLeod obtained a fantastic sound, melodic & punchy at the same time. He was a total recording nerd, a pioneer at splicing together different bits from the multi-track.

If you've never listened to PAUL DEAN's "Hard Core", you better take advantage of this welcomed reissue, and if you got a copy, check this refreshed sound, truly awesome if you ask me.
A fabulous late '80s album full of terrific songs / melodies.

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - Sword and Stone
02 - Doctor
03 - Draw the Line
04 - Dirty Fingers
05 - Under the Gun
06 - Action
07 - Down to the Bottom
08 - Black Sheep
09 - Politics

Paul Dean (vocals, guitar, bass, background vocals)
Brian MacLeod (drums, keyboards, key bass, backing vocals)
Matt Frenette (drums on track 6)
Spider Sinnaeve (bass on track 6)
Jon Bon Jovi (harp on track 5)
Dave Steele (background vocals)
Marc LaFrance (background vocals)
Ricky Renouf (background vocals)
Geraldo Dominelli (background vocals)
Vern Wills (background vocals)
Frank Felder (background vocals)
Gregg Sheehan (background vocals)
Rosalind Keene (background vocals)
Nashy Nash (background vocals)



SATIN - A Million To One [Kiss Uncovered] (private release)

SATIN - A Million To One [Kiss Uncovered] (private release) full

After the new album from SATIN posted yesterday, here's a very special treat for fans and collectors: "A Million To One [Kiss Uncovered]", the tribute album recorded by SATIN entirely recorded, engineered, re-arranged and mixed by himself at 'Satin Studio', Oslo, Norway.
The album appeared in 2006 for promotional use, not for sale.

The Satin recordings first started out when he was just playing around one day, out of boredom, as he said. The first thing he recorded was a KISS medley. Friend and muscian Steinar Lindberg told him to put the medley out on the Norwegian Kiss Army Forum, because he thought it was brilliant.
He hesitated for a few weeks, being ridiculously modest about the whole thing, but he finally did it.
It turned out to be a huge success amongst the people on the forum, and this encouraged Satin to do another Kiss song, just to keep the fire burning.

The fans at the the Norwegian Kiss Army Forum asked for more, and Satin recorded "A Million To One" and "I’m A Legend Tonight", and the people were even more impressed.
As the recordings piled up, this "A Million To One [Kiss Uncovered]" took shape.
At the same time, Satin was asked to re-record the Kiss Medley which ended up on the official Tribute release called "Gods Of Thunder - A Norwegian Tribute To Kiss" in 2005.

SATIN - A Million To One [Kiss Uncovered] (private release) back

"A Million To One [Kiss Uncovered]" is a very well produced - above the standard - for an album destined to promotional use. And the good part of it is its uniqueness.
You know, most songs got a new arrangement, according to SATIN's Melodic Rock heart, for example his version of "Creatures Of The Night" sounds like a Desmond Child penned song; "Hard Luck Woman" turned in to piano ballad; while "Goin' Blind" is done with an acoustic mold with an uptempo rhythm.
A collectors item.

0dayrox Exclusive

01 - Easy As It Seems
02 - Nowhere To Run
03 - It's Allright (Ol '45 mix)
04 - Reason To Live
05 - Mr. Speed
06 - Mr. Make Believe
07 - Creatures Of The Night
08 - Shandi
09 - Hard Luck Woman
10 - Goin' Blind
11 - A Million To One
12 - I'm Legend Tonight
13 - Gypsy
14 - Ladies Room
15 - Tears Are Falling
16 - C'mon And Love Me
17 - Hide Your Heart
18 - Kiss Medley
19 - It's Allright (punky version)

Tom Satin - all vocals, instruments

Not for Sale


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